My First Trimester Of Pregnancy – A Loved Life

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I’m writing this while I’m currently 16 weeks pregnant. Blogging just hasn’t been at the top of my list of life lately and I think a part of it comes from the pandemic and not really having much to say and each day feeling pretty much like the last. I do want to document this season of life so here I am trying to write out some things for my memory bank later on. If this isn’t your jam, I GET IT. Please know that I won’t hold it against you if you skip reading.
(( I do want to pause here and say that if you are in a season of waiting, struggling, frustration, anger, bitterness, resentment, and sorrow over trying to get pregnant, in the midst of a pregnancy loss please know that I am truly praying for you. I do not know your pain but I want to hold you and hug you and listen to your frustrations. ))


I actually learned SO MUCH about tracking my cycle from this book that was actually introduced to me by a sweet friend. I’ve always tracked my period but never fully understood the length of my cycle or how my body reacted in each stage (or heck that there were stages outside of ovulation and bleeding haha). Whether you are actively trying to get pregnant, thinking of pregnancy, or simply a woman with a cycle I HIGHLY recommend getting this book and reading it. It was liberating to learn more about my body and how it works and why it does certain things.
Once I started naturally tracking my cycle and what all that entails we ended up (miraculously) getting pregnant rather quickly, I think 3 months (aka three tying times) and I was pregnant.

I honestly found out REALLY early, like 4 days before my missed period early on January 4, 2021. I was having crazy weird symptoms of feeling super emotional, tired more frequently, random hot flashes, cramping in my lower abdomen whenever I stood up, and then I felt like I was getting either a UTI or yeast infection.
I had a few of the blue line pregnancy tests last home and I took one in the early morning and there was a FAINT second line. I sort of freaked out with thinking “OH MY GOSH I AM PREGNANT” and then thought to myself well it’s only a faint line so it may not be correct, plus I’m way before my period. I went downstairs and did a quick 15 minute workout then found myself sitting on the floor googling faint blue lines. I decided to get in the car and go to CVS and get the pink line tests (apparently more accurate) and the one that says yes or no. I took the pink line one first and it it was 2 solid dark pink lines, I then took the other one and it said yes. I promptly fell to my knees crying and mumbling incoherent words and started praying for a healthy baby and thanks to God. It was such an overwhelming feeling.
I laid on the couch that night, dying to tell Eddie but wanting to me sure. Being SO EARLY finding out I wasn’t sure if it was real and I didn’t want to be wrong. The next day I went to the walk in clinic on base and they did a urine test and then called me back and told me it was negative. I remember my stomach sinking and feeling so defeated, the nurse told me that happened to her but for me to come back in a few days and ask for a blood test to make fully sure (she said sometimes urine tests at the doctor office don’t always pick up the hormones, which was crazy because my at home tests were!). Then another nurse popped her head in and said “Hey, there actually isn’t a wait if you want to go do the blood test now” . . .y’all know I JUMPED on that! They drew my blood and told me they would call me within the hour to let me know the results. I left the office and ran to the grocery store and on my way home they called and told me that I am in fact pregnant, the test was positive! I just remember feeling so excited, scared, overwhelmed, and READY to tell Eddie.

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