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The Sea’s Weirdest Creatures, Now in ‘Staggering’ Detail New York Times (David L)

Killing of elephant with explosive-laden fruit causes outrage in India Guardian

Fruit fly study reveals link between the gut and death by sleep deprivation MedicalXpress (Chuck L)

Largest And Oldest Maya Monument Ever Found Discovered Under Mexico Science Alert (Chuck L)

Putin Declares State of Emergency After Massive Fuel Leak Pollutes River in the Arctic Circle CBS

People Try To Do Right By Each Other, No Matter the Motivation, Study Finds PhysOrg


Suddenly one Spring FTAlphaville (vlade). Anodyne title. About the famed March meltdown, from the Bank of England’s perspective. Underlying report: Seven Moments in Spring: Covid-19, financial markets and the Bank of England’s balance sheet operations


Hope dims for hydroxychloroquine even as medical study detailing the drug’s failure is retracted MarketWatch. I am at a loss as to what these stories are about. Hydroxychloroquine did not perform well with Covid-19 patients that had been hospitalized. Useful to know, but that’s not the main proposed use case. It’s as a prophylactic or very early in the disease course. And anecdotally, I hear of lots of front line medical workers taking hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic.

COVID-19 Pandemic Causes 42% Drop In ER Visits Nationwide, CDC Says UPI

The medical complexity of Covid-19 BBC


How Has the Coronavirus Crisis Affected Xi’s Power: A Preliminary Assessment China Leadership Monitor. PlutoniumKun: “Shorter version – Xi was mislead by local cadres about the seriousness of the outbreak, but he should have been more decisive.”

Korea rolls out face masks for summer heat Korea Herald. PlutoniumKun: “Koreans still ahead of the game.”


The Coronavirus Cloud Has a Potential Silver Lining for the Indian Crafts Sector The Wire (J-LS)


Americans misuse disinfectants in ‘high risk’ practice to prevent coronavirus infection: survey Reuters. Resilc: “In the Peace Corps and Foreign Service we washed veggies and fruit in Clorox all the time.

She’s patrolled Navajo Nation for nearly 20 years. Nothing prepared her for coronavirus LA Times (David L)


Shocking job numbers raise hopes for quicker recovery The Hill. Way too early to open the champagne. I had expected a W shaped recovery, an initial bounce followed by a reversal, independent of a second wave. Infection rates are still rising in a lot of states. Given the fits and starts with getting PPP funds to employers, most if not virtually all are in the period where they have to maintain payrolls. I’ve heard directly from business owners that they expect to have to cut heads, so that bleed will start shortly. Plus this: “….half of them reporting back to restaurants, bars and other businesses in the leisure and hospitality industry.” Unclear how many will make it under the new normal.

While welcome gains, job losses since February still total 19.6 million Economic Policy Institute

‘Biggest payroll surprise in history’ – stocks and yields rise after jobs number Seeking Alpha. Resilc: “Fake numbers.” He’s right. From the very end of the Department of Labor’s press release:

If the workers who were recorded as employed but absent from work due to “other reasons” (over and above the number absent for other reasons in a typical May) had been classified as unemployed on temporary layoff, the overall unemployment rate would have been about 3 percentage points higher than reported (on a not seasonally adjusted basis). However, according to usual practice, the data from the household survey are accepted as recorded. To maintain data integrity, no ad hoc actions are taken to reclassify survey responses.

Admittedly, the Bureau of Labor Statistics had a similar note last month. As always, focus on U-6, which shows unemployment over 20%.

A Better Jobs Report Belies America’s Breadlines Wired

Here’s why the real unemployment rate may be higher than reported CNBC

However….Dentists’ offices are responsible for 10 percent of jobs regained last month The Week

How coronavirus will change car design Car Magazine (resilc)


A tale of two speeches by Gove and Frost Beerg Brexit Blog (guurst). Criminy, I missed this aspect completely, when it was there all the time in full view, perhaps because it was delusional even by the nutters standards of the ERG.

New Cold War

‘Somebody cooked up the plot’: The hunt for the origins of the Russia collusion narrative Just The News (Chuck L)

Big Brother is Watching You Watch

Under Pressure, UK Government Releases NHS COVID Data Deals With Big Tech openDemocracy

Slack Removed a Blog Post Showing How Police Use its Tech Vice

New Research: “Privacy Threats in Intimate Relationships” Bruce Schneier

Imperial Collapse Watch

Fleeing The Collapsing Imperium American Conservative (Chuck L)

Black Injustice Tipping Point

Black deaths at the hands of law enforcement are linked to historical lynchings Economic Policy Institute

George Floyd protests: Number of US arrests tops 10,000 Independent

Defiant Washington DC mayor has ‘Black Lives Matter’ painted on street near White House Sydney Morning Herald (Kevin W)

Democrats Think Officers Policing Protests Need to Identify Themselves. Bill Barr Disagrees. Mother Jones (resilc)

Shouldn’t Congressional Approval Be Required to Deploy Troops at Home Too? Nation

Revolting’: Trump condemned for saying George Floyd is praising US economy Guardian (resilc)

Like the tweet above, via Chuck L. Not surprisingly, comments were blistering:

Buffalo Police Team Resigns From Unit in Support of Suspended Officers Who Pushed 75-Year-Old Man Sputnik. Kevin W: “Fuck them. Send them back to Traffic.”

How Police Became Paramilitaries New York Review of Books

Police And Their Apologists Have Already Lost The Argument Caitlin Johnstone

Why America’s revolution won’t be televised Asia Times

Jeff Bezos says ‘Black Lives Matter’ in response to angry customer email The Verge. Resilc: “I’m the richest guy in the history of the world, so F-off, but check out our new Black Lives Matter collection at Amazon fashion.”

NYPD Is Taking Protesters’ Masks and Putting Them at Risk of Coronavirus in Custody: Protesters are being held as long as 50 hours with no protective gear or ability to socially distance from other protesters in custody — or cops. Vice

Germany: Thousands attend anti-racism protests DW

As George Floyd marches loom, do’s and don’ts for protesting in Japan Japan Times. PlutoniumKun: “I was talking to a friend in Tokyo about these protests – they really do them differently there.” Moi: Japan is also the land of dark military-looking trucks blaring right-wing propaganda in public places.

Trump Transition

The Memo: Trump’s troubles deepen as voters see country on wrong path The Hill

Democracy on the Defensive in Trump’s America Der Spiegel

How Protests Over George Floyd’s Killing Exposed Trump as a Lame-Duck Authoritarian Intercept

The Story Behind Bill Barr’s Unmarked Federal Agents Politico (Ron A)

Trump orders 9,500 US troops to leave Germany Guardian. Kevin W: “Alternate (outraged) New York Times link for this story.”

The president’s inhumanity is deeper than we knew Washington Post

Trump to open Atlantic marine national monument to commercial fishing National Geographic (David L)

The Trump campaign removed a ‘make space great again’ video ad after former NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg called it ‘political propaganda’ for using images of her family Business Insider. Kevin W: “This might be the new version of that ad:“


Biden formally clinches Democratic presidential nomination The Hill

Ukraine found no evidence against Hunter Biden in case audit: former top prosecutor Reuters (furzy)

This decommissioned 1993 Humvee still has guns and it is surprisingly road legal 71 DriveTribe

How Apple Decides Which Products Are ‘Vintage’ and ‘Obsolete’ OneZero

States Are Leaning Toward a Push To Break Up Google’s Ad Tech Business CNBC

Antidote du jour (MGL in Anchorage):

Canada geese. We live on the 4th floor of condo unit. These windows look out across rooftop of adjacent building. We were so surprised to see two Canada geese wandering the rooftop and eventually approaching our window.

One of them appeared drawn in by the lavender we have in pots outside our window. But showed no interest upon inspection, turned up its bill and walked away.

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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