Pinkvilla Picks: 5 reasons why Ayushmann Khurrana, Neena Gupta, Gajraj Rao’s Badhaai Ho sets the weekend mood

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Amid Coronavirus lockdown, if you need the perfect family watch on Friday evening, Ayushmann Khurrana, Neena Gupta and Gajraj Rao starrer Badhaai Ho is bound to keep you entertained. Here’s why Pinkvilla picked it for you.

Amid Coronavirus lockdown, finding something to watch with family at dinner time is one of the most tedious tasks. With different age groups having different tastes, it just may be a mammoth responsibility to pick a film that is apt to watch with everyone. But fret not, that is where we’re there to rescue you and for today’s Pinkvilla Pick, we suggest you gear up for Ayushmann Khurrana, Neena Gupta, Gajraj Rao’s entertaining famjam drama, Badhaai Ho. Well, surely it is a ride you will never forget. 

The 2018 blockbuster starred Ayushmann as Nakul, elder son of a middle-class parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kaushik played by Gajraj and Neena. The story revolves around Nakul’s middle-aged parents getting pregnant that leaves him extremely embarrassed and disappointed. Their younger son too joins the elder son in boycotting their parents in such a situation and their relationship goes through ups and downs. Amid this, the grandma played by Surekha Sikri is the atypical mother-in-law who first is furious at her son and daughter in law for the mishap but ends up backing them up. 

How Mr. and Mrs. Kaushik’s son Nakul’s own relationship with his girlfriend Renee (Sanya Malhotra) gets affected due to his embarrassment towards his parents and how later, he realises he is being judgemental like the society and that he should back his parents up in such time is the story of Badhaai Ho. The film will make you laugh, cry and surely will change your mindset about your middle-aged parents. Besides this, here are 5 reasons why Ayushmann, Neena, Gajraj starrer Badhaai Ho is Pinkvilla’s pick of the day. 

1. Ayushmann Khurrana as the disappointed elder son

If there is one actor in Bollywood who has never disappointed his fans with his ability to bring to life a taboo and offbeat story, it is Ayushmann Khurrana. Khurrana plays Nakul in the film and manages to make you feel everything his character goes through. From rage to the embarrassment of having to tell your girlfriend that your parents are pregnant to realising that after all, it’s a thing to celebrate, Ayushmann nails every emotion on the screen. Watch out for the epic dialogue-less scenes between him and his father played by Gajraj Rao. If you are a guy or a girl in your mid-twenties, Nakul’s character will make you feel relatable. And bonus, Ayushmann hits home with his expressions and stellar performance!

2. Neena Gupta and Gajraj Rao as the perfect couple yet work in progress parents

“What a find,” is all you will be left saying after you see the adorable Mr and Mrs Kaushik played by Neena Gupta and Gajraj Rao. Gupta and Rao portray the perfect madly in love couple on-screen whose love hasn’t hasn’t vanished over the years of marriage. Instead, their feelings have grown for each other and that one can see in their eyes. From being a supportive husband to his wife to being an embarrassed father, Gajraj Rao manages to capture the contrasting emotions on the screen. You will feel sorry for the man as he only made a baby with his wife but is being judged by society and his own sons due to their age. Neena Gupta as Mrs Kaushik will remind you of every typical Indian mom who dotes on her kids and husband. She cares for her sons and is heartbroken to see them embarrassed due to her. Her acting is phenomenal and we bet you will tear up in the climax. Together, Neena and Gajraj are the strength of Badhaai Ho and we are sure, your parents too will be able to relate to them!

3. Surekha Sikri as the atypical mother-in-law

What do we say about this powerhouse of talent! Surekha Sikri as Dadi has the best lines and some of the most impactful scenes in the film. Her stint begins first as the typical mom in law who taunts her daughter in law for wearing lipstick but later, she turns into her staunch supporter when her own daughters judge her for being pregnant at her age. No wonder her stellar performance won her a National Film Award back in the year. We bet you would fall in love with Nakul’s dadi by the end!

4. Catchy dialogues

One of the biggest strengths of Badhaai Ho are the well-written dialogues that are said at the right time and in the right manner by the actors and they hit home. The dialogues are more like the savage one-liners that will just make you feel like applauding in the moment. When the younger son leaves the room as he doesn’t want to hear his father and mom’s pregnancy news again, he says, “Khushkhabri to hai na jo bar bar sunu.” Another famous one-liner comes from Surekha Sikri when she takes a dig at her son who is a government employee but doesn’t follow their police of family planning and ends up knocking up his wife. She tells Mr Kaushik, “Apne aap ko sarkari naukar batao. Jab sarkar ki baat hi nhi samajh aari to itne sal se naukri kaisi.” Well, get ready to laugh a lot with Badhaai Ho. It’s what we all need at this time. 

5. A taboo-shattering storyline viewed from the lens of Amit Sharma

Badhaai Ho is the offbeat yet relatable story of a middle-class family whose son is of marriageable age but the parents end up getting pregnant and they all find themselves dealing with an awkward situation to the time’s infinity. However, in real life, a situation like this is considered a taboo in a country like India. When a middle-aged couple gets pregnant, they have to face society’s taunts and even opposition from their own family. More so, they feel guilty themselves due to the pressure of everything. Ayushmann, Neena, Gajraj’s Badhaai Ho’s story captures the very essence of this taboo and bares the truth in front of all. It is a mirror yet portrays how one should deal with the situation ideally. Not just this, it also depicts parents in a different light and makes it an open fact that age should not define how intimate a couple can get with each other. Director Amit Sharma manages to show it in a way that everyone feels related and that is why the film is a winner. Surely a taboo-breaking story that deserved the success it got

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