Run BTS Ep 114: Suga beats Faker with ‘SWAG’ & Jungkook imitates Jimin’s voice as septet plays with LoL’s T1

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Run BTS Ep 114 saw the septet being joined by special guests, League of Legends’ team T1 and as expected, hilarity ensued during the various online games between Team A and Team B.

Today morning, it was revealed that League of Legends’ iconic esports team T1 will be special guests on Run BTS as the septet went back to the same online gaming venue which we saw during Ep 107 and 108. With the theme being League of Number 1, the boys were really excited to welcome their guests as an enthusiastic J-Hope exclaimed, “The BTS of the game world,” which had the members trolling Hobi.

Eventually, the special guests made their entrance as BTS hyped them when they introduced themselves. Faker, Teddy, Effort, Cuzz and Canna were extremely shy as they said their hellos and breaking the ice was J-Hope as he hilariously did a Garen performance to welcome them leaving everyone laughing out loud. To get to know each other better, it was BTS vs. T1 in a game of I Am Ground as V immediately betrayed his ’95 line bestie Jimin who was the first one to get out. It seemed as if T1 was playing a bit mellow on purpose to help out BTS as in the end, RM and Jungkook beat Canna. The next game was the Toy Hammer Game which included playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.

The game was mostly dominated by Suga, who was overflowing with swag as he beat none other than Faker himself while Jin won towards the end against Canna. Jin joked, “It’s a tale to brag over drinks for life! I beat Canna’s response speed. A bragging-right for life.” V was trolled by his bandmates who asked him if he was on a date with Faker during their round. The next round saw the division of teams into 6:6 (BTS and T1 picked up chits with either A or B written on it). The singing round would see Team A and Team B singing BTS’ songs and the winner with the highest singing score would get an advantage during the online games.

Team A featuring RM, Teddy, Suga, Faker, Jimin and Cuzz was seen singing IDOL while Team B featuring J-Hope, Canna, Jungkook, Jin, Effort and V were seen singing Boy With Luv ft. Halsey. BTS ARMY couldn’t get over Kookie imitating his Jimin hyung’s intro in Boy With Luv which had ChimChim and Yoongi in splits while we were also left impressed with Hobi rapping Suga’s rap verse. Moreover, Effort, who is a fan of BTS and even dyed his hair blue copying Taehyung’s look from Boy With Luv was enthusiastically seen singing the song. Both Team A and Team B had a tied score.

The first game played between Team A and Team B was Mundo Dodgeball which was dominated by Team B. The warm-up game saw Faker and Jin being the Mundo for the respective team as the former was left flustered with the members cutely trolling him. Jimin was in his A-game when it came to providing the laughter with his trash talk during the game while V quipped that they should all go to a PC Cafe in Gapyeong together. The next round saw Jimin and Jin as the Mundos with the former joking by betting to delete the loser’s ID. V and Teddy were seen sitting in the ‘VIP seat’ as they got to see the fight in the center row. RM kept hitting J-Hope much to the latter’s chagrin as the former screamed that Team A’s Olaf and Mundo didn’t have mana. Canna was able to get a win for Team B by a clean hit on Jimin’s Mundo.

The next game saw Team A taking on Team B in a What The Box game where they had to attack each other’s boxes. Jimin, J-Hope and RM kept getting themselves killed while Canna and Teddy kept killing Namjoon and Jin. At one point it was a 3:1 takedown pitting Effort, Canna and Jungkook against Faker. Moreover, ARMY was gushing over Cuzz for referring to Jungkook as Jungkook hyung. An endearing Taejoon moment came when V asked who was Goatminam from Team A that killed his character and RM cutely raised his hand making the duo laugh. Both rounds were won by Team A as one member got an impressive 15 kills. “It was because of my care and words for them,” Jimin proudly flaunted standing up while J-Hope and Jin trolled him saying they killed him so many times. Jin quipped, “Teddy, that’s not how you should play a game,” with the latter cutely apologising. Suga then asks if they should play Gang Beasts as Run BTS Ep 114 came to a close.

Check out some of our favourite and hilarious highlights from Run BTS Ep 14 below:

We are loving the #T1xRUNBTS combo so far and are expecting it to be even more fun in the next episode!

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In Run BTS Ep 115, we’ll see the return of the hilarious online game Gang Beasts as Team A takes on Team B.

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