Vienna, U.S. Election, Covid-19: Your Tuesday Briefing

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Good morning. It’s U.S. Election Day.

Today, we’re covering a terror attack in Vienna, the last day before Americans go to the polls and 20 years of the International Space Station.

Nine months and more than 1.1 million deaths later, there is still no transparent, independent investigation. China did not allow W.H.O. team members to investigate the source or even visit the market where the outbreak began, while W.H.O. leaders, if privately frustrated, have largely ceded control of the inquiry.

Details: Internal documents obtained by The Times and interviews with more than 50 public health officials, scientists and diplomats provide an inside look at the W.H.O.’s dealings with Beijing. China extracted concessions that helped it delay important research and avoid a potentially embarrassing review of the government’s early response to the outbreak.

Quotable: “Unfortunately, this has become a political investigation,” said Wang Linfa, an Australian virologist in Singapore. “Whatever they do is symbolic.”

Here are the latest updates and maps of the pandemic.

In other developments:

  • Chancellor Angela Merkel likened the pandemic to challenges Germany faced after World War II. Residents are entering “lockdown light” for a month, in hopes of celebrating the holidays with their families.

  • After Australia reported its first 24-hour period of no new cases in nearly five months, one new case was discovered in the state of New South Wales.

  • Prince William contracted Covid-19 in England in April but kept his diagnosis a secret for fear of alarming the public, according to the British news media.

  • After abruptly announcing lockdown plans for England, Prime Minister Boris Johnson now faces opprobrium from allies and adversaries alike who say he has either gone too far or acted too slowly. But for all that criticism, his latest plans are unlikely to be derailed.

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