Ross Kemp: On The NHS Frontline documentary divides viewers

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Ross Kemp: On The NHS Frontline aired on ITV last night and left viewers divided.

The former EastEnders actor-turned-documentary-maker was invited to Milton Keynes University Hospital Trust to witness first-hand how they are coping with the coronavirus pandemic.

Ross visited the hosptial where he spoke with staff including doctors and nurses all fighting on the frontline.

Ross Kemp wore vital PPE as he filmed on the NHS frontline (Credit: ITV)

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He wore vital PPE to protect him from the illness.

Disgrace on you.

Life on the frontline

Those he spoke to heartbreakingly told him the hospital was effectively on a war footing.

They also explained why staying at home saves lives, and expressed their concerns about what decisions they may have to face if the hospital becomes overwhelmed.

Doctors told Ross about their battle (Credit: ITV)

Many viewers at home called it ‘important’ viewing and said it had reduced them to tears.

Ross Kemp telling an important story

A totally unnecessary documentary?

However, others believed it was a totally unnecessary programme to have aired.

They insisted it was unfair that Ross should have been allowed on wards when families were up until this week being denied the right to say goodbye to loved ones.

ITV responds

In response to the criticism, ITV stated that only one cameraman was permitted with Ross and they filmed for a short period of time, less than 30 minutes, in the Intensive Care Unit.

They also revealed the PPE that Ross and the cameraman wore was replaced by the production team, so no NHS supplies were diminished.

It was concluded that the safety and privacy of everyone involved was “paramount” to the production and consent was obtained from both staff and patients.

Ross Kemp has angered some viewers (Credit: ITV)

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Milton Keynes NHS Hospital Trust responds

Furthermore, Milton Keynes NHS Hospital Trust has addressed concerns of viewers in a statement on their website.

They explained why they agreed to the filming.

“We agreed to undertake the filming to contribute both to the documenting and reportage of the work of NHS staff during this national emergency; and to reinforce NHS and Government advice to help limit the spread of the Coronavirus to as many people as possible.

“We believe Ross Kemp will reach a wider viewer demographic than some traditional news programmes and will therefore help these important messages reach more people.”

The statement also explains visiting restrictions and the use of PPE equipment by Ross and his crew.

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