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Why Australia’s Trash Bin–Raiding Cockatoos Are the ‘Punks of the Bird World’ Smithsonian

Covid-19 and bank resilience: where do we stand? (PDF) Bank of International Settlements

Cutting-Tool Consumption Down for Third Straight Month American Machinist

Thermal coal prices soar as demand for electricity rebounds FT

Get Ready for a Spike in Global Unrest Foreign Policy


How the Delta variant achieves its ultrafast spread Nature. “[T]he researchers report that virus was first detectable in people with the Delta variant four days after exposure,compared with an average of six days among people with the original strain, suggesting that Delta replicates much faster. Individuals infected with Delta also had viral loads up to 1,260 times higher than those in people infected with the original strain.” The short incubation period makes contact tracing harder, in countries that do that, and the high viral load increases the likelihood of superspreading events.

CDC Director Says Delta Variant Of COVID-19 Among ‘Most Transmissible’ Viruses Known HuffPo. Walensky: “It is one of the most infectious respiratory viruses we know of and that I have seen in my 20-year career.” Meanwhile, this is CDC’s messaging:

* * *

America Is Getting Unvaccinated People All Wrong Ed Yong, The Atlantic

Republicans urge supporters to embrace vaccines in abrupt shift of tone FT

Anti-vaccine groups changing into ‘dance parties’ on Facebook to avoid detection NBC. Moderation doesn’t scale.

Can Disinformation Be Stopped? Harvard Magazine

* * *

COVID-19 Transmission during Transportation of 1st to 12th Grade Students: Experience of an Independent School in Virginia Journal of School Health. n=1154. From the Conclusions: “This study demonstrates a model for the safe operation of school buses while near capacity. COVID-19 transmission can be low during student transport when employing mitigation including simple ventilation, and universal masking, at minimal physical distances and during the highest community transmission.”

Spatiotemporal invasion dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 lineage B.1.1.7 emergence Science. From the Conclusions:

We find the emergence of B.1.1.7 throughout the UK was associated with a high export frequency from a major source location that was identified only retrospectively. This pattern recapitulates at a national scale the role that international mobility played in the early spread of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. We conclude that the exceptionally rapid spatial spread and early growth rates of lineage B.1.1.7 likely reflect the combined effects of its higher intrinsic transmissibility (1, 7, 9) and the spatial structure of incidence and mobility before, during, and after the second lockdown in England (42).”

“The last sentence: “Importation of SARS-CoV-2 lineages and variants from areas of high incidence will continue to pose a risk to those regions that are reducing NPIs after having controlled infection.” Pay attention, United States! From the FT translation: “Importation of SARS-CoV-2 lineages and variants from areas of high incidence will continue to pose a risk to those regions that are reducing NPIs after having controlled infection.”

Israel data, a thread:

* * *

Long COVID: When You Don’t Collect the Data, You Don’t Know If You Have a Problem Mike the Mad Biologist

Elimination of COVID-19: what would it look like and is it possible? The Lancet


Hong Kong’s status as a financial center seems safe Felix Salmon, Axios

How Diplomatic Snubs Highlight Frayed China-U.S. Ties Bloomberg

Ambiguity Is a Fact, Not a Policy War on the Rocks

Hong Kong police arrest 5 trade union members for sedition AP. Worker’s paradise!


Myanmar’s Parallel Govt Forms COVID Task Force With Ethnic Health Agencies The Irrawaddy

Myanmar military accused of arresting doctors while COVID-19 infections rise Reuters

Vietnam struggles to find solutions for extreme dry seasons in Mekong delta The Third Pole

Capitalism v. socialism?

Bitcoin is too much for the country that brought you the 1MDB scandal:

China or the US? Why Southeast Asia cannot stay neutral forever South China Morning Post


U.S., Iraqi officials to announce U.S. military shift to advisory role in Iraq by year’s end Politico. We were advisors in Vietnam, too….


Digital Corbynism Dissent

The Caribbean

Freedom Rider: Standing with the Cuban People Black Agenda Report

Haiti And Washington’s Braindead Interventionists The American Conservative

Exclusive: China Zhonghe Petroleum plays a central role in the oil trade between Iran and Venezuela What China Reads

Biden Administration

Joe Biden’s digital trade deal could see US rejoin Asia-Pacific pact ditched by Donald Trump South China Morning Post

Biden sanctions Cuban regime after crackdown on protesters Politico

OSHA Virus Rule Intended to Cover All Workers, Draft Shows (1) Bloomberg. Commentary:

* * *

Mississippi asks US Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade CNN. The brief.

Details on F.B.I. Inquiry Into Kavanaugh Draw Fire From Democrats NYT

Big Brother Is Watching You Watch

Spyware for sale: the booming trade in surveillance tech Agence France Presse

Sports Desk

As Housing Crisis Grips Minor League Baseball, Non-Union Players Win Victories Through Organizing Payday Report

Imperial Collapse Watch

Ex-airman: Guilt over drone strikes prompted to leak secrets Associated Press

U.S. Navy’s Top Officer Admits “Painful” Teething Issues With USS Ford Maritime Executive

* * *

Another condo evacuated in Surfside over safety concerns Miami Herald. “Following the collapse of the Champlain Towers South condo, Miami-Dade cities have evacuated a number of residential buildings including in Miami Beach and North Miami Beach.”

Class Warfare

Uber And Lyft Drivers Are Being Carjacked at Alarming Rates The Markup

The Battles to Come Over the Benefits of Working From Home NYT

The Left Is the Only Reason We’re Talking About Climate Change at All The New Republic

RNA breakthrough creates crops that can grow 50% more potatoes, rice

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