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SONREVE is a relatively new Korean skin care brand that I came across not too long ago. I’m a sucker for aesthetic skin care, even more so if it’s clean, cruelty-free and natural. Serious about sustainability and the environment, SONREVE releases all of its products in toxin-free, FSC-approved packaging that is printed with soy ink to lessen the use of harmful chemicals.

Taking inspiration from the French words “son rêve,” meaning his/her dream, SONREVE uses only EWG-graded ingredients to cater to those with delicate skin. Since children and mothers-to-be are part of the brand’s target audience, their products are definitely sensitive-skin-friendly.

The products I’m reviewing this time all primarily contain sea buckthorn extracts. Known for its multi-purpose nature, this ingredient is rich in antioxidants and contains high levels of Vitamins A, C and E as well as fatty acids that can strengthen skin barriers and improve moisture retention, which makes it particularly effective in harsh climates.

Step 1

Latte Bubble Deep Cleansing Pad

What is it? Double-sided, self-foaming cleansing pads that can be used for makeup removal or as a second cleansing step.

In detail:

After applying a light layer of cleansing oil, I wet a cleansing pad and massage my face in a circular motion using the embossed side. Once wet, the pads lather upon contact with skin and give off a mild, soapy scent. Then, I use the netted side to wipe away the foam before rinsing my face with warm water. This does a great job at removing my makeup, and it’s a lot more straightforward and not as messy as my usual routine. To ensure all my makeup comes off, I check by wiping a regular cotton pad along my skin. As an exfoliating cleanse, the cleansing pad is non-drying, thorough and gentle. Each pad is also infused with extracts from aloe, sea buckthorn and honey to leave skin fresh and soft.

Step 2

Tri-Bio Treatment Essence

What is it? A highly moisturizing essence toner that brightens complexions and balances oil-water levels.

In detail:

Aside from sea buckthorn fruit extract and Korean pine seed oil, this essence contains mainly fermented ingredients that are fantastic for keeping skin glowy and moisturized all day. The essence comes in the usual watery consistency. Its scent reminds me of Secret Key’s Starting Treatment Essence which is probably due to the high percentage of fermented content. The Tri-Bio Treatment Essence has more of an herbal touch to its aroma, though the overall scent is still really mild. I’ve tried applying this essence using my hands and using cotton pads, and I prefer the thoroughness of the latter. During the trial, this replaced my toner and kept my skin refreshed and dewy with a non-sticky finish.

Step 3

Signature Balance Serum CALMING

What is it? A nourishing serum that regulates, calms and strengthens sensitive skin.

In detail:

This dermatologist-tested serum comes in a watery gel consistency and contains super moisturizing D-panthenol and skin-soothing sea buckthorn complex that’s packed with Vitamins C and E. The serum has an instant cooling touch, but it leaves a slightly stickier finish than my summer serums. Its calming effect is accompanied by a light and refreshing forest-like aroma blended from bergamot, mandarin, geranium and sandalwood.

Although all the bottles from SONREVE share the same frosted glass and metallic rose-hued caps, the serums are the only products that come in unusually shaped crumpled-effect bottles that are much easier to grip.

Step 4

Hydrating Facial Emulsion

What is it? A hydrating emulsion that soothes stressed skin and restores a natural, healthy and glowing complexion.

In detail:

Aside from the star ingredient, this pre-moisturizer is formulated with meadowfoam seed oil – a rich and waxy oil that also functions as a natural antioxidant. The emulsion works by replenishing skin’s moisture levels and strengthening the barrier, leaving skin supple and plump. Its texture feels like a hybrid between a milky lotion and gel, and its calming scent has a smidge more of a citrusy note than the serum.

While I love its texture, I don’t love the bottle design as much. Unlike other emulsions that I’ve seen and tried, this one comes in a regular bottle and not a pump bottle for ease of use. The process of getting a good amount of product out is the same as trying to extract ketchup from a nearly empty bottle. I found myself tapping and shaking vigorously just to get a drop or two of the emulsion, and often, a few drops would land on my sink and mirror.

Step 5

Aqua Recharge Cream

What is it? A moisture and oil balancing moisturizer that leaves skin revitalized, calmed and refreshed.

In detail:

A thicker version of the emulsion, the Aqua Recharge Cream comes in a viscous texture that’s nice and cool on skin, thanks to an infusion of aloe vera leaf extract. It comes with the same foresty scent as the serum. At first, I thought it’d be much richer than the emulsion, but the cream actually absorbs into my skin pretty quickly, leaving a velvety finish.

Step 6

Face & Neck Sleeping Mask

What is it? An intensive sleeping mask that delivers ample moisture and nutrients to tired skin.

In detail:

As the last step of the skin care routine, the sleeping mask undoubtedly has the richest and thickest texture. The mask spreads like butter on skin, leaving a film-like layer that dries to a supple, velvety finish. One pump is usually sufficient for covering my entire face, neck and collarbones. It does feel a little heavy following the moisturizer, but it definitely keeps my skin nourished through the night. I usually keep the air-con running at night as it’s still 30°C on my side of the earth, so my skin feels a little taut in the morning. After using the sleeping mask, my skin remains super soft even as I’m rinsing it off in the morning. The scent is like that of the cream, but with an added dose of bergamot oil and aloe vera leaf juice.

The Verdict

I’ve become acclimated to a super lightweight and minimal summer skin routine for so long that it feels a little disorienting to switch back to a busier and richer skin regimen, even if it’s only six steps. I suggest leaving some time in between steps four, five and six to ensure each is fully absorbed.

I love the Latte Bubble Deep Cleansing Pad. It makes removing makeup so much easier. Plus, I can use a lot less cleansing oil and fewer regular cotton pads. On the downside, I find that 20 pieces per tub are simply not enough, as that won’t last me through the month if I’m wearing makeup every day.

I have no complaints about the Tri-Bio Treatment Essence, as it’s pretty similar to my usual galactomyces essence. It’s definitely one of those solid skin care products to invest in no matter your skin type.

The Calming Signature Balance Serum left a slightly stickier finish than I anticipated. Since it’s still relatively hot and humid where I reside, it might be too early for me to switch from my summer serums to this. However, I do see this offering more moisturizing power once the climate changes.

I’ve never had the habit of using a pre-moisturizer, but I can see why some may find it essential. The Hydrating Facial Emulsion is a wondrous blend of a serum and a face cream, which would work well as a moisturizer if you have oily/combination skin. Like the Aqua Recharge Cream, the texture is viscous enough without being too sticky. It could be useful for the transitional fall months.

As my skin isn’t really that dry right now, I alternate between the cream and the Face & Neck Sleeping Mask depending on how my skin feels. Since it’s still too hot to slather on thick creams, I only use the sleeping mask when my skin needs an extra boost in moisture. I think this alternating method will also suit those with oily and combination skin even in the summer. Once winter hits and my skin is crying for moisture, I can see myself making full use of the cream and sleeping mask.

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