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Herd Of Fuzzy Green ‘Glacier Mice’ Baffles Scientists NPR (dk). Original. Like science fiction, except on Earth!

Remote sensing reveals Antarctic green snow algae as important terrestrial carbon sink Nature. Despite the greenery, this is a different story!

Banker Bots Rake In Nordic Wealth Business and Reshape Finance Bloomberg

Tax collection, a labour of love: the Tax Justice Network podcast, May 2020 (podcast) Tax Justice Network



READ: The Hill’s interview with Anthony Fauci (interview) The Hill

‘The house was on fire.’ Top Chinese virologist on how China and U.S. have met the pandemic (interview) Science

* * *

The science:

Findings from investigation and analysis of re-positive cases (press release) KCDC. Comment:

Covid-19 Patients Not Infectious After 11 Days: Singapore Study Bloomberg (original). n=72. “[V]iral RNA detection by PCR does not equate to infectiousness or viable virus.”

There May Be a Unique Coronavirus Immune Response Derek Lowe, “The Pipeline,’ Science

* * *


High COVID-19 Attack Rate Among Attendees at Events at a Church — Arkansas, March 2020 CDC

Mississippi church burned down, vandalized after challenging city’s stay-at-home order WREG and Investigators look at possible arson at Holly Springs church Daily Journal

How L.A. County became coronavirus epicenter: Slower shutdown, density, poverty among theories Los Angeles Times

Nursing Home Care in Crisis in the Wake of COVID-19 JAMA

One final viral infusion: Trump’s move to block travel from Europe triggered chaos and a surge of passengers from the outbreak’s center WaPo

Next, airports:

* * *


The Danger of Vaccine Nationalism Harvard Business Review

Europe’s Covid predicament – how do you solve a problem like the anti-vaxxers? Guardian

* * *


Remdesivir Data from NIAID Trial Published MedPage Today

Remdesivir for the Treatment of Covid-19 — Preliminary Report NEJM

Convalescent plasma treatment of severe COVID-19: A matched control study (preprint) medRxiv

* * *


Dogs are now being trained to sniff out people who have the coronavirus even before they show symptoms. Here’s how this could work Business Insider. Lots of new detail on the tests.

Aussie sewers a frontline in bid to flush out coronavirus Agence France Presse

* * *


A full-body mask:

Making massssks from Florida python skin Agence France Presse

Your face mask selfies could be training the next facial recognition tool CNET

Former White House aide won $3M contract to supply masks amid pandemic The Hilll. You’ll never guess what happened next!

* * *

Business response:

A reckoning for small business Axios

REVEALED: Two executives at drug firm Moderna quietly sold nearly $30 million of stock when they unveiled coronavirus vaccine and value rose – before share price went down again Daily Mail (Re Silc).

Higher Education Will Be Transformed By the Coronavirus Pandemic Teen Vogue

The Nonprofit Grifters Who Want a Cut of the Coronavirus Bailout The New Republic (KW).

* * *

Political response:

“Immune to Evidence”: How Dangerous Coronavirus Conspiracies Spread Pro Publica. I think shibboleths like “herd immunity” are partly to blame; words are used to signal group-membership and identity, rather than to communicate information (or knowledge (or wisdom)). Same deal with “kompromat.”

Americans Have Always Politicized Public Health The American Conservative

Which Post-Pandemic Government? Project Syndicate

* * *


States Are Reopening: See How Coronavirus Cases Rise or Fall Pro Publica. Handy chart:

Thing is, the hot spots happen at the city/county level, which the aggregated data conceals.

Report 23: State-level tracking of COVID-19 in the United States (PDF) Imperial College COVID-19 Response Team. Handy chart of R0, Montana best, Texas worst:

‘Politicised nature’ of lockdown debate delays Imperial report FT

How We Reopen Safely Covid Exit Strategy. The problem I have here is that one of the major sponsors of this effort is @USofCare, a front group that the health insurance industry established to prevent Medicare for All (NC here and here), and so they’re fine with losing 68,000 lives a year, year after year, and are covid-washing that policy position. Sadly, many of the American health care pundists posting on #COVID19 are in the same equivocal position. First, do no harm, and all that, but also there is to be no exit strategy from health care for profit, never ever.


Hong Kong police fire tear gas on protest against security law FT

Two Sessions 2020: Hong Kong national security law will only target ‘small group of people’, Vice-Premier Han Zheng says as Beijing hits back at critics South China Morning Post

Decision of the National People’s Congress on Establishing and Completing the Hong Kong’s Special Administrative Region’s Legal System and Implementation Mechanisms for the Preservation of National Security (Draft) China Law Translate

The Infinite Heartbreak of Loving Hong Kong The Nation

Hate China Caitlin Johnstone, Medium

Confirm Eligible Hong Kongers as British Citizens The Atlantic. From 2019, still germane (although I imagine the Windrush scandal would be cautionary tale).

Nepal restarts work on border road after 12 Years Times of India. From the accompanying photo, this road:


Covid beds running out in Delhi private hospitals Times of India


Dominic Cummings ignored coronavirus lockdown rules for SECOND time to visit parents Mirror

London may have gone into a covid-accelerated decline The Economist

EU ‘frugal four’ present rival Covid recovery fund plan FT


Iranian fuel starts arriving in Venezuelan waters despite U.S. warning Reuters

Netanyahu in the Dock Doesn’t Make Israel a Shining Beacon of Justice Haaretz

Meanwhile, on Earth Two:

Trump Transition

The US successfully tested a laser weapon that can destroy aircraft mid-flight CNN. Mosler comments: “I hope this doesn’t get into the wrong hands.”

The CIA’s Murderous Practices, Disinformation Campaigns, and Interference in Other Countries Still Shape the World Order and U.S. Politics Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept


Where Biden, Trump stand in key swing states The Hill

Elizabeth Warren to Hold Big-Dollar Fund-Raiser for Joe Biden NYT (KW). Clarifying.

Only 3 Percent of Bernie Sanders Supporters Have Donated to Joe Biden’s Campaign Newsweek

The Corrupt Bargain Eric Foner, LRB. On the electoral college.

Democrats in Disarray

FDR’s New Deal Worked. We Need Another One. Noah Smith, Bloomberg

Alternate Histories The Baffler. The 1944 Democrat National Convention.

Imperial Collapse Watch

Russia, China won’t accept US nuclear superiority India Punchline. On Open Skies.

Class Warfare

Indict and Punish the Perpetrators of Covid Mass Death Black Agenda Report

Audio: No Evil Foods, a Faux Leftist Vegan-Meat Company, Busts Union Drive Vice

The Time Is Ripe for More Socialism Nathan J. Robinson, Newsweek (!).

The science behind human irrationality just passed a huge test Ars Technica

Antidote du jour (via):

See yesterday’s Links and Antidote du Jour here.

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