Record of Youth Ep 10: A major cliffhanger rocks the final few minutes as Park Bo Gum’s success is in jeopardy

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*SPOILERS ALERT* Record of Youth Ep 10 saw Park Bo-gum’s success as a bonafide actor hit a major speed bump with the death of an old acquaintance.

*SPOILERS ALERT* Record of Youth Ep 10 showed us what happened prior to Sa Hye-joon’s (Park Bo-gum) big Best Actor win at 2019 OVN Drama Awards for his period drama The King Returns. We also see the dwindling self-esteem of Won Hae-hyo (Byun Woo-seok) as he’s constantly been belittled and compared to Hye-joon especially by his own parents; mother Kim Yi-young (Shin Ae-ra) and father Won Tae-kyeong (Seo Sang-won).

As for Ahn Jung-ha (Park So-dam), besides her flourishing relationship with Hye-joon, in spite of his hectic work schedule, things are looking bright for the makeup artist, who finally accepts her dad’s help in financing her own beauty salon. As for Hye-joon, he has a minor problem while shooting for The King Returns as his ex-girlfriend Jeong Ji-ah (Seol In-ah) comes unannounced on the sets of the drama with the hopes of rekindling their lost romance. Hye-joon immediately refuses her advances firmly stating that he can’t even be friends with her.

On the night of the award show, we see Hye-joon, who is hosting the ceremony, going to greet acting senior and top star Song Min-su (Park Seo-joon in a cameo appearance) in his waiting room along with his agent Lee Min-jae (Shin Dong-mi), who is a diehard fan of the latter. The following fangirling scene was adorable, hilarious and way too relatable! Post Hye-joon’s epic win, we see Charlie Jung (Lee Seung-joon); the fashion designer who was madly in love with Hye-joon, watching Hye-joon’s speech and contemplating to call him. Moreover, while Hae-hyo is happy for his best friend’s win, he is also distraught over not winning the Rookie Award which leaves his mother the most disappointed. Hae-hyo can be seen having a breakdown in the washroom.

While we absolutely loved the cute bromance photoshoot between Hye-joon, Hae-hyo, Kim Jin-woo (Kwon Soo-hyun) and Min-su, we were also heartbroken to see just how depressed Hae-hyo got. While bailing out on a previous lunch date to spend time with Hye-joon in her apartment and seeing how her boyfriend was surrounded by his family post the award show, Jung-ha delivers on her promise to Hae-hyo; who is secretly in love with her, as they spend some fun time together. Hye-joon tries to get in touch with his girlfriend and is unable to while also getting missed calls from both Jung and Ji-ah. Hae-hyo and Jung-ha’s night adventures include singing loudly inside the former’s luxurious car and some delicious dinner. However, due to stress, Hae-hyo ends up throwing up in the restroom.

Later on, with Seoul’s night skyline, Hae-hyo confesses to Jung-ha that he hates being compared to Hye-joon. Hye-joon’s elder brother Sa Kyung-joon (Lee Jae-won) is asked by a colleague if he knows of Jung. We then see Kyung-joon hilariously replying to hate comments which spread rumours about Hye-joon dating Jung. However, Kyung-joon also gets on his younger nerves when he questions him on why he only mentioned their grandfather Sa Min-gi (Han Jin-hee) and mother Han Ye-sook (Ha Hee-ra) while snubbing their father Sa Young-nam (Park Soo-young). Hye-joon asks his hyung to stop being so childish while Young-nam feels low by his son’s snub.

As Min-jae’s Jjampong agency office/flat gets flooded with gifts for Hye-joon’s win, the elated agent calls the actor who says he’s in the parking lot while questioning about his next script showing his fierce determination. However, Hye-joon gets another phone call from the Criminal Investigation Division at Gangnam Police Station asking him to come by the station to give a statement regarding the shocking death of Jung. Just when Hye-joon was tasting success, he gets hit with another speed bump. “And so… the year 2020 begins,” Hye-joon ominously states in the ending sequence.

Check out some of our favourite moments from Record of Youth Ep 10:

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With such a surprising cliffhanger, we’re extremely eager to see what’s in store for us in Record of Youth with Hye-joon and how Jung’s death will affect his blossoming career. Moreover, how will his close ones react to Hye-joon and Jung’s dating rumours especially Jung-ha? Speaking of Jung-ha, there’s also the question of whether she will be able to achieve success now that she’s going solo with her own beauty salon. We’ll also see how Hae-hyo deals with his low stupor, especially with his dad forcing him to enlist in the military and quit his acting career.

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