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Dear patient readers,

I have been having a terrible time with elder care and on other fronts, so you probably won’t see much from me in the way of original posts. I am very beaten down.

Carnegie Mellon tool automatically turns math into pictures Eureka Alert (David L)

The Future Of Wind Energy OilPrice (Kevin W)


the ‘ANYTHING’ face shield can be made using whatever’s around you, even a haribo packet DesignBoom (resilc). I love this, for cleverness and because it will drive face recognition systems nuts.

Deresponsibilization and the Politics of Escape Notes from Disgraceland. Important.


Dire warning of a pandemic 100 times worse than COVID-19 News Medical-Net (David L)

Specific immune suppression leads to severe COVID-19 disease News Medical-Net (David L)

MRI Scans Show Signs Of “Viral Brain Invasion” In Patient With Covid-19 IFLS (Kevin W)

NIH-halted study unveils its massive analysis of bat coronaviruses Science (Kevin W)


COVID-19 and student learning in the United States: The hurt could last a lifetime McKinsey (Adrien)

9 contract COVID-19 at Bob’s Red Mill as state officials respond to food processing outbreaks OregonLive (David L)

Political Responses

Coronavirus, Rioting, and the Privatization of Morality Benjamin Studebaker (UserFriendly). Important.

Imperial Collapse Watch

Wars without end: why is there no peaceful solution to so much global conflict? Guardian

JOHN PILGER: The Forgotten Coup Against ‘The Most Loyal Ally’ ConsortiumNews (Chuck L). We’ve written about it before, but worth not forgetting.

Air Force gentrifies Marine MOUT Duffle Blog (Kevin W)

George Floyd

Lawless America Daily Mail. Many many pix.

COPS to release 2-hour ‘Just the Beatings’ DVD BeetPress (UserFriendly)

Where did policing go wrong? Matt Taibbi (J-LS). Important.

POLICE USE OF FORCE PROJECT . A must read. Scroll down to the part about how more restrained policing saves police lives too. The problem is, per Taibbi above, there is not just a well-established, bogus belief system on this topic, but also profiteering. Overly muscular policing costs more money.

Defund The Police HuffPost (UserFriendly)

In letter to Minneapolis police, Bob Kroll plans to ‘fight for jobs’ of cops who killed George Floyd City Pages

White nationalist group posing as antifa called for violence on Twitter NBC (furzy)

Matt Gaetz Seriously Asks: Can We ‘Hunt’ Antifa ‘Terrorists’ Like We Do ‘in the Middle East?’ Daily Beast. The stupid, it burns. Resilc: “You mean the same 82nd that got their asses kicked in ‘Nam and Afghanistan?”

Agent Provocateurs: Police at Protests All Over the Country Caught Destroying Property Mint Press

‘This Is Not What We Wanted’: Black Protesters Stop Outside Agitators Newsy (David L)

‘We will not be silent’: Members of the ASBMB Minority Affairs Committee release statement about police killings of black people and institutionalized racism MEMBER MAGAZINE OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY

Iran calls on US to ‘stop violence’ against its own people Al Jazeera

George Floyd: Journalists in several cities injured and arrested covering protests Independent (Kevin W)

Cops and PTSD Psychology Today. Resilc: “I worked on a PTSD and citizen soldiers project at UNC 2006-2014. lots of ex-Iraq and ex-Afghanistan wars returned with PTSD and become cops. We see the story on the streets now.”

The economics of civil unrest Asia Times (resilc)

How to Cop-Proof Your Phone Before Heading to a Protest Gizmodo (Kevin W)

Jerusalem Demonstrations against Police Brutality after Autistic Palestinian Youth Shot to Death Juan Cole. Given that many US police forces have gotten training from Israel, the parallel in outcomes should come as no surprise. See:

With Whom are Many U.S. Police Departments Training? With a Chronic Human Rights Violator – Israel Amnesty International

Minnesota cops ‘trained by Israeli forces in restraint techniques’ Morning Star


China asks state firms to halt purchases of U.S. soybeans, pork, say sources Reuters

State building by stealth? Wolfgang Streeck. Important. For instance:

…a constitutional amendment turning the GCC to a court of second-to-last instance behind the ECJ might go through, especially if the impression can somehow be cre-ated that it will help against Corona and the economic disaster that might follow it. The neces-sary two-thirds majority in the parliament might be there, with the SPD and the Greens filling in for those CDU/CSU deputies refusing to vote in favor.Would this not be a nice present for Merkel to offer the European Council as Germany takes over the EU presidency on July 1?

Is Bolivia’s ‘interim’ president using the pandemic to outstay her welcome? Guardian

Trump Transition

DC Episcopal bishop: ‘I am outraged’ by Trump church visit Associated Press

Facebook employees hold virtual walkout over Mark Zuckerberg’s refusal to act against Trump Guardian (Kevin W)

Here’s what Facebook employees are saying about Zuckerberg’s decision not to remove Trump’s threats of violence Boing Boing

America Has No President Atlantic (resilc)


Black Americans Have a Message for Democrats: Not Being Trump Is Not Enough New York Times (UserFriendly)

Why do currency-issuing governments issue debt Bill Mitchell (UserFriendly)

Watch a Tesla Model 3 drive into a flipped truck on a Taiwan highway AutoBlog (David L)

Class Warfare

Sanders says ‘ultra-rich’ have been ‘looting’ for 40 years, amid looting of businesses and banks Just the News (resilc). Note the finger-wagging.

It’s a Class War Now Too CounterPunch

Serial TV and the indignities of class: Snowpiercer, Normal People and Little Fires Everywhere Culture Matters (Dennis B)

Antidote du jour. mgl: “From our friends’ yard May 31 a.m., Anchorage, AK. Moose & calf after a hard day’s labor I’m sure. They apparently didn’t stir much when our friends left their home.”

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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