Who is the Serpent on ‘The Masked Singer’?

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The following story contains potential spoilers about Season 4 of The Masked Singer.

By hook or by crook, FOX’s mystery celebrity singing competition The Masked Singer has become the next coming of American Idol in its hey day—it’s a bonafide smash hit sensation. Even the COVID-19 era couldn’t stop this show from embarking upon its fourth season, and more than ever we’re wondering who, exactly, are under some of these masks. (We’re also, more than ever, wondering if this is at all real or if we’re hallucinating it).

One of the most interesting singers to participate this season is called The Serpent. The Serpent has a huge, Cobra-like mask, complete with the show’s first-ever use of animatronics—six wagging, wiggling arms are on deck (Why does a snake have arms? We don’t know. We don’t have the answers. Don’t ask). But just from listening to The Serpent—his first performance was a cover of “500 Miles” by The Proclaimers—you can tell it’s someone with a big voice. Many early guessers have honed in on Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr., which would be a solid guess. But we’ve got some more sleuthing to do.

So, yes, the people who brought you the Snow Owls, the Pink Crocodile, and the Gremlin have now also brought you the Serpent. And while we, again, don’t know if we’re actually living this or if its just the come down of a very long hallucination, we also don’t have much of an idea about who this secret singer could be. But we do have some guesses.

What clues do we have about the Serpent?

A a pre-season intro video initially let fans know who the Serpent is.

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First, some of the actual lines uttered:

“I’m ready to swallow my competition whole.”

“They may think they stand a chance, but they’ll soon be crushed by my snake arms, and my snake charms.”

“This serpent costume makes me feel more powerful and intimidating. It gives me a leg up on my competition. Or, at least, six arms up on my competition.

But the end of the introduction video gives fans the first official clue so far:

“If you want to know how I instantly appeared, here’s the prescription number to my identity. America, I hate to snake it to you, but figuring out my identity is a game you just can’t win.”

The “prescription number” clue was aided by a graphic of a pill container with a specific number on it: #31118


While it wasn’t an official clue, one glimpse in the video showed the Serpent dancing across the stage, doing a dance that looked remarkably similar to one that any NFL fan should recognize: Super Bowl-winning linebacker Ray Lewis’ signature dance, with his long lunges.

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We’ve seen NFL players on The Masked Singer before, with Antonio Brown and Terry Bradshaw in the first season and Rob Gronkowski in Season 3. Lewis would be an odd choice, but it’s definitely the same dance. This doesn’t help us with that clue number, though, and it’s kind of hard to tie in otherwise.

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Now the actual clue video we got:

“Sup, friends? It took a chain of miraculous events to get here. Starting with when I was young.”

“Mischievous and devious, a trouble-making sneakling. I was slithering furiously toward a path of destruction.”

“But my pops saved me by sending me a one-way ticket away from the wrong crowd and toward a path of success.”

“Lighting a fire inside me to aspire to new heights. I didn’t want to cause pain but heal pain. And I hope to raise everyone’s spirits tonight.”

Not a ton we can take away here, but the reference to “new heights” could point towards a Hamilton star—but not someone you think of with a big voice. Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical prior to Hamilton was In The Heights, and there’s coincidentally a new In The Heights movie coming out (it would’ve already been released…but COVID). That movie stars Anthony Ramos, who played a famous double role in Hamilton. Could he be showing off some major pipes?

But the reference to “pops” also points towards Leslie Odom Jr., who pays tribute to his father with his professional name, of course.

Who did the judges guess?

Upon seeing a hint of “musicology” and “medicine” both, Robin Thicke guessed that The Serpent could be Neil Patrick Harris. A hint of a “troublemaker” had Jenny McCarthy guessing Johnny Knoxville. During the performance, the judges had more ideas: John Legend, Daveed Diggs, and (one we think might be onto something) Leslie Odom Jr.

Who could The Serpent be?

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I mean, just listen to that voice. That is an enormous voice. Most on the internet have already honed in on Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr., who in 2016 won the Tony award for Best Lead Actor in a Musical as The Serpent, but Refinery29 makes a good point; Leslie Odom Jr. might just be a little too obvious. They, instead, guess another Hamilton star—Christopher Jackson, who played George Washington in the show. He also holds a key role in CBS’ procedural drama Bull, a medical show, which would explain the pill bottle in the initial clue.


One Reddit theorizer suggested that the clue number could signify the Serpent as someone named “Billy” or “Bill E.”

“If you take the number, flip it, you get 81113 or in visual alphabet sequence, Bille OR Bill E,” wrote u/GSSari, suggesting that maybe the Serpent could be comedian Bill Engvall; others in the comments thought that maybe it could be Billy on the Street star and general funny delight Billy Eichner. Other guesses in the thread include Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, pop star Billie Eilish, and Booksmart and Star Wars star Billie Lourd.

I mean, that voice is obviously not Bill Engvall, or Billy Eichner, or Billie Eilish, or Billie Lourd. But maybe with some training it could be Armstrong? Probably not.

We’re pretty tightly focused on The Serpent being one of our Hamilton stars: most likely one of Odom Jr. or Jackson. A wild card could also be Hamilton star Anthony Ramos, who usually is more of a rapper than singer—so his vocal tones could be something of an unknown. But we’re thinking Odom Jr. or Jackson.

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