Is it time for Bigg Boss makers to put an END to the ‘controversial’ reality show?

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With Bigg Boss 14 nearing its premiere, here’s a take on if makers should put a ‘full stop’ on Bigg Boss, and bring the controversial reality show to an end.

For 13 years, viewers have been hearing ‘Bigg Boss chahatein hain’ and it goes on and on. This dialogue is now familiar to everyone. Whether you watch the show or not, you know what’s happening in the Bigg Boss house because of its buzz on social media. Every year since 2006, the public has seen the show returning to the TV screens with a bunch of new contestants, a new format and some new tasks.For oddly 50 minutes every day for almost 120 days or more, every year, millions are hooked to their TV screens to watch this ‘controversial’ reality show.

It has been 13 long years, but the plot still remains the same, with only a little change here and there. While some consider it as their ‘much-needed dose of entertainment,’ for others Bigg Boss is a show that makes zero sense. We are all free to have our own opinions. Now, the point is ‘Is it time for Bigg Boss to bid an adieu to us forever?’ Just this one question can lead to a social media war, but here’s what I think about it. 

The very first thought is yes! The public is already well-aware of the show’s format and there’s nothing new that the show has to offer. The slight alterations made every year don’t really bring any ‘newness’ to the show’s old format. There is hardly any ‘masala’ left in the show now. If watching a daily soap for long years can become mundane, doesn’t the same formula apply to Bigg Boss? With Bigg Boss 14 approaching, many are already asking, ‘Why do we have to go through this again? Why?’

Apart from this, the show has several loopholes that we have been ignoring all these years. Let me list down some issues about Bigg Boss. 

1. Aggression and foul language – With people from different walks of life staying under the same roof for days together, it’s natural to have disagreements. While a normal person would talk it out peacefully, in the Bigg Boss house, you’ll see contestants exaggerating petty issues. Fights and aggression have become the USP of the show. From fighting over a paratha to going all out in the name of tasks, conflicts are the highlight of the show. 

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From verbal spats to using foul language and even physical abuse (despite it being against the rules), Bigg Boss is no less than a war zone. Every contestant is ready to wreak vengeance onto the other, so much so, that many times they go overboard.

2. Bad behaviour – Disrespecting each other, back answering to pulling each other down, housemates portray behaviour that looks ‘cool’ but is not. When a common man sees ‘celebrities’ stooping low for the game, contestants probably think that it is ‘okay’ to behave this way.

3. Manipulation – The format of the show is such that the most manipulative person sometimes walks away with the trophy. While manipulation is an art, when it comes to Bigg Boss, one has to often be disloyal to their bonds for their selfish needs. It portrays that being self-centred is fine.

4. Makes bullying look normal – From body shaming to commenting on someone’s financial status, contestants often turn into ‘bullies’ to bring the other one down. It can not only ruin the confidence of the contestant at the receiving end but can also adversely affect the viewer. It not only normalises bullying but some people may also feel like the victim being attacked for no reason. 

5. Makes you over judgemental – We believe in what we see, and form opinions regarding a person without knowing her or him. We often forget that what is shown is an ‘edited’ version, and maybe the person is not the same in real life. However, we tend to get carried away, and judge others based on what we have seen and understood in a matter of merely 50 minutes. 

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Well, these are some ‘problems’ that I have pointed out. But every coin has two sides and so does Bigg Boss. If there are some faults, then there are these following qualities as well.

1. Friendship – A contestant enters the BB house as an individual, meets people, likes some of them and forms a bond. While some friendships fade away after the show is over, others go on for years giving us ‘friendship goals.’ It also subtly shows that it is not the number of friends that matter, but the quality of your equation with that person which will take you forward. 

2. Brings us closer to celebrities – Actors are usually known for their characters. But Bigg Boss is one platform that gives celebrities a chance to be who they are and show their vulnerable side to the world. 

3. Shows us ways to come out of our comfort zone – Living with almost 10 different people in a single house and sharing amenities is not everyone’s cup of tea. But one has to do away with the celebrity status, come out of their comfort zone to ‘survive’ in the game. From doing household chores, following Bigg Boss’ orders to completing tasks for the luxury budget, stars have to follow all the set rules whether they like it or not. It is the survival of not only the fittest but also the smartest. 

4. Teaches patience and harmony – Staying in an unknown house with mostly unknown people is not easy. But, in the Bigg Boss house, that is the biggest challenge. It teaches you to be patient to deal with different circumstances that come your way, and also live in harmony with the people around, regardless of the fact whether you like them or not. 

5. Entertainment – Drama, bonding, fights, arguments, makeups and breakups, Bigg Boss is made with the purpose of providing entertainment to viewers. From the mind-boggling tasks to unnecessary quarrels and romance, this ‘reality’ show, brings forth everything that is surely entertaining and nowhere to be found in the normal course of life. 

Your opinion and mine, would not be the same. You may want Bigg Boss to come up with fresh seasons every year, and provide you with the extra dose of entertainment in life and keep you busy. On the other hand, I may want it to ‘end’ as stretching something too much only makes it lose its uniqueness. 

Dissenting views are always welcome, but what happens when the bad overpowers the good? When the cons are perceived more than the pros? These are the actual questions that need to be asked when shows like Bigg Boss break TRP records and go on and on for years.

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