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Technology can be a double-edged sword – it can work for you or against you. As technology is constantly evolving, cybersecurity risks also take on different shapes to be able to intercept and decrypt even the most advanced security locks in the world.

With that in mind, any business has extreme vulnerabilities to these cybersecurity risks. This is where Vancouver Managed IT Services comes into the picture and saves the day.

Small and large businesses have always tackled risks with extra precision to protect their investments. Basically, all companies have something to protect in terms of data, manpower, money or any type of assets. 

Risk management sits at the core of every company. You can’t just sit around waiting for an attack to happen – you need to be prepared for the worst-case scenarios 24/7.

Combat Cybersecurity Threats with Robust Enterprise Risk Management

As many companies are now crossing over the virtual or digital platform, the threats of cybercrime become increasingly real and conniving than just a trivial bubble concept.

As internet technology expands, so as cybersecurity threats. It’s becoming a viral and lingering concept that businesses won’t be able to evade unless you face and deal with it right here and now. 

Managing cyber risks has become very expensive as Cybersecurity Ventures reports revealed that cybercrime management would cost roughly around $6 trillion by 2021.

Data Breach Happening to the Biggest Brands in the World

It seems that no one is immune to these cybersecurity threats as even the biggest brands can fall prey to a data breach. High-profile companies like Facebook, eBay, Johns Hopkins, Equifax, Reddit, Macy’s, Wendy’s, Adidas, Citigroup, LinkedIn, British Airways; and the like have had their systems attacked previously. 

That dropped the bomb for everyone that major industries or businesses and even startups should seriously plan and implement strategies for cybersecurity and ERM’s sake.  

This goes to show how these cybercriminals are using those hard-wired neurons into an evil pursuit. It’s high time to focus on cybersecurity risk management in your companies and internal systems. 

Cybersecurity attacks happen and it isn’t science fiction. Every company has its weak spot or a vulnerable chain which makes it prone to cybersecurity attacks.

Reasons Why Cybersecurity Threats are Rampant Today

Cybersecurity threats have become more sophisticated and intelligent that companies should be more proactive about it. Why are these digital attacks becoming so elaborate and evasive that even cybersecurity experts seem to fall short of expectations?

Sophisticated Cybercriminals and Tools

Hackers today have become more elaborate and intuitive with their tech and tools as well as how they go about with the deed. These cybercriminals are undeniably smart (yet are crooks), skilled, and can incredibly think ahead because they’re now harder to spot or catch in the cyberspace.

Complex Systems

By nature, the cybersecurity landscape is very complicated even to an IT expert. The jargons just pile up and it has become a very dynamic yet chaotic landscape for everyone. 

Innovations come and go every millisecond so your ERM must be ready to take on the challenge with these ever-expanding technological pathways. There is always a ready loophole so you must be prepared for lockdown and counter-attack.

Lack of IT Experts

It’s really had to find and retain IT talents today. There is a widening gap or lack of IT professionals in the industry and cybercriminals are trying to take advantage of that at the moment. 

There is a shortage of experts in cybersecurity indeed and mitigating this pandemic crisis can be very challenging today. Vancouver Managed IT Services are able to fill the gaps and get your business ready to combat cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.

Tackling Cybersecurity Risks – How Vancouver Managed IT Services Does It

However, it seems that mitigating risks have become enormously challenging today. It has become more ferocious that cybersecurity interventions would really need to keep up. These cybersecurity risks or attacks have transformed how many companies take on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

Establish Cybersecurity Culture

In order to deal with emerging threats and risks in cyberspace, the entire organization should be well-trained to manage risks even before it happens. This calls for a team effort indeed. 

It helps to be proactive and even aggressive in line with these threats because this can result in a company breach and meltdown. You certainly don’t want that to happen.

Practice Cyber Hygiene

Any infection or infestation begins with a rotten or missed crack in the system. Yes, there is always a level of uncertainty even in the most advanced or top-of-the-line systems. Anything is penetrable as it seems.

 Implementing cybersecurity and hygiene practice from day one will help your company prevent these hacks or attacks by strengthening the infrastructure, monitoring systems, and securing access controls.

Implement Speed and Resilience

Exposure to risks must trigger a quick response. The ability to identify threats or risks at an early stage will help you with the counterattack. It would really be beneficial to have an incident management system in place. 

Be on guard with the increasing and prevalent threats in your environment. Invest and enable security controls to combat all forms of threats. Implement and encourage awareness and accountability in your organization to ensure solid protection.

Cyber risks are everywhere. It happened to the biggest brands in the world so no company is really bulletproof. At this point, communication is critical for risk management. With Vancouver Managed IT Services, your company is cloaked against all forms of cybersecurity threats. One thing is for sure, being aware and prepared for these cybersecurity threats will help you ramp up protection for your organization.

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