Hometown ChaChaCha: Ep 5 & 6 RECAP: Is this the start of something new?

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If the ratings are anything to go by, ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ is on a roll! According to Nielsen Korea, the latest broadcast of the romance drama scored an average nationwide rating of 10.3 percent, marking a new all-time high for the series. In episode 5, the Yoon Hye Jin wakes up only to find herself sleeping next to Hong Doo Sik. Embarrassed, she sneaks out of his house, not realising Ms Jo has seen her and spread the “news” to town. Suddenly the two become a “hot topic” for discussion and everyone is so invested in their “relationship”.

Meanwhile, Doo Sik, who is half-awake, finds Hye-jin’s umbrella and smiles at her clumsiness. Unlike Hye Jin, he freely walks around the town without knowing all the rumours to buy tofu. Hye Jin remembers everything she did in his drunken state, which Doo Sik describes as watching a “variety show”. Hye Jin and Doo Sik meet for breakfast and of course, Gongjin’s gossip squad doesn’t want to miss out on the lovebirds’ morning date. After their breakfast, Hye Jin spontaneously asks Doo Sik about his feelings towards her which catches him off-guard. He dodges the question by awkwardly denying it which brings a sense of relief for Hye Jin.

She points out that they are in the same “social position” either (same stature in the society) deeming him unworthy of her. He is hurt but politely chides her saying that she shouldn’t be so calculative. Later at the clinic, Hye Jin tries to settle her mind while seeking validation about who’s better for the relationship with Mi Seon. She indirectly chooses Doo Sik instead of her which upsets Hye Jin. Of course, Hye Jin is part of Gongjin’s group chat and is privy to all the gossip! The townies are obviously supporting Doo Sik over Hye Jin and think he can do better than her. Ouch!

Hye Jin learns that Doo Sik graduated from Seoul National University, one of the most prestigious universities in South Korea, and majored in engineering, which shocks Hye Jin. Hye Jin argues that everything in life needs to be “measured” and Mi Seon brings up her ex-boyfriend ‘Lee Gang Uk’ which brings their banter to end. In a flashback sequence, it is revealed that Hye Jin was once a nerdy girl with a boyfriend named ‘Lee Gang Uk’. She eavesdrops on him badmouthing her and walks away. It is also revealed that she knew Ji Sung Hyun (Lee Sang Yi) since then.

On the other side, everyone is suspecting many things about Chief Hong’s whereabouts five years after he graduates before going back to Gongjin. From being a North Korean spy; being a part of a National Investigation Team; to murdering someone and being locked in the mental asylum. Lee Sang Yi finally makes a proper appearance in the drama. Lively and inquisitive, he is clicking pictures when he is about to fall. Doo Sik saves him and they quickly bond over their similar interests like food and photography.

The next day, Hye Jin goes to the local elementary school to teach cavities where she finds out Doo Sik becomes Mi Seon’s substitute due to her diarrhoea. Hye Jin and Doo Sik put up an adorable dance for children to teach the importance of brushing their teeth and later are subjected to children’s curious questions about their “dating life”. Hye Jin is red-faced with embarrassment and Doo Sik just laughs off.

Moving on, Hye Jin agrees to pay for Doo Sik’s service by paying for his lunch. To avoid more rumours, Hye Jin drives far from the town. While waiting for the order, Hye Jin apologizes for her “social position” comment. But to prove everything, Hye Jin asks him to solve CSAT problems, to which he agrees. She is awed by his genius and they bond over math problems!

Towards the end, they step out, Hye Jin is irritated with the sudden rain while Doo Sik grabs her hand and drags her to the beach. They ditch their umbrellas and start dancing in the rain. Hye Jin nags that she might catch a cold tomorrow. Doo Sik touches her forehead to check on her temperature. With one single touch, Hye-jin starts to remember what happened at night. She had kissed him. Hye Jin vaguely asks him, twice, about what’s happening between them that night. But this time Doo Sik plays dumb, not remembering anything, which leaves her wondering.

In episode 6, Hye Jin leaves Doo Sik after his kiss denial, flustered and shocked at her own behaviour. The next day, Hye Jin goes to the coffee shop to order a cup of americano and an iced latte with extra syrup for Mi Seon. She meets Doo Sik and purposely refuses to take the coffee order from. Doo Sik mumbles that she does remember about the kiss. Doo Sik comes to the clinic and asks for a checkup where he straightforwardly mentions the kiss. Hye Jin is caught off guard and coughs awkwardly. Doo Sik explains that the kiss is just a drunken kiss and means nothing. He asks her to be “normal” with him.

Mi Seon receives a message on the group chat about Doo Sik’s”mystery woman friend” which infuriates Hye Jin. After the big fight over braces, her poor grades, and her obsession with her K-pop idol D.O.S with her father, Joo Ri runs from her house to Hye Jin’s house while bringing all of Chun Jae’s money. Doo Sik comes over to Hye Jin’s house to bring Joo Ri back to her house so Chun Jae can be at ease. Hye-jin, who is still annoyed over their relationship, insists to go home instead. Hye Jin and Joo Ri bond over “father issues”. On the other hand, Chun Jae opens about his single parent woes to Doo Sik, crying anxiously. Doo Sik consoles him, putting up a brave face. 

At the town hall meeting, the Gongjin squad is preparing for the Lighthouse Song Festival. Doo Sik takes a glance at Hye Jin who is unbothered. The townies tempt Doo Sik and Hye Jin to perform at the festival as a duo with Ms Joo adding fuel to the fire by openly saying that things are over between them by how far they’re sitting next to each other. Hye Jin clarifies that there’s nothing between her and Doo Sik and the rumours bother her. She tells Doo Sik that she doesn’t befriend just anyone and that offends him.

The Lighthouse Song Festival is finally here and everyone is having a blast! Chun Jae puts up a stellar show, old lady Gam Ri sings a beautiful ballad and Bora surprises everyone with her golden voice. But Joo Ri has injured her ankle and is in no condition to perform. To save her face, Doo Sik and Hye Jin put up an impromptu dance show. Joo Ri is desperate to win the competition to get braces to impress K-pop idol June. Joo Ri wins the second prize and Hye Jin promises to treat her teeth with that money. Joo Ri also gets to watch her bias perform in front of her and meet him to talk to him personally! Lucky, Joo Ri!

Joo Ri and her father’s sweet camaraderie prompts Hye Jin to make a sweet phone call to her own father. He is surprised by her sudden call but is warmed by her gesture. Doo Sik approaches her for small talk and thanks her for helping Joo Ri. They watch the fireworks together, Hye Jin is mesmerised by the fire show and he can’t take his eyes off her. Suddenly Doo Sik is about to fall and Hye Jin pulls his hand to save him while another hand envelopes his waist. It is Ji Sung Hyun! Hye Jin and Sung Hyun greet each other warmly and Doo Sik is astonished at this sight!

Here are our top 4 swoon-worthy moments from the third-weekend telecast!

1. Meant to be 

2. It’s the way he looks at her *heart eyes*

3. Love triangle is here 

4. Plot twist!?

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