Which of the couples are still together?

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Married at First Sight UK has been around for five seasons now, and it’s achieved varying levels of success with its couples but which are still together?

The premise of the show is that two people who have never met are “scientifically matched” by dating experts who believe that they make the perfect couple on paper.

As we all know, things don’t always go quite to plan when it comes to love.

The uncoventional dating show ends tonight (Tuesday, October 27).

From Michelle and Owen, David and Shareen – to Ben and Stephanie – we take a look at where the couples are now…

The show has been a huge success for Channel 4 (Credit: Channel 4)

Where are the Married at First Sight UK couples now?

So far there have been marriages, divorces and even some couples who were so incompatible that they couldn’t even force themselves to walk down the aisle at the end of the show.

Here’s everything you need to know about your favourite Married At First Sight UK couples.

Married at First Sight divorce Steph Jonathan
Steph and Jonathan had a tough break-up (Credit: Channel 4)

Stephanie and Jonathan

Jonathan and Stephanie seemed determined to make it work, but despite their best efforts their relationship sadly ended in divorce.

It happened just weeks after they tied the knot even though both were adamant that they were going to end up going the distance.

Viewers on the other hand weren’t as convinced, and many hit out at Stephanie’s “manipulative” behaviour within the relationship as the reason behind the eventual split.

To make matters worse, he ended up serving her with annulment papers as a Christmas present.

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Lucie and Steve ended up divorcing (Credit: Channel 4)

Lucie and Steve

These two managed to tie the knot, but that was about it for their relationship.

Despite hitting it off initially, the pair lasted six weeks before realising that they worked better just being friends.

Thankfully, both Lucie and Steve wanted to remain friends and they still meet up for a coffee every now and then which is more than can be said for most ex-couples!

Caroline and Adam didn’t have the ending they had hoped for (Credit: Channel 4)

Caroline and Adam

Adam and Caroline got married, moved in together and, unlike the other couples, went one step further and even got themselves a pet together.

Despite their efforts, things didn’t work out for the pair who split just a few months down the line. They claimed that it was the lack of chemistry that led to their decision in the end.

Ben Jardine Stephanie Married at First Sight Channel 4
Ben Jardine and Stephanie didn’t have a fairy-tale ending (Credit: Channel 4)

Ben and Stephanie

Viewers initially thought Ben and Stephanie might go all the way and be the first couple to last.

Their immediate chemistry was easy to see, and they grew so close that Ben even got his wedding date inked on his body and they both managed to pick the same song for their hen and stag nights.

It almost seemed like fate!

However, things began to unravel after the couple moved in together. Soon news of their divorce came out, and it was swiftly followed by reports that Ben had been unfaithful.

Fans were then left in complete shock when Ben revealed that he was expecting his first child… with another woman.

Days later Ben then turned up in the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house.

Melissa and Clark tried their best to make it work (Credit: Channel 4.)

Melissa and Clark

Things seemed to be going so well for Melissa and Clark, especially when he made the decision to move from London to Milton Keynes to be with his new wife.

However, the move wasn’t as smooth as the couple had hoped and five months into the change they decided it was time to take a break. Sadly that break quickly became permanent.

Sadly Richard and Harriet didn’t end up together (Credit: Channel 4.)

Richard and Harriet

Rich and Harriet walked down the aisle, even though viewers were convinced that they just weren’t right for each other.

As predicted, things just didn’t end up panning out for the couple, and Harried filed for divorce.

She said at the time: “Obviously I didn’t want, expect, it to end in divorce so I think I definitely leave with a heavy heart.”

There was no happy ever after for Emma and James (Credit: Channel 4)

Emma and James

These two were the first ever couple to walk down the aisle on the UK version of the reality series.

Sadly, things didn’t go as well as they hoped and they ended up getting divorced after just 34 weeks of marriage.

According to the couple, the main reason was that they just weren’t sexually attracted to each other.

Jason and Kate were not attracted to each other. (Credit: Channel 4)

Kate and Jason

Kate and Jason managed to go through with their wedding, but in retrospect they probably wish they hadn’t.

They pulled a Kim Kardashian and ended up getting divorced just days later after Jason was caught using dating apps.

Jason has since gone on to re-marry, while Kate remains looking for her perfect partner.

Sam and Jack didn’t have a happy ending (Credit: Channel 4.)

Sam and Jack

Despite the premise of the show being to, you know, get married, Sam and Jack didn’t even go through with the wedding.

Sam’s family pressured her into backing out, but the pair did still try and make their relationship work.

However, just four months later they decided to call it quits for good.

Verity wanted to keep trying (Credit: Channel 4.)

Jack and Verity

Even though Jack and Verity walked down the aisle, they weren’t able to make it work.

The couple went on a mini-break to try and get to know each other better. However, Jack decided to end the marriage, claiming that there was a “missing” puzzle piece.

“I really tried and I thought we were in it together, and were both gonna work at it,” said Verity at the time.

“Jack said I wasn’t the one and thought he had given it his all, and that was it.

“We were only together for three months which I think is a drop in the ocean of trying to make it work.”

Sara and Adam had a dramatic honeymoon (Credit: Channel 4.)

Sara and Adam

Things started out rough for Sara and Adam, after the groom got a little too drunk on their honeymoon!

Sara gave him a good telling off, and then it all seemed to go down hill from there.

They gave it a go for almost a year, but eventually it became clear that it just wasn’t going to work.

Sara said at the time: “I think that science matches the compatibility between us; what the science can’t match or can’t create is the chemistry.”

What happened to the series 5 couples?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Series five of Married at First Sight was just four episodes and featured only two couples.

However, this meant the new partnerships faced the prospect of isolating with complete strangers.

But did any of the pairs go the distance?

Michelle and Owen get Married at First Sight
Michelle and Owen get Married at First Sight (Credit: Channel 4)

Michelle and Owen

25-year-old Michelle and 31-year-old Owen soon became fan favourites and it looked like the experts had finally got it right.

The pair hit it off from day one, with Michelle calling him “The perfect guy.”

Owen and Michelle even dropped the L-Bomb while self-isolating together in Horsham.

However, they faced challenges when deciding where to live – in Hastings or Sheffield.

Michelle’s sister even accused Owen of taking her sister away from her.

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In the end love did prevail and the pair decided to remain married – with Michelle making plans to relocate up north.

Michelle said: “I feel so incredibly happy and lucky to have found Owen and we love each other.”

It is not yet known if the couple are still together as both have stayed tight lipped while the series is airing on Channel 4.

But the prognosis does not look good.

According to Owen’s Facebook page he’s listed as “single”.

Let’s hope he’s just not updated it!

Married at First Sight series 5 episode 3
Married at First Sight Shareen and David (Credit: ITV)

Shareen and David

Shareen and David had a great wedding and the experts hailed them as a perfect match.

The bride optimistically said: “I feel there will be an instant connection.”

Unfortunately, the pair struggled to find common ground after that.

During their honeymoon, David revealed that he had brought everyday carry bags, one of which was a gift for Shareen.

He said: “An EDC bag is, if you are a prepper, a bag you’re meant to have with you… it will get you through most minor emergencies.”

Shareen was not a fan of this gift and used it as a example of how different the two were.

The couple decided not to move in together during lockdown and found maintaining a relationship virtually a challenge.

Ultimately, they chose to end their marriage at the end of episode four.

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