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Wildlife Photographer of the Year: ‘Explosive sex’ wins top prize BBC (Rev Kev).

Two Decades of Data Show That Earth Is ‘Dimming’ as The Planet Warms Up Science Alert (AL).

Stagflation Echo Chamber Heisenberg Report

Freight rates drop on popular shipping routes in sign that supply chains normalise soon Hellenic Shipping News

Global carbon capture projects surge 50% in 9 months -research Reuters

Why Climate Policy Has Failed Foreign Affairs

Gradually, Then Suddenly Barry Ritholtz, The Big Picture. I think Ritholtz is confusing incremental change with a teleology of progress.

Why Do Species Get a Thin Slice of π? Revisiting Lewontin’s Paradox of Variation Vince Buffalo. Dense, but fascinating.

Nobel-prizewinning ‘natural experiments’ approach made economics more robust, say researchers Nature


Across America, students are back in school. It’s working — but it’s weird. WaPo. “Since school started, hundreds of thousands of students and school employees nationwide have been forced to enter one- or two-week periods of quarantine after coming into contact with children or staffers who tested positive for the virus.” Administration happy dance:

Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 After COVID-19 Screening and Mitigation Measures for Primary School Children Attending School in Liège, Belgium JAMA. Conclusions and Relevance: “Despite the implementation of several mitigation measures, the incidence of COVID-19 among children attending primary school in this study was comparable to that observed among teachers and parents. . Additional measures should be considered to reduce the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 at school, including intensified testing.” Are we then exceptional?

Harvard Immunologist Champions At-Home Covid Tests to Beat the Pandemic Bloomberg

Chance encounter at sports bar causes anti-vax man to change his mind WFTV

Miasmas, mental models and preventive public health: some philosophical reflections on science in the COVID-19 pandemic Trisha Greenhalgh, The Royal Society. From a full, open-access issue on Covid-19.

US overtakes China as biggest bitcoin mining hub after Beijing ban FT


Will China invade Taiwan? Gwyenne Dyer, Bangor Daily News

‘Frozen Chosin’ Korean War Movie Set to Be Biggest Box-Office Hit of 2021

China trade: export growth stronger than expected in September but ‘instabilities, uncertainties’ remain South China Morning Post

China’s CPTPP push a gambit to break Asia-Pacific solidarity Nikkei Asia

In search for covid origins, Hubei caves and wildlife farms draw new scrutiny WaPo. The fact of the story itself is interesting.

Mongolia’s missing millions: What happened to a decadelong mining boom Nikkei Asia


Myanmar coup: ex-president Win Myint testifies he refused to resign, would ‘rather die’ Associated Press. “[T]wo senior army officers entered his room and solicited his resignation as president on the grounds of ill health.” Yeah, like he’d get whacked if he didn’t. Sopranos-level crudity.

No easy exit for investors from post-military takeover Myanmar Nikkei Asia. Not even diplomacy:

Since the United States has form, we know it would butcher the job if it intervened in Myanmar, so this may be a blessing in disguise.


Afghanistan: Taliban meet with EU, US representatives as G20 holds special summit Deutsche Welle

Beirut blast probe frozen again as judge issues arrest warrant Euronews

Why the Soviet Experience Was Not Useful to the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq Valdai Discussion Club

Crypto trading thrives in Nigeria despite official disapproval Channel News Asia


Roquefort makers feeling blue over nutritional scoring system that ‘defies heritage’ Euronews

Biden Administration

Big US businesses pledge to extend working hours to ease supply chain backlogs FT

Luria’s plea to give Biden full authority to attack China is folly Responsible Statecraft. Luria is, of course, a Democrat.

DHS chief directs immigration authorities to halt workplace raids and shift their focus to ‘unscrupulous’ employers CNBC

Intelligence Community

Feds to release nontoxic particles, gases in NYC subway as part of terrorism study NY Daily News. Oh.

From Russian revolutionary to CIA agent in one generation Yasha Levine, Immigrants as a Weapon

Fear Itself Forever Wars

Police State Watch

Oh Great They’re Putting Guns On Robodogs Now Caitlin Johnstone (Furzy Mouse). Furzy Mouse: “But of course!” Kill them with fire:

“Rare peek,” my Sweet Aunt Fanny. It’s a photo op, and they’re not rare.

Health Care

Talk to Your Doctor. TALK to Your Doctor. Talk to Your DOCTOR. Gawker

Groves of Academe

A University or a Billionaires’ Toy Academe Blog

Oppose the right-wing, racialist attack on composer Bright Sheng at University of Michigan WSWS (AC).

Enough Ranking Daily Nous

Pennsylvania’s state universities record biggest one-year enrollment decline in more than a decade Philadelphia Inquirer

“Every Payment I Have Made Has Done Absolutely Nothing” The Flashpoint. Student loans.

U.S. youth crisis goes way beyond Instagram Will Bunch, Philadelphia Inquirer

Black Injustice Tipping Point

Boston police arrested a Black man having a stroke. After $1.3 million payout, it’s unclear if anything’s changed WBUR

AI Is No Match for the Quirks of Human Intelligence MIT Press Reader

A leaky robot Couchfish

Class Warfare

On Eve of Contract Negotiations, Harvard Custodians Rally Against Their Own Union Leadership Harvard Crimson

It’s almost as if there’s such a thing as class warfare:

Working for companies owned by well-heeled private-equity firms can mean lower wages for employees NBC

NYC’s Public Libraries Eliminate Late Fees Gothamist

Community fridges are not a pandemic fad. They’ve become entrenched in neighborhoods as a way to fight hunger. The Counter

Hurricane Ida in Louisiana: Caskets, vaults still displaced AP

The power of Dionysus—Effects of red wine on consciousness in a naturalistic setting PLOS One. n=102. ” Red wine increased pleasure and arousal, decreased the awareness of time, slowed the subjective passage of time, increased the attentional focus on the present moment, decreased body awareness, slowed thought speed, turned imagination more vivid, and made the environment become more fascinating. Red wine increased insightfulness and originality of thoughts, increased sensations of oneness with the environment, spiritual feelings, all-encompassing love, and profound peace. All changes in consciousness occurred regardless of volunteers drinking alone, in dyad or in group. Men and women did not report different changes in consciousness. Older age correlated with greater increases in pleasure. Younger age correlated with greater increases in fascination with the environment of the wine bar. Drinking wine in a contemporaneous Western environment designed to enhance the pleasurableness of the wine drinking experience may trigger changes in consciousness commonly associated with mystical-type states.”

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