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Jessica turns 31 on April 18th! To celebrate her full-fledged transformation from Girls’ Generation’s Ice Princess into a successful solo artist, fashion icon and founder of Blanc & Eclare, this Drop A Pin is dedicated to Jessica’s signature all-white style, starting from her dreamy dress at Salvation Mountain in the MV of her debut single Fly and moving onto her current sophisticated looks as seen through her Instagram and fashion brand.


Located in the Californian desert, Salvation Mountain’s sprawling, awe-inspiring artwork was created by local resident Leonard Knight. Made of adobe, straw and lead-free paint, its colorful, otherworldly design encompasses numerous murals painted with Christian sayings and Bible verses. This wildly popular Instagram site was featured in LOONA’s Girl Front MV and was a photo shoot location for Korean fashion brand CHERRYKOKO. What sets Salvation Mountain apart from other colorful walls and buildings, making it worth driving for hours to get to, is the sheer wonder and almost absurdity of a grand art piece smack dab in the middle of a barren desert. It spreads the hopeful reminder that love and beauty can take flight in even the most desolate and desiccated of places; all it takes is a little creativity and persistence.


With Breezy Summer Dresses

Although Jessica is seen in a number of dresses in Fly, her uber-poufy white strapless mini dress in perforated material and tulle layers is definitely the standout piece. For her solo debut MV, it’s no surprise that she wouldn’t stray far from her favorite color. White is a great color against the kaleidoscopic mishmash of patterns, colors and loud text of Salvation Mountain. Her femme white dress is clean and sharp, allowing her to easily take center stage. Its short length and flouncy, ballerina-esque cut keep things fun and youthful, complementing the whimsical vibe of Salvation Mountain, while contrasting the rugged outdoors with its unabashed girliness.

For more wearable options that emulate Jessica’s off-screen summer vacay style, look to these sleeveless tiered A-line dresses in crochet, or consider some short-sleeved options to stay covered up.

Those who are familiar with the fashionista’s everyday attire probably know that, contrary to her styling in Fly, she’s not one to dress in girly-girl ensembles. She’s more a fan of clean-cut silhouettes and modern yet classic looks, which is also the theme behind her brand Blanc & Eclare (in addition to its well-known definition of “white,” blanc can also mean “clean and crisp”). I wanted to explore what Jessica might wear if she revisits Salvation Mountain today, so I’ve compiled a guide to recreating her sleek, mature style!

White is a staple color in every wardrobe, and it’s important to get lasting basics in this shade to go with whatever you’re wearing. In Jessica’s case, she likes to go the extra mile and wear white on white. This look is generally shied away from for a variety of reasons, whether it’s fear of stains, looking like you’ve put on a few extra pounds, or sticking out in a crowd of dark hues. However, this trend is actually much easier to pull off than you’d expect, and looks super stylish when done well. Going for casual all-white pieces at Salvation Mountain is a suitable choice, as they’ll keep you cool despite the blazing sun and free you up to roam around the desert.

Start with essentials like a pair of slim-fit ankle-length jeans, a slightly-oversized short-sleeved tee and a figure-hugging long-sleeved turtleneck. Jessica likes to play with subtly girly details, adding lace, ruffles, florals or puff sleeves for a soft touch – an understated way to echo the ethereal white dress in her Fly MV. Finish off with a variety of white shoes. From ankle boots, heeled mules, cap-toe ankle-strap flats to loafers, Jessica’s elegant but low-key footwear elevates her casual basics.

If you’re not feeling quite there yet with the all-white look, go for the tried-and-true ensemble of a sweet white top with basic blue denim. The perfect counteragent for a more luxe top, skinny jeans or distressed shorts will emanate down-to-earth, all-American vibes at this Californian desert locale.

In addition to dapper footwear, Jessica is a big fan of prim and proper blazers and tweed jackets. These staples ensure she always looks polished and refined. In particular, she loves to rock a white pantsuit – a total boss lady move. However, she also throws colors into the mix, such as by pairing her white blazer + dress pants combo with a lavender velvet turtleneck, alongside a darling matching cylindrical zip-up purse. Besides adding pops of colors with her crossbodies and purses – she seems to gravitate towards red and green in particular – she also incorporates colored embellishments on her jackets through blue contrast trim, subtle tan stripes and even allover bows. Blazers and tweed jackets might seem a little too luxe for Salvation Mountain, but Jessica always makes sure to rock them in a boxy, relaxed fit that’s put-together but not stuffy. Make sure to pick one in a soft, breathable material like linen. If you’re starting with a basic tee and jeans, outerwear in a more formal silhouette will instantly make your outfit photo-ready, especially if you up the style stakes with a matching purse!

Another preppy trick Jessica often uses is to tie a cardigan around her shoulders. Although she usually sticks with black, she occasionally throws on a sunshiney yellow cardigan, or more likely, one in neutral tan, another core color in her palette. Apart from cardigans, she often rocks a classic tan pashmina scarf. For chilly evenings in the desert, cardigans and scarves are absolute must-haves. Whether you opt for something in a primary color to echo Salvation Mountain’s bright hues, or land on ever-faithful brown to let your backdrop do the talking, make sure to bundle up and stay warm!

In line with the rest of her style, Jessica’s accessories are minimalist and practical. You’re unlikely to see her decked out in gaudy baubles and flashy bling. She also uses color sparingly to make only the most calculated of statements, maintaining her image as a class act whether on screen or off duty.

Do you prefer Jessica’s romantic style in Fly or her chic looks IRL? Let us know how you’d rock the all-white style!


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