Happy Birthday Ekta Kapoor: 5 reasons she is the ultimate boss lady of the entertainment industry

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As Ekta Kapoor turns a year older today, we list down five reasons why she deserves to be called the ‘Boss lady’ of the entertainment industry.

TV Czarina, content queen, three-format queen, single mom, etc; Ekta has multiple tags attached to her. But, there’s one tag that she has been wearing with utmost pride, that being of a ‘boss lady’. She’s a woman with a ‘want it, go get it’ attitude, and that is what makes her different. She dreams big and puts in her soul to make her dreams turn into reality. Being the child of established actor Jitendra Kapoor, Ekta carved a niche for herself on her own mettle, without taking any help from her popular father.

The lady started making her TV shows in the basement of her house. With her hard work, dedication, and never-give-up attitude, she went on to become one of the influential names in the business of entertainment. She has hundreds of people working under and with her. She has been carrying them all and making heads turn for years now, and everything is done with sheer diligence. Today, as Ekta Kapoor celebrates her birthday, we give you five reasons, why we think she deserves the title of ‘boss lady’ and why nobody else can ever take it from her.  

Five reasons why Ekta Kapoor is the Boss Lady of the showbiz world: 

1. A trailblazer for female producers 

Gender equality in the entertainment business is a raging subject of discussion. When Ekta decided to don the hat of a producer, there were hardly any females enjoying that position. Despite the looming fear and uncertainty, Ekta took the move and today is an inspiration for many women to step into the business of entertainment behind the camera. She started things way before the constant talk on feminism started on public forums and social media. The female visionary that she is, surely opened the doors for many. 

2. Conquering all platforms

For years Ekta was known as the ‘TV Czarina’, however, this term falls short today. Not only our small screens, but Ekta has taken over the big screen also. She has her shoes in the film and digital media industry. She has been juggling between multiple projects across various mediums and has been rocking them all effortlessly. Serving different age groups is not an easy task, but Ekta is doing it and how! 

Never before have we seen one person has conquered the content platforms to an extent where their works are everywhere, but Ekta does it with utmost flair. With a wide range of TV Serials, films, and web shows, no screen is untouched and unconquered by the content queen, Ekta has spread her wings with a diverse range of genres across screens. The queen of content has mastered the art of producing content for the masses to consume and how!

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3. Being a single mom

Ekta is not just an inspiration on the work front but is a true influencer in every walk of life. She led the path not just motherhood but womanhood, as she became a single mother through surrogacy. Surrogacy still remains to be a subject that is mostly untouched by the women of our country, but yet again Ekta took this difficult road, and today is proud single parent of her son Ravie.

Being a single mother through surrogacy, which again stayed a process untouched by the women of the country so far- Ekta is not just an inspiration on the work front but is a true influencer in every walk of life where she leads the path for not just motherhood but womanhood.

4. Creating bold and hard-hitting content

When it comes to choices over projects and bringing content to the audience, Ekta has spear-headed some amazing pieces of art. She has always thrown light over unconventional subjects, breaking taboos in her projects. In her projects, we see the various shades of distinct and individualistic take on characters. From shaping the context of a new-age woman to untapped subjects, Ekta has delivered promising stories.

In a time when talking about intimacy is still considered as a taboo, Ekta has gone all out to make not one but several shows revolving around the subject. She’s one of those who does not shy away from this bold subject Whether it is bringing out rural sex stories in Gandii Baat, or the masturbation scene in Veer Di Wedding, Ekta is breaking the mold and is trying to make it normal in the modern world. 

Not only this, but she is also addressing other grave issues like the growing menace of drug addiction in ‘Udta Punjab’ and the mystery around Dr. Subhash Chandra Bose’s demise in ‘Bose: Dead/Alive.’ While many agree with Ekta’s choice of content, some may not. But that does not bow down to opinions, and does what she feels right always! 

5. Punching stereotypes and sexism in the face 

It’s a known fact that the showbiz world is male-dominated. Though there are females who have now carved a niche for themselves, there aren’t still enough to balance out the ratio. In such situations, stereotypes and sexism are bound to happen, and Ekta has also been on the receiving end of the mentality. 

In a recent conversation interview with Pinkvilla, Ekta opened up about how she broke the stereotypes and handled sexism with calmness and maturity. She shared, ‘I was like there has been a history of male producers, directors on the set who abuse constantly and they are constantly losing their temper. I used to be assertive. From my tika to my rings, to make me sound like an alpha bitch, I was out there presented like this freak of nature. Sexism to the point of not taking instructions from a woman was almost mandated or bitching her out because guess what she thinks no end of herself. I am like okay then just do the job and I’ll be okay with you. 

Apart from this, Ekta also shares a warm bond with her actors and team, which makes adds another feather to her cap. Here’s wishing Ekta Kapoor a very Happy Birthday! 

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