Pinkvilla Picks: 5 reasons why Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal starrer Raazi is a salute to the unsung heroes

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Amid the lockdown, doctors and police officers are the frontline warriors much like Sehmat aka Alia Bhatt in Raazi. The film tells us a tale of an unsung hero who helped the country in times of tensions with Pakistan. Here are 5 reasons why Alia and Vicky Kaushal’s Raazi must be on your watch list.

Amid the Coronavirus lockdown, several frontline heroes are fighting the deadly virus and that includes medical staff and police officers who are doing their duty to keep us safe, much like Sehmat aka Alia Bhatt in 2018’s film Raazi. Raazi showcased the sacrifice of a Kashmiri girl who agreed to spy on the Pakistan army and help India amid the tensions between the countries. It is because of her that India manages to win over Pakistan in the 1971 war. 

Hence, to honour the unsung heroes, a film like Raazi must be on your binge-watch list amid the lockdown. Well, not just for patriotic reasons but also due to the stellar performances by actors like Alia Bhatt, Vicky Kaushal, Soni Razdan, Jaideep Ahlawat, Rajit Kapur and others. The 2018 espionage thriller is based on a book by Harinder Sikka, Calling Sehmat. The film revolves around Sehmat (Bhatt) who decides to turn a spy for RAW amid the mounting tensions between India and Pakistan. 

Sehmat is married off to Iqbal Syed (Vicky Kaushal), who is the son of Brigadier Syed of the Pakistan army. Iqbal himself is a soldier in the army and he too agrees to marry Sehmat. However, before Sehmat is married she is trained by Khalid Mir (Jaideep Ahlawat) as an agent of RAW. After marrying Iqbal, Sehmat does everything in her power to stay undercover and provide information to Indian agency, RAW. In the process, she goes against her morality, life lessons and even her very values. The story delves deeper into the emotional exploitation of a woman undercover agent who risks everything to save her nation. While there are several grounds to choose Raazi, here are 5 major reasons why Alia and Vicky starrer should be on your watch list!

1.Alia Bhatt as Sehmat is every bit amazing

Seeing the bubbly and chirpy Alia Bhatt transform into a mature yet determined Sehmat is a treat you wouldn’t want to miss. Alia as Sehmat reels you in with her eyes and her subtle expressions. From agreeing to her father’s wish to training hard to be a spy, Alia captures the essence of every moment in the story in a perfect way and not for a second anything seems forced. Alia’s brilliant acting in the raw moments when she is vulnerable, broken and lost is laudable. When she kills her own brother-in-law to protect her cover from being blown, she is broken, full of remorse and we get to see the toll it takes on a person to be a spy and go against one’s own morality. Alia as Sehmat is one of the biggest reasons to watch Raazi!

2. Vicky Kaushal as Iqbal Syed wins your heart

Vicky plays the Pakistani Army officer Iqbal Syed who marries Sehmat. For the role, Vicky surely seems to be the apt choice as he manages to nail the role of a loyal Pakistani officer yet never for once undermines or disrespect’s his wife’s country. Despite knowing that Sehmat is from India, Iqbal respects Sehmat and her love for her own nation and lets her be. He even cares for her and makes her feel welcome in the house in the enemy nation. Vicky’s real acting prowess is seen in the climax scenes when he gets to know the truth about his wife being an Indian spy and he too decides to stay loyal to his country. Besides this, Vicky and Alia manage to hold your attention in every scene that they are in. It surely is a treat you must not miss!

3. The real-life hero’s story brought to life by Alia

Calling Sehmat was the book that was based on the real life story of Sehmat, a Kashmiri girl who sacrificed her own life on her dad’s insistence and became a RAW spy. Alia as Sehmat puts in the sincere effort and manages to bring to life the story of a woman whose name was lost in the books and never once was celebrated. If it weren’t for Sehmat, India may not have won the 1971 war with Pakistan. It is because Sehmat and undercover spies like her work day in and out, that the nation is able to sail through difficult times. Raazi celebrates and honours the sacrifice of those unsung heroes and also shows the dark side of what they lose in the process of serving their nation. A reality, that we all must be aware of!

4. 3 amazing songs that are a tribute to unsung heroes

Raazi has 3 main songs composed by Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy but those 3 songs are enough to overwhelm you with emotions. First up, we get to hear Dilbaro, the farewell song that is played when Sehmat aka Alia is married off to Iqbal Syed (Vicky) and is leaving her parents, Hidayat Khan and Teji Khan. The song’s lyrics and the music is so touching that it is bound to leave you teary-eyed. Next up, we get to hear Raazi’s title track when Sehmat is being trained as a spy by Khalid Mir (Ahlawat). The song showcases Sehmat’s journey of being transformed from an ordinary Kashmiri girl into a RAW agent. The tune of it is bound to get stuck in your head and Arijit Singh’s vocals will win you over. However, the best song comes as the last in the film and it is Ae Watan. There are two versions of the song, one in Sunidhi Chauhan’s voice and one in Arijit Singh’s voice. However, it is this song that will swell up your chest with pride about your motherland. No matter how many challenges our country might be facing, the song is about celebrating it anyway. All the 3 songs are surely going to get stuck in your head!

5. Meghna Gulzar’s amazing storytelling

How Meghna Gulzar adapts the real life story of a spy in the form of an engaging yet emotional thriller is what makes Alia and Vicky starrer Raazi a must watch. Meghna’s vision is so clear about what she wanted from her actors in the film that we can almost see how effortlessly the story flows from one scene to another. The seamless flow of thought and how she manages to bring to life this real life story of an unsung hero is commendable and hence, Raazi is a must watch for you amid lockdown. Watch it to salute and pay tribute to the thousands of unsung heroes of India!

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