Jupiter’s Legacy Season 2 Release Date, Plot Spoilers, Cast News, and More

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The following story contains spoilers for Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1.

Back in 2017, Netflix bought Millarworld—a comic book publishing company created by writer Mark Millar. If you don’t know Millar’s name by heart, you’ve certainly seen it on the big screen before; he’s the writer responsible for creating the comics that inspired Kick-Ass and Kingsman, while also writing the Marvel comics that inspired the movies Captain America: Civil War and Logan. So when Netflix bought Millarworld for somewhere between $40 and $50 million, according to The Hollywood Reporter, it was a big deal—and one that only has Disney buying Marvel in 2009 and Warner Bros. buying DC in 1969 as precedent. It took four years to see what that deal would actually yield for Netflix, but the first piece of that puzzle is Jupiter’s Legacy, a superhero series starring Josh Duhamel and based on a comic series that Millar wrote himself starting in 2013.

Millarworld will have plenty more projects make their way onto Netflix’s crowded catalogue, but its this first one that should be able to build a bit of steady buzz. The first season tells a superhero story that feels a bit different from what we’re accustomed to with the Marvel or D.C. worlds; the biggest difference? We don’t know these characters from decades and decades of canon and influence. And that’s what allows for some of the biggest twists and turns of the show’s first eight-episode season.

Marni Grossman/Netflix

Will there be a Season 2 of Jupiter’s Legacy?

We can’t be sure just yet, as Netflix usually takes a little bit of time after a show’s premiere to deliberate and decide whether it will officially order another season. But it’s clear that Millar—who, again, in addition to this being his story, is also now running this Millarworld division of Netflix—sees Jupiter’s Legacy as a multi-season story.

When asked in a Hollywood Reporter story how he decides if something should be a TV show or a movie, he specifically cited the fact that at 22 issues (10 for Jupiter’s Legacy and 12 for spinoff Jupiter’s Circle, with more on the way), the Jupiter’s Legacy story is the longest thing he’s ever done.

We look at it as a group, and I try to be objective about it and think, “OK, would that be cramming too much in a two-hour, three-act structure or would it be better served as a story that goes through multiple seasons?” At the moment, Jupiter’s Legacy is the longest thing I’ve published. It’s 22 issues and another 12 starting this summer. If we tried to do that as a movie, we would have lost so much. Something that could be three episodes in a television show would be a 40-second flashback in a movie.

Showrunner Sang Kyu Kim (who took over from Daredevil‘s Steven DeKnight halfway through production due to creative differences) also told SyFy during a set visit, that the plan all along has been to arc the show out for multiple seasons—but also that their story may not beat-for-beat follow Millar’s comic series.

Jupiter’s Legacy, Volume 1 (NETFLIX Edition)

Image Comics


“Obviously, we have the comic books there, but this is really our adaptation of that foundation,” Kim said. “We had a lot of freedom and support from Netflix, to really take an adaptation to the comics and create the best possible show. Obviously, we were influenced by it, but we also brought a lot to it, as well. You have to for multi-seasons, hopefully. Even within a season, you have to generate a lot of unique storylines. But the comic was an amazing foundation to work off as an adaptation.”

And if we’re looking to those comics for story sourcing, well, there’s a lot there. There have been two five-issue volumes of Jupiter’s Legacy so far (10 issues total), and the storylines of the show deviates a decent bit from the comic. (One comic storyline the show doesn’t touch? Walter believing that the Union should tell then-President Obama what to do in his second term, and how to save the failing economy.) While the sort of current event-type stuff from the comics probably won’t make it into future seasons, there are a bunch of other ideas that could be expanded and/or mined into further arcs. There’s also a spinoff comic, Jupiter’s Circle, which further depicts the life of the original six superheroes of the Union in the flashback sequences. There is…plenty to pick from.

What will Season 2 of Jupiter’s Legacy be about?

jupiter’s legacy l to r josh duhamel as sheldon sampson in episode 108 of jupiter’s legacy  cr steve wilkienetflix © 2021


Unmined comic storylines aside, there is already plenty to continue with from Season 1 into Season 2 of Jupiter’s Legacy. First and foremost, we’re going to have to see the aftermath of that major finale revelation, which showed us that basically every conflict of the present-day storyline has been Walter/Brainwave’s doing. Granted his comic storyline with wanting to get directly involved with political policy, this makes sense, and as he explains to his daughter, Raikou, in the finale’s closing moments, he is just hoping to gain power—leadership of the Union—for himself. Unfortunately, he’s revealed too much of his evil plan, and cuts his own daughter’s throat. However Grace and Sheldon find out about this should make for some big time fireworks.

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There are also the continuing plots with the younger generation of characters. The Utopian and Paragon had a decent father/son moment with defeating Blackstar in the Supermax, but Paragon still saw his father arguably appreciate the code more than his own son; he hesitated to save him. Their fractured relationship will likely be even more so.

And speaking of father and son relationships, we finally found out what Hutch’s plan is—he’s using that superweapon, and his teleportation device, to track down his father, George/Skyfox. The thing there is that despite the fact that we “saw” Skyfox come face-to-face in the present in the finale with both Walter and Grace…we don’t even know if that was the real Skyfox. In fact, it probably wasn’t, considering Walter fabricated that entire scenario as a sort of psyop—and Grace and Sheldon both bought it. Perhaps once Hutch (and maybe with the help of Chloe) tracks George down, we’ll get more answers and information.

jupiter’s legacy l to r ben daniels as walter sampson in episode 108 of jupiter’s legacy cr steve wilkienetflix © 2021

Steve Wilkie/Netflix

And it’s clear that there’s still story to be told within the flashbacks, as well. While we got to see their adventure on the island and how the original six heroes all got their own superpowers, we didn’t see what, exactly, George did that resulted in his being estranged from the union. We also don’t see David Conrad/Blue Bolt in the present—so what happens to him remains anyone’s guess.

Finally, what will likely be the overaching thread of the series will be the code—and how strictly the heroes adhere to it. One of the most heartbreaking moments of Season 1 is when Janna, living by the code as she’s always been told, dies in Grace’s arms. And as Grace notes afterwards, the bad guy gets to live; this doesn’t seem right, and it’s clearly causing a rift among the heroes. Surely this will be explored immensely as the show goes on.

When will Season 2 of Jupiter’s Legacy come out?

It’s hard to say for sure without knowing if the show’s officially been picked up for Season 2 or not, but if they do get the go-ahead it should be around the same time next year, if not a bit longer. Netflix is usually pretty good with getting the ball rolling on their bigger series, but Jupiter’s Legacy has a big scale and a lot of post-production work involved. It usually takes a little longer for a show like Stranger Things to return to the air than, say, Grace and Frankie, and it’s easy to see why Jupiter’s Legacy would lean more towards the pattern of the former.

Who will be in the cast?

jupiter's legacy l r david julian hirsh as r conrad, ben daniels as walter sampson, josh duhamel as sheldon sampson, mike wade as fitz small, and matt lanter as george hutchence in episode 7 of jupiter's legacy cr steve wilkienetflix © 2021


Again—without an official word of a Season 2 pickup, we don’t really know for sure. But if Season 2 does happen, it would be impossible to go ahead without the key cast members: Josh Duhamel (as Sheldon/The Utopian), Leslie Bibb (as Grace/Lady Liberty), Ben Daniels (as Walter/Brainwave), Matt Lanter (as George/Skyfox), Andrew Horton (Brandon/Paragon), Elena Kampouris (Chloe), Ian Quinlan (Hutch), and Matt Wade (as Fitz).

A couple characters who may not return, however, would include Blackstar (Tyler Mane), who seems like his arc may have concluded. That said, Mane was a blast to watch in this series, and with his previous superhero villain bonafides (he played Sabretooth in the original 2000 X-Men movie) fit in very nicely, so we would be more than happy if he got some more run. Less likely to return is Anna Akana as Raikou, who, uh, died in the closing moments of the Season 1 finale. Still, there’s always the chance we could get flashbacks, and see just why she and Walter have such a poor relationship.

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