Who did he play? The Dingle family tree

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Every Emmerdale fan knows of The Dingle family. Over the years many members have come and gone, but who did Joe Gilgun play in Emmerdale?

There are so many of them it’s hard to remember how they’re all related, but we are here to give you a refresher.

The Dingle family can be traced back to the 1700’s but we’ll only cover the well known Dingles.

Jedediah Dingle was born in 1921 and his brother Bert was born in 1928. Their father Jonah was born in 1900. It is unknown who the mother of Bert and Jedediah is.

Emmerdale – Jedediah’s side of the family

Jedediah went on to marry a lady named Peg in 1944. Together they had six sons Albert, born in 1946, Shadrach born in 1948, Zak born in 1950, Ezra, Zebediah and Caleb.

The birth dates of the youngest three are unknown but Ezra is thought to be born in 1957.

Ezra only appeared on screen for a few episodes in 1999. Zebediah has never appeared on screen but was said to be at Zak and Joanie’s wedding in 2016. Caleb appeared as a minor character in 2000.

Emmerdale Joe Gilgun – Albert’s side of the family

Albert was on screen from 1995-1998 and briefly returned in 2004. He married wife Delilah and they had sons Marlon, born 1974 and Eli, born 1980.

Emmerdale Joe Gilgun – Marlon and his brother Eli (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Marlon went on to have two children of his own. The first with second wife Donna Windsor. They had daughter April born in 2009, however Marlon didn’t know about April’s birth until 2014.

Marlon had son with Rhona Goskirk in 2011 named Leo.

Emmerdale Rhona Down's Syndrome
Leo is the son of Marlon and Rhona (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale Joe Gilgun: Eli Dingle

Emmerdale – Joe Gilgun played Eli and was on-screen from 2006 until 2010, when the character left the village. He hasn’t returned since.

Emmerdale Dingle family: Shadrach Dingle

Shadrach was on the show from 2000-2010. He married Faith Dingle in 1974. They had daughter Chas together born in 1978.

Chas had son Aaron with Gordon Livesy in 1992. She also had daughter Grace in 2018 with Paddy Kirk but Grace died shortly after her birth.

In 2019, Chas fell pregnant with another daughter. She gave birth in October that year to baby Eve.

Charity is Shadrach and Faith’s daughter (Credit: ITV)

Gordon’s daughter Liv Flaherty came to live with with her brother Aaron in 2016.

She has bonded with his mum Chas. She is seen as part of the Dingle family.

Aaron and his uncle Cain (Credit: ITV)

Shadrach had an affair with Shirley Pascoe who gave birth to Gennie Walker in 1987. Gennie was adopted by Brenda Walker as a child.

Gennie had a daughter with Nikhil Sharma in 2012 called Molly. The pair got married in 2013 but she died in the same year.

Gennie with her husband Nikhil and daughter Molly (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Cain Dingle

Faith Dingle had a one-night stand with Shadrach’s brother Zak and fell pregnant with Cain who was born in 1974.

Cain was raised thinking Shadrach was his father but eventually found out Zak was his biological dad.

Cain had a daughter in 1989 named Debbie with his second cousin Charity Dingle. Debbie is technically on Jebediah’s and Bert’s side of the family.

Cain is Zak and Faith’s son (Credit: ITV)

In 2019, Cain discovered he had a son named Nate.

It was revealed Cain’s ex-girlfriend Cara, who he dated when he was a teenager, fell pregnant with his child. However she never told him about the baby until Nate confessed his identity.

Nate is now a father as his girlfriend Tracy gave birth to their daughter, Frankie.

Cain also has son Kyle with Amy Wyatt.

Nate is Cain’s long-lost son. But they met in 2019 (Credit: ITV)

Kyle was born in 2011 and put up for adoption although his adopted parents died not long later.

Kyle’s adopted grandmother Joanie Wright had custody of him but once she moved to the village Cain had contact with his son, eventually taking full custody when Joanie died.

Kyle is Cain and Amy’s son (Credit: ITV)

Cain married Moira Barton in 2014 and they had son Isaac in 2017.

Zak Dingle’s children

Zak has been on the show since 1994 and while he is not currently on screen, he is still a regular character.

He married Nellie Lynch in 1973, before his one night stand with Faith. Zak and Nellie had sons Butch, born in 1972, Ben, born 1974, Sam, born 1977 and daughter Tina born 1978.

They divorced in 1996 and she died in 2000.

Zak and Lisa have a daughter Belle (Credit: ITV)

Zak married Lisa Clegg in 1998 and they had daughter Belle that same year.

He married Joanie Wright in 2016. Joanie died in 2017. He is now back together with Lisa.

Butch died in 2000. He was on-screen from 1994-2000.

Ben was only seen in one episode in 1994 but was the first Dingle to appear on the show. He died the same year.

Sam is the son of Zak and Nellie (Credit: ITV)

Sam married Alice Wilson in 2006 and had son Samson the same year. Alice sadly died in 2006.

In 2020, Sam married Lydia Hart, making her Samson’s stepmum.

Tina was on-screen from 1994-1996 but hasn’t returned.

Caleb Dingle

Although Caleb was a minor character, he married Vera-Lynn and they had daughter Mandy Dingle in 1977.

Mandy married her cousin Butch in 1999 but they ended up divorcing. She went on to marry Paddy Kirk the same year but they divorced in 2000.

Vinny is not Mandy’s biological son but she raised him as her own (Credit: ITV)

Mandy has a son named Vinny. Mandy met Vinny when he was a baby.

She began to date his dad Paul in the early 2000s off-screen. However when Vinny was four, Paul ran out on him and Mandy.

Mandy continued to raise Vinny as if he were her own child. She later discovered she was pregnant with Paul’s child shortly after he left, but she sadly had a miscarriage.

Bert’s side of the family

Bert married Jessie in 1947 and together they had sons Obadiah, born in 1948, Soloman born in 1949 and Elvis, born in 1950.

Bert was never seen on screen. Bert’s sons Obadiah, Soloman and Elvis are cousins to Albert, Shadrach, Zak, Ezra, Zebediah and Caleb.

Obadiah Dingle

Obadiah married Kathleen in 1975 and they had daughter Charity in 1976. Kathleen died when Charity was young. Obadiah only appeared on screen once in 2018.

Charity is the daughter of Obadiah (Credit: ITV)

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Charity had daughter Debbie with second-cousin Cain. She was forced to give Debbie up for adoption and Obadiah threw her out.

Debbie found her parents after they moved to Emmerdale in 2000.

Debbie is the daughter of Cain and Charity (Credit: ITV)

In 1990 Charity fell pregnant after she was raped by Mark Bails. She gave birth to Ryan who was adopted by Irene Stocks. She found Ryan in 2018 and began to have contact and see him regularly.

In 2001, Charity married Chris Tate. Chris died in 2003 when Charity was pregnant with Noah, who was born in 2004.

Charity had a one night stand with Ross Barton and gave birth to his son Moses in 2015.

Ryan is Charity’s long-lost son (Credit: ITV)

Debbie found out she was pregnant with Andy Sugden’s baby and had daughter Sarah Sugden Jnr in 2005.

In 2012 she fell pregnant by Andy again, giving birth to son Jack Sugden Jr.

Sarah is Debbie’s daughter (Credit: ITV)

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Soloman appeared for a few episodes in 2004. He has three children Mystic, Adam and Smudge who have never been seen.

Elvis only appeared breifly in 2002 and 2004. He has children Daniel and Brando, however they have also never been seen on screen.

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