Thoughts of being pregnant in a pandemic – A Loved Life

by nyljaouadi1
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This was a hard post to write.
It’s difficult to put out your true feelings and thoughts (mostly) unfiltered where so many can read them and may have different views. We live in a world now where having an opinion that may go against the mainstream means you’re teetering in that cancel culture camp. We no longer live in a place where you can say something and disagree with someone else, or you’re unable to make a mistake and learn from it. It’s just weird, so a lot of us turn to self censorship because honesty feels vulnerable and vulnerability is scary.

Yet, I really want to document ALL the thoughts I’m having (good and bad) during this season of life and shoot pandemic pregnancy is WEIRD y’all (and this is with half of my pregnancy having vaccines in the general public) and I want to remember what it was like years from now when it feels foggy.

PS – Pictures below document 30 weeks!

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