The 10 Best Online Glasses Stores for 2021

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Imagine shopping for one item that you have to wear every day. A single piece that must go with everything you could ever want to throw on, from sweatpants and hoodies to suits and button-down shirts—that’s a lot of pressure. Yet, this is exactly what every four-eyed guy goes through when trying to find the perfect pair of glasses.

Luckily, the eyewear market has come a long way in the past decade. Gone are the days of having to choose between a handful of styles in your ophthalmologist’s waiting room that cost an arm and a leg (and let’s face it, were never that good to begin with). Today, we can simply log on to our devices and have the same experience in a much more enjoyable manner for a fraction of the price (and time).

When shopping for the best online glasses, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, you must know your prescription and have an updated one from an eye doctor. Second, it is very easy to get overwhelmed since there are so many options. Some online retailers have the option to virtually try on pairs so that you can see what they look like before you buy, or have services that allow you to work with a technician to help pick out the right pair. Pro Tip: If you want something similar to a pair you already have, you can look on the inside of the arms and find the frame’s measurements. And if you’re old-school and want to physically try them on, look for a website that offers an at-home try-on service.

Most importantly though, if you buy a pair and they don’t check your every box, you can most likely just send them back. However, return policies vary by brand, so make sure you triple-check before you buy.

To save you the trouble of endless internet hunting, we‘ve rounded up the 10 best places to buy glasses online for every man’s budget, style and needs. Get ready for an eye-opening shopping experience.

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Glasses USA

Ray-Ban Round Metal Glasses

As one of the ultimate one-stop shops, Glasses USA truly has something for everyone. They carry leading styles from the likes of Ray-Ban and Gucci to smaller, lesser-known brands that look just as fresh. Each pair comes with a money-back guarantee and a year-long warranty.  What really separates them though are the options and prices: they also offer sunglasses and multifocal lenses ranging from under $50 to up to almost $600. With so much to love, you’d be hard-pressed not to find the perfect pair.


EyeBuyDirect Distance Square Tortoise Eyeglasses

EBD controls their entire operation from concept, design and manufacturing to ensure that you get the best price possible. What separates them from their competitors is their belief that everyone should have access to affordable eyewear, donating over 600,000 pairs of glasses to those in need since their founding. Their good-looking glasses come with a free 2-week return policy and virtual try-on so you can feel them out before you buy. What’s not to love?


Zenni Browline Glasses 195421

The best thing about Zenni is that they keep it simple. Shopping for eyewear should be easy, and their streamlined process achieves just that. They offer a variety of styles, but what really stands out on the site are the handsome classics like these browline glasses. Virtually try them on, make them into sunglasses or blue light glasses with the click of a button, chat in real-time with an associate, or read some of the thousands of reviews and images of them on real customers to help you decide if they are the right pick for you.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker Felix

And then, there’s the brand that started it all: Warby Parker. Not only are their frames affordable, they’re also some of the best on the market in terms of both quality and style. What elevates the OG though is the experience. They have streamlined the entire eyewear process from getting a prescription, allowing you to try them on at home for free, providing the best customer service in the game and understanding that everyone’s eyewear needs are different. After all, they’re still at the top for a reason.

Felix Gray

Felix Gray Roebling

Anyone who has to stare endlessly at a screen for their job will understand how important high-quality eyewear is and the difference that it can make. This is also what caused Felix Gray to start searching for computer glasses that actually protect and work for your eyes.  Their design is what sets them apart with details like a subtle arch to highlight the bridge that inspired a particular style or a two-tone pair designed after a female coder whose glasses were her signature. Everything has thought and intention and it shows.


Liingo Golding

Liingo started with the hope of remedying the way that we buy glasses and they’ve been on a roll ever since. They have a solution for any need or want you may have, and they lay it all out there for you to see and easily consider. With affordable prices, fun frames, an at-home try-on program, and a Find my Fit face scanner, shopping for eyewear has never been so refreshing.


Firmoo F6533U

Firmoo was established by a group of opticians and designers to help create a destination for custom eyewear needs and professional prescription advice. What this has turned into through is a global company that has over a million users and counting. They offer trendy styles at inexpensive prices, but more so they know what they are talking about (and it shows). Each pair is constructed by trained specialists in their own factories so that they can control the entire process and provide you with the eyewear you need at the best possible price.


Proof Emmett Wood

Founded in 2010 by three brothers, Proof has become a leading pioneer in the sustainable eyewear game, sourcing their specs from handcrafted wood, biodegradable cotton-based acetate and recycled aluminum. They also firmly believe in giving back and doing good. While their selection is small and curated, the timeless style of their frames speaks for themselves. Their prices may start a little on the higher-end of the spectrum, but we guarantee these pairs will last and look great for years to come.


Coastal Atlin-54

Coastal is on a mission to eradicate poor vision. For every pair purchased, they donate one to someone in need and have already committed to over half a million pairs of frames being given back. They carry a range of brands from designer to mom and pop, and everything in between. Free shipping on orders over $50 and free returns, no questions asked are just a few of the perks you receive when shopping with Coastal.  


Jins Michele Davide

Jins truly leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the high level of customer service their site offers. They offer free lenses for glasses over $60, a virtual try-on portal, free shipping and returns, and allow you to use your insurance. Did we mention that they offer 8 different styles of lenses and a worry-free adjustment service as well? Yeah, you could say we’re sold.

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