Rich House, Poor House: Viewers slam mum for using rich family’s money to buy herself huge TV

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Channel 5 viewers have slammed a mum on Rich House Poor House for using someone else’s money to buy herself a huge new TV.

Last night’s (Sunday, May 3) episode featured Nadine, a single mum living in a flat in Portsmouth with four-year-old son Morgan.

Viewers learned that Nadine was unfortunately in thousands of pounds of debt and struggling to make ends meet with a disposable income of just £80 per week.

What happened on the show?

Nadine is a single mum with just £80 a week for disposable income (Credit: Channel 5)

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Nadine, who was unable to work full-time, dreamed of owning her own salon business.

But she confessed that she really struggled to effectively budget her money – and admitted that her expensive tastes didn’t help the matter.

“I’m not very good at budgeting, I’ll admit that,” Nadine said. “I’ve got a Champagne taste on a lemonade budget!”

She admitted she has “Champagne taste”(Credit: Channel 5)

As part of the documentary series, her life was temporarily transformed when she found herself living with the rich family’s budget – £1,800 per week.

But viewers at home were annoyed to see Nadine using the rich family’s money to splash on on luxuries.

‘Champagne’ tastes

In one scene, Nadine dined on a lobster dinner with her best pal, Alex, that included a £175 bottle of Champagne.

“I want to go for the champagne but then I feel bad,” she said uncertainly. “Feel like I’m living too much of a high life… but that’s what this is about though, isn’t it?”

Later the pair were shown going on a spending spree that ended in Nadine buying herself a massive TV for her flat.

Viewers slammed her for splashing out on a big TV with the other family’s budget (Credit: Channel 5)

Reacting on Twitter, one viewer said: “She is definitely taking the [bleep] using that money buying a huge TV to take home. Supposed to just be experiencing living a week on that budget, not buying herself stuff!”

Another tweeted: “Anyone else cringe when she bought that massive TV? #RichHousePoorHouse.”

I just couldn’t and wouldn’t spend someone else’s money like that.

A third wrote: “Omg what’s wrong with this girl #richhousepoorhouse… you get on the show just to buy a BIG TV? How this is helping you with a business?”

Someone else said: “Used to like watching Rich House Poor House but these lot ain’t poor at all. The girl went [and] spent all their money on bits for her flat, including a massive TV. I mean, come on. Then spent over £100 on Champagne. she actually has a nice flat, but not paid her bills #richhousepoorhouse.”

“Is it just me that would be mortified spending that money on things like a big TV?” asked a fifth. “And trust me, I’m not privileged enough to make that much money! I just think it could be better spent, if I were in that position #RichHousePoorHouse.”

Not in touch with the real world?

“#RichHousePoorHouse gets the rich budget… then buys flat screen TV and eats lobster and champagne,” pointed out a sixth. “Definitely not in touch with the real world.”

“I just couldn’t and wouldn’t spend someone else’s money like that,” insisted another. “The TV? Seriously? I couldn’t do that. #richhousepoorhouse.”

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Some defended her though with one reacting to that last tweet: “You’d take something home you could sell.”

Another put: “I don’t judge Nadine for buying the TV. They’re probably not allowed to take cash home and she could sell it to pay debts?”

Someone else said: “I seem to be alone in not judging her harshly for buying a large TV.”

ED! contacted Channel 5 for comment.

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