Pinkvilla Picks: 5 Reasons why Shefali Shah starrer Delhi Crime is a must watch despite the discomfort

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Today, as Pinkvilla Picks, we bring forth a popular web series that is not an easy watch but is extremely important to be seen. Yes, we’re talking about 2019’s Shefali Shah starrer Delhi Crime on Netflix. Here’s why it will leave you impressed.

Amid the Coronavirus crisis, with the free time on your hands, most of you might be bingeing on Netflix, Prime or other OTT platform shows and films. With no films releasing, OTT has become our source of entertainment and hence, for today’s Pinkvilla Pick, we bring forth a web series on Netflix that left the entire nation shook to the core, yet was a gripping watch and it is none other than Shefali Shah starrer Delhi Crime. Based on the infamous 2016 Delhi Nirbhaya gangrape case, the show takes us through the police investigation and how the cops worked day in and out to nab the perpetrators in just a week’s time. 

Written and directed by Richie Mehta, the show is a seven-episode series where we get to see DCP Vartika Chaturvedi (Shefali Shah) investigating the gangrape of a girl named Deepika in a moving bus by a group of men. As she picks her best team to help her nab the rapists, we get to see how Vartika deals with the inhumane and heinous crime that has taken place in her city. Bhupendra Singh (Rajesh Tailang) is Vartika’s trusted co-worker who ends up helping her in nabbing the rapists. 

Once she begins investigating the case, we get to see how the DCP works day in and out to nab the rapists. From interrogating them to providing assurances to the victim’s family to feeling hopelessnes, every emotion that Vartika Chaturvedi goes though is perfectly captured in the series. Not just the DCP, how her team of trusted cops puts their lives on hold for that week until they nab all the rapists is what we get to see in Delhi Crime. Surely, the show is not an easy watch as it is a mirror of our society’s state and a question on women’s safety. Yet, Delhi Crime is a show that will leave you on the edge of your seat while tracing events of how police cracked the most shocking, brutal and heinous crime ever heard of. Here are 5 reasons why Pinkvilla Picks Shefali Shah starrer Delhi Crime for you today. 

1. Shefali Shah’s show-stealing act

One of the major takeaways for anyone who has already binged on this 7 episode series is Shefali Shah’s spectacular performance as DCP Vartika Chaturvedi, who is dealing with the heinous and barbaric crime against a young girl. Being a mother herself to a teenage girl who wants to leave Delhi due to crime rate, Shefali tries to unearth the mystery behind the barbaric crime and at the same time, tries to convince her girl to see the good side of the city.  But she keeps asking herself while finding out more gory details of the case, ‘Is there a good side?’ As DCP, Shefali nails her act and speaks through her eyes most of the time when she isn’t speaking at all.  She is emotional yet determined to nab the perpetrators behind the most heinous crime. But, also tries to deal with public outrage and political pressure in the most dignified manner. The way she deals with her core team and becomes a part of them throughout the investigation is something that stays with you for the longest time post watching this terrific account of the investigation of the crime. 

2. Stellar supporting cast

Besides Shefali Shah as DCP Vartika Chaturvedi, we get to see actors like Rajesh Tailang, Rasika Dugal, Adil Hussain, Denzil Smith and Jaya Bhattacharya in Delhi Crime and it surely will give you one more reason to watch the show. As Bhupendra, actor Rajesh Tailang manages to be the perfect co-worker for Vartika and is always up for a challenge. Rasika as Neeti Singh plays the new cop who aspires to be like Vartika and is assigned the responsibility to take care of the victim’s family. Jaya Bhattacharya, Denzil Smith and Adil Hussain also play their roles to perfection and draw you in as the investigation of the infamous crime goes on. 

3. A fresh perspective of Police

While we all are aware of the details that came through the media about the infamous Nirbhaya case, most of us were oblivious to the investigation done by the Delhi Police to nab the rapists in the shortest possible time. Delhi Crime makes that as the base and instead of showing what is already out there, it takes us through the detailed investigation of the most heinous crime ever committed in the city. Minute details are paid attention to and are based on the case files of the Delhi Police on Nirbhaya case. Actors like Shefali Shah, Rakesh Talilang and others give their best to the roles and manage to leave us feeling empathetic towards the cops who are most of the time underfunded, unappreciated and criticized for things they do and don’t do. Though you may feel that Delhi Crime tries to clean up the image of Delhi Police, yet the 5 day-night investigation done by them to nab the perpetrators is laudable and makes you want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Not just this, the way the police are shown taking extra care in dealing with the victim Deepika (name on the show) and her family is a rare sight and makes you respect the cops even more. 

4. Highlights the important issues like class divide, Media trials & political pressure 

Delhi Crime is a must watch but not something you can easily see. The seven-part series not only is a portrayal of the barbaric crime committed in Delhi but also brings to light other important issues. The Delhi Police is seen trying to nab the criminals and at the same time, we see how one of the sidekicks of DCP naming class divide as the reason behind the increasing crime rate in the city. It is surely a fact that has been proven time and again. Through Shefali Shah starrer Delhi Crime, we also get to see how political parties use the media in maligning the image of the police and try to cause hindrance in investigation. Not just this, we also get to see a scene where a reporter close to DCP Vartika calls her and informs her that they have been instructed by the heads to blow the police apart. With that, we get an insight into how media trials take place and how politics plays a key role in cases that have garnered the world’s attention to them.  

5. Gets into the psyche of criminals

The worst and most difficult part of the show is when one by one, DCP Vartika Chaturvedi nab the perpetrators and start making them talk.  The one rapist who is responsible for causing the most harm to Deepika (victim), shows no signs of remorse. During the questioning with one of the rapists, the show gets into his mind and the gory details he reveals about the reason why he committed the crime, with no show of remorse, haunt you and also shows us the mirror of what is happening in the society. The questioning of the criminals is one of the hardest sections to see in this seven-part series but it surely is a truth about the mindsets of people that are staring us all in the face.

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