Our Girl fans divided as Michelle Keegan exits the show as Georgie Lane

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Our Girl fans saw Michelle Keegan’s final episode as Georgie Lane last night as the actress departed the show.

Many were in floods of tears as they watched her goodbye, feeling sad this was the last we would see of her.

But others couldn’t believe that was it and said they were ‘disappointed’ and it was ‘anticlimactic’.

For some, the fact Georgie’s true love, Elvis, didn’t return from the dead was just too much to bear.

Michelle Keegan has left Our Girl as Georgie Lane (Credit: BBC)

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What happened the final episode for Michelle Keegan in Our Girl?

In fact, Georgie got what seemed like a happy ending as she finally let Elvis go after confronting his killer.

The medic came face to face with warlord Omar, the man who had lured Elvis into the trap that killed him.

But then it was revealed who they thought was Omar wasn’t actually him at all – in fact, Afghanistan soldier Rabee was Omar!

Rabee was Omar (Credit: BBC)

He attempted to shoot Georgie, but Prof jumped in front of the bullet to save her and she then shot Omar.

Although she had the oportunity to avenge Elvis’s death and finish Omar off, as he begged her to kill him, Georgie said: “Where’s the justice in that?” and punched him before leaving him to be dealt with by the authorities.

Her last scenes saw the sparks of a romance with Prof as he helped her finally say goodbye to Elvis.

Georgie tied her engagement ring to a kite and sent it flying into the air with Prof beside her.

Georgie let Elvis go (Credit: BBC)

He recited a poem as the kite soared and Georgie asked: “Is that some clever way of asking me out for a drink when we get back home?”

“Yeah,” Prof smiled. To which Georgie replied: “Good.”

And teased a future romance with Prof (Credit: BBC)

But fans won’t get to see whether their romance goes the distance as these were the final scenes for Michelle as Georgie.

The perfect ending

Some viewers thought the ending was perfect and so deserved because of all Georgie had been through.

Not good enough

Others weren’t impressed, feeling it was a bit lacklustre.

One suggested she needed to die, and another said it wasn’t a ‘proper’ exit and felt it had been ‘ignored’.

Where was Elvis?

Many were still heartbroken that Elvis didn’t return from the dead and reunite with Georgie.

Michelle Keegan announces Our Girl exit

Michelle announced she would be leaving the show after three series at the start of this year because she wanted to look for other roles.

She told The Sun: “I’ve had the most incredible four years on the show and I want to thank the BBC for giving me such an amazing opportunity.

“Playing Georgie has been a life-changing role for me. I’ve loved every second of the adventure so it was a very hard decision to make not to return.

“I feel it is the right time to explore other exciting opportunities but I’m so happy to be part of the new series coming soon so it’s not the end just yet.”

After her final farewell, Michelle added a video to her Instagram about her journey over the last four years.

“Stand down soldier,” she wrote as she went on to thank everyone involved for the experience.

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