Want to grow your lungs capacity? THESE are effective exercises for healthy lungs

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exercises for healthy lungs
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The lungs are the organs that lend the body with life-giving oxygen on a moment-by-moment basis while banishing carbon dioxide waste along the way. Comprehending how vital these tasks are, it’s no revelation that the well-being of the body as a whole tends to suffer when long-lasting lung issues develop. Almost every cell present in the body draws oxygen from the blood and deposits carbon dioxide as a left-over into the bloodstream. For those who have been living with enduring lung ailments, such as pulmonary fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the lungs have trouble in delivering the body with the required amounts of oxygen.

Lung function and capacity regulate how competently the lungs transport oxygen and get free of carbon dioxide. Lung capacity points out how much air your lungs are capable of holding. It also impacts how rapidly air tends to move in and out of your lungs. Your lung functioning level also regulates how well the lungs carry oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide present in the bloodstream. Lung function has to do with how competently the body makes use of the oxygen it obtains. While lung capacity has the ability to be amended, lung function cannot. This implies that refining the health of your lungs is about enhancing your lung capacity. Lung exercises are intended to enable the body to make improved utilization of the available oxygen supplies. Lung exercises deliver ways to facilitate your lungs to become well-organized at upholding airflow and the levels of oxygen in the body.

Below mentioned are a couple of easy yet effective lung exercises you can do to improve your lung health and to make the process of inhalation easier:

Diaphragmatic breathing: Healthy inhalation makes use of the diaphragm, which is a dome-shaped sheet of muscle that usually sits between the torso and the stomach. The diaphragm muscle should facilitate the lungs to be filled with air by moving down followed by pushing air out of the lungs as it moves back up. Also termed as diaphragmatic or abdomen breathing, the belly rises and drops with each breath. While the diaphragm is considered to be the key breathing muscle, most people mistakenly tend to develop a pattern of making use of muscles in the neck, back, shoulders and back, which significantly confines the amount of air that passes in and moves out of the lungs.

In effect, diaphragmatic inhalation tends to fortify the muscles of the diaphragm and, in turn, aids the lungs in working more functionally. To perform this exercise, you should consider inhaling from your abdomen. You must place one hand on your tummy and one hand on your torso as you breathe in and breathe out. Inhale in through the nose for about two seconds and then out through squeezed lips for about two seconds. As you let your breath out, you must gently press down on your stomach to ensure you are engaging your diaphragm muscle.

Pursed lip breathing exercise: Pursed lip inhalation can facilitate in keeping the airways open for longer time intervals, enabling the airflow into and out of the lungs. To perform pursed-lip breathing you need to be seated up in a straight and upright posture to aid in advancing lung movement. You should inhale in deeply through your nose in a gradual and measured fashion. Tighten the lips in a way that they should be nearly touching, as when you make a kissing face. This must be followed by breathing out through the pressed lips — preferably, the process of breathing out should be twice as long as the inhalation was.

Belly breathing: Performing this lung exercise will help in improving the rate at which the lungs enlarge and contract. Belly breathing explicitly stays focussed on solidifying the muscles of the diaphragm, which lets a person take a deep breath. This exercise can be performed by resting a hand or a lightweight object on the belly. This step must be followed by breathing in gradually through the nose, and note how far the abdomen rises. Through your mouth, you must exhale out and must inhale in through the nose. You must try getting the belly to rise higher than it did with the earlier breath.  By breathing out, you must try to make each breath two or three times as long as each breath.

Occasionally, your shoulders must roll forward and backward and should consider moving the head from side to side to assure that the workout is not contributing to stiffness in the upper body. To boost lung functioning, you must practice belly and pursed-lip inhalation for about five to ten minutes on an everyday basis.

Interval training: If you experience problems like panting or shortness of breath arise while exercising, interval training may be a better alternative to facilitate a steady exercise. Interval training encompasses alternating between condensed time periods of more energetic and less active exercise. For instance, a person could try walking at a very rapid pace for one minute, then walking more gradually for two minutes, in a cycle. Interval training lends the lungs time to recover before challenging them again. You must quickly slow down your pave if at any time you have been experiencing exercise causes shortness of breath, it is a good idea to slow down for a few minutes. Practicing pursed-lip inhalation till the time the breathlessness subsides can be of great help.

Apart from these exercises, in order to preserve your lung health, you must keep yourself hydrated, avoid smoking and must be physically active. If you have been experiencing the symptoms of faulty lung health, such as shortness of breath while performing day-to-day activities, uneasiness while inhalation, or a persistent cough, you must get in touch with your healthcare specialist. The earlier a person receives medical treatment for any lung-related glitches, the better the result is probable to be. 

By Ms. Shalini Bhargava, Director at JG’S Fitness Centre.

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Want to grow your lungs capacity? THESE are effective exercises for healthy lungs
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