Uniden R3 Vs R7- Which Radar Has The Best Features?

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Uniden r3 and r7 are top-rated detectors from Uniden. They arrive with so many identical features. But, with some outstanding characteristics, the Uniden r7 easily beats the Uniden r3. So, my choice is Uniden r7 over Uniden r3. 

Here in the next segment, a broad analysis of all the key points of these two detectors is provided. Now let’s move ahead to know all the deciding factors behind selecting Uniden r7.

  • The Uniden r7 adds a rear antenna to give you arrow indicators. With those arrows, it points out the location and essential things going around you. Whereas, the Uniden r3 doesn’t come with this useful feature.
  • This detector enables you to customize the colors of those arrow indicators. Where you can get additional signals, to understand the absolute situation around you. But the Uniden r3 has some lackings in this section.
  • The Uniden r7 comes out with an automatic update of manual GPS lockouts software. But not having enough built-in memory in the Uniden r3, it doesn’t provide this automatic update.
  • With that GPS lockout, this detector will automatically figure out the false alert, legitimate alert, and other signals. However, once the patent of the automatic software ends, the Uniden r3 will not be able to update.
  • The positioning of the mute button of the r7 is on the left side. Whereas, the r3 has a front mute button. Therefore, the Uniden r7 mute button is easily accessible.

Now it is quite apparent that the Uniden r7 is a more complete detector than Uniden r3. Still, the Uniden r3 is a fine one to hold. If you have an interest in buying these devices at a cheap rate? Click here to secure your best possible deal.

Similarities of Uniden r7 and Uniden r3

  • They are known for their super long-range laser Radar detection capacity.
  • Voice notification system alert.
  • Maximum speed warning system.
  • Easily readable OLED display.
  • 360-degree detection ability with the auto-dimming process.

Uniden r7 and Uniden r3 compare table

Specification Uniden r7 Uniden r3
Editors rating Nutribullet 600 vs 900 review4.8 Nutribullet 600 vs 900 review4.7
Built-in sensor memory Yes No
Automatic dimming ability Yes Yes
Mute button Front Side
Speed sensitive alert Yes Yes
Built-in GPS Yes Yes
Time display Yes Yes
Red light alert Yes Yes
Display features OLED Wireless OLED Wireless
Voltage 12 Volts (DC) 12 Volts (DC)
Warranty 1-Year 1-Year

Comparison of features between Uniden r7 and r3 

Here Uniden r7 offers more useful features than Uniden r3. Such as the automatic software updating ability of the GPS of Uniden r7. But the Uniden r3 doesn’t come with built-in memory. Therefore, automatic updating is not possible with this one.

This GPS works very nicely to provide you notification or voice alert. Therefore, you will get a clear idea of what is going around you. The radar display of the Uniden r7 is also an updated one. You will get an opportunity to use customized color arrows.

Uniden r7 has arrow indicators. Therefore, users have obtained many benefits from having arrow indicators. Furthermore, both these radars have automatic shut-down options. With the help of exclusive sensor powers, Uniden r7 automatically dims at night time.

Because this radar can identify the weather condition. And decides what is necessary for the users. Whereas, the Uniden r3 also has an automatic dimming option of the display. But this radar uses a time set up to comply with the night condition.

Both radars are long-range 360-degree awareness. Also, you will get a readable OLED display with Uniden r7 and r3. However, you may find a narrow difference in the positioning of the mute button. Uniden r3 comes with a front-facing mute button. Whereas, the Uniden r7 is manufactured with a left-sided mute button. Which is a very accessible position for the users.

Except for these above-mentioned features, all the specifications, and facilities of these two radars are quite the same. Therefore, that is up to you, whether you require to go for an expensive one or not.


The dimensional difference between these two radars is very marginal. The Uniden 7 arrives with a wider body size compared to Uniden r3. It has a dimension of 3.86 x 4.81 x 1.38 inches. On the opposite side, the Uniden r3 comes with a little bit of a smaller body frame. It has a dimension of 8.3 x 7.1 x 3.2 inches.

Product weight and model

There is a slight variation in these two products’ weight also. The Uniden r3 has a total weight of 0.246 ounces. Whereas, the Uniden weights 4.8 ounces. Also, these two products come with two different model numbers. Uniden r7 has a model number of R7. But you will get the Uniden r3 with the R3 model number.

Warranty and supports

You will get full-time customer support from the company. Also, Uniden provides a 1-year warranty with these devices. Since you will not grow into any difficulty using these radars. Also, you will get a 30 days replacement warranty clause from amazon for almost 30 days. But this replacement policy only works for buying products from amazon.


It is already clear that both these radars are quite good and provide lots of useful facilities with them. However, the Uniden r7 is the complete one, of these two. Though this is much more costly than Uniden r3. That doesn’t mean this is lacking in quality. You may drive to Uniden r7 if you need a more flawless one.

FAQ’s about Uniden r7 and r3

Question: Which one is the most updated one of these two?

Answer: Uniden r7 is the latest and updated one. Because it was released on March, 7 of 2019. Whereas, the Uniden r3 was released on July 20, 2017.

Question: Can I hide the wire of these radar detectors?

Answer: Yes, But it is only available only for Uniden r7. Because the wire is attached to the backside of this radar.

Question: What is the return policy for these products?

Answer: You will get 30 days return policy buying these products from here.

Question: Tell me the meaning of 360-degree sensing ability?

Answer: That is the reflection of an Eagle eye monitoring process. You will get this useful facility with both these detectors.

Question: What is the meaning of an automatic shut-down system?

Answer: The GPS of these two radars can sense when your car is in the park. Therefore, the sensor automatically shut down during that period.

Question: Are the Uniden r7 works in Asia?

Answer: It is a critical question to have. These two items are only working on the American continent. But for getting your regional one, just go for the available different versions for different regions.

Question: Is the display bright enough to be visible in the sunshine?

Answer: Yes, because these two items display as OLED displays. Furthermore, you will get the option of adjusting the brightness of the item’s display.

Question: Do these items have speed-limiting warnings?

Answer: Yes, both these items have warning or voice signaling ability while you are crossing the sensitive speed.

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