This Morning viewers divided as boss threatens to sack his furloughed staff who refuse to come back to work

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This Morning viewers were left divided by Pimlico Plumbers boss Charlie Mullins who said he would sack people he’s furloughed who he believes are abusing the system.

Charlie joined Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield today (Monday, June 8), to talk about how he’s fed up of some of his staff taking advantage.

He told the hosts: “The people that have to be on it, of course they’ve got to be on it, but clearly a lot people have abused it.”

How will he prove it?

Holly asked him: “How are you going to prove that someone’s abused the system? Because you’ve gone further to say if you feel like they have, you’re going to sack them?”

Charlie Mullins made his stance pretty clear on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

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“You say I’m going to sack them – they don’t want to come back and we don’t want them back, that’s what I’m saying,” Charlie replied.

“We’re putting in all of the measures that we need to, we’re doing our cleaning that we have to do, social distancing, we’re laying on food for them, we’re laying on parking for them, we gave them a bonus and they still felt they’d be better off.

“They’re the same people that run out of the office within five minutes, the same people that went to the beach at the weekend and sit out in beer gardens drinking their beer. They’re the same people.”

Holly and Phil pressed hard for answers (Credit: ITV)

Phil presses for answers on This Morning

Phil pressed him: “Did you see your staff on the beach?”

Charlie said: “No, I wasn’t on the beach, I was at work.”

Phillip then wondered how he could know his employees were at the beach.

“They’re that type of people, they’re ringing up other workers and saying to them, ‘I’m loving this, I’m out drinking, I’m with friends, I’ve gone to a barbecue’. This is the type of people that abuse the system.”

Charlie then went on to say when businesses can bring back employees part-time in July he is happy to bring back the ones who want to return on that basis.

“What I’m saying is we don’t want the people back who abused the system and don’t want to be at work.”

Charlie revealed many of his employees had thanked him for his generosity (Credit: ITV)

Transport issues

When Phil questioned how people would get to work and whether he expected them to use public transport, Charlie insisted: “If it’s too difficult for them to come in, I accept that. If they have to stay at home, they have to stay at home, but I’m just saying it’s the ones that have abused the system shouldn’t be allowed to do it.

“I’m not asking them to go to work on public transport,” he said before adding, “A lot of them live locally, a lot of them could have got in.”

Phil concluded by clarifying: “What you’re saying is if you’re watching this and you’re on furlough and you’re lazy, don’t expect to have a job to come back to?”

“Yeah, I’ll agree with you on that,” Charlie said. “The people that have to be on it, have to be on it, the people that are taking mick out of it, should not be on it.”

Charlie’s appearance certainly divided viewers. There were those who were outraged by his comments.

This Morning viewers appalled

Why furlough in the first place?

Some questioned why Charlie furloughed them in the first place if he felt it was necessary.

Many felt he had a point

There were plenty of This Morning viewers who though Charlie had a point and people have been abusing the scheme.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10 am on ITV.

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