From movie mafia to drug conspiracy: Revelations made by Rhea Chakraborty in connection with Sushant’s case

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Rhea Chakraborty has been under the radar ever since an FIR was filed against her in connection with Sushant Singh Rajput’s case. The actress has finally opened up on everything in her latest interviews.

Sushant Singh Rajput passed away on 14th June 2020. However, the debates revolving around his untimely demise are nothing less baffling. What began with a probe by Mumbai Police and Bihar Police has now been taken over the CBI. Moreover, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has also looked into the money laundering angle in connection with the late actor’s case. Meanwhile, there is one person who has been under the radar after an FIR was lodged against her. Yes, we are talking about Rhea Chakraborty here.

The actress has now finally come out and spoken to the media in an exclusive interview with a news channel. She has made certain revelations in connection with late Sushant Singh Rajput and various other aspects related to the case. We have churned some of her revelations and added them in this article. Do have a look below to check on what Rhea Chakraborty has tried to debunk in her latest interview.

The beginning of a relationship

Rhea states that she met Sushant at a gym back in 2013 and that they were friends for many years. She also adds that her debut film and the late actor’s Kai Po Che released back then. The actress then reveals they met at Rohini Iyer’s party in 2015 and that is where he proposed her. Rhea reportedly asked for a few days from him.

Series of events on June 8

According to Rhea, it was Sushant who asked her to leave. Reportedly, this dates back to 2nd or 3rd June. Not only that, but she also reveals about getting anxiety attacks during that time. Talking about what happened on June 8, the actress states that she had to undergo a therapy session but Sushant insisted she leaves before that as his sister Meeta was coming back then. Rhea also reveals that she did not have good terms with his family.

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WhatsApp chats with Mahesh Bhatt

On being asked about her leaked chats with the filmmaker, the actress has stated that she was upset about Sushant not calling her back when she left. Citing the reason behind the same, she says that she reached out to Mahesh Bhatt as she was broken. Moreover, Rhea also highlights the fact that the filmmaker calls her a ‘child’ and that his daughter is her age. The actress states that their pure relationship has been construed into something else. Rhea also adds later that she blocked Sushant on June 9 apparently because he didn’t want her in his life. However, he was reportedly in touch with her brother.

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Europe Trip

Rhea finally opens up on the series of events during her Europe trip with Sushant Singh Rajput. It is there where he reportedly told her about being claustrophobic and then took a medicine named Modafinil. According to Rhea, that medicine was always with him and that he took it without prescription. She also states that the actor did not step out of his room for three days after reaching Paris. However, Rhea then adds that he was doing fine when they were in Switzerland. Post that, they reportedly went to some Gothic hotel in Italy. Rhea reveals that she was scared after having a look at the strange pictures on the walls but apparently Sushant asked her not to worry about them. However, he could not sleep that very night.

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The episode of 2013

Rhea alleges that she asked Sushant about his mental state post which he revealed to have gone through a depressive episode back in 2013. He reportedly consulted a doctor named Haresh Shetty back then who prescribed medicines to him. According to the actress, they had to cut short the trip owing to Sushant’s deteriorating health.

Showik’s inclusion in the trip

The actress has stated that Sushant shared a good bond with Showik too. The three of them reportedly formed a company just before their trip to Europe in which they were partners. The actress adds that they had put Rs 33,000 each for the same. She reveals that Showik joined them on the trip post Sushant’s assistance.

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Sushant’s payment for Europe trip

Rhea reveals that she had a shoot in Paris for a clothing company named Shein. The company reportedly paid for her business class tickets too. However, she adds that Sushant thought it was a good idea for a Europe trip post which she cancelled those tickets and booked first class ones for them instead. He also reportedly paid for the hotels. Rhea also adds that she had a problem with the way he was spending his money.

Financial transactions

The actress denies the allegations of money transfer from Sushant’s bank account to her including her family members’ account. She states that he had once paid for her hair and makeup post which she returned the amount (Rs 35,000) to him. The actress also denies the fact that the late actor paid for her flat. According to her, she is still paying for the EMIs of a small flat in Khar.

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Relationship with Sushant’s family

Rhea has confessed to the fact that she was not in good terms with the late actor’s family. She also recalls the episode when the late actor’s sister Priyanka allegedly molested her after getting her and inappropriately touched her. She also questions the reason behind Sushant’s family not taking him back to Chandigarh if they felt she was isolating him. The actress has once again alleged how his family forced Siddharth Pithani to say that she siphoned money from the late actor’s accounts.

Sushant’s relationship with father

The actress has alleged that Sushant had a strained relationship with his father KK Singh. She states that the late actor was quite attached to his mother. What’s more shocking is when Rhea says that Sushant’s father left his mother when he was young. She was allegedly suffering from depression too. The actress further reveals that he hadn’t spoken to his father in 5 years before she met him.

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The depression angle

Rhea confesses that Sushant Singh Rajput did suffer from illness and that he underwent treatment at the Hinduja hospital too. She also mentions the name of Dr. Kersi Chavda here. According to her, one of the main reasons behind his depression was that he wasn’t able to live without his mother. She also claims to have given Sushant’s prescriptions and medicines to his sister.

The 17 crore angle

The actress states that it was Rs 15 crore and not the aforementioned amount. She reveals that it was paid by filmmaker Vasu Bhagnani as a signing amount and that Sushant was very happy about it. She also reveals how the late actor approached Rumi Jaffrey after watching Hero No. 1 and talked to her about doing a film in which she (Rhea) would feature opposite him. 

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The drug conspiracy

Rhea once again denies the allegations about her involvement with drug dealing. She claims that she has never consumed drugs and is ready to take a blood test. However, Rhea does add that Sushant smoked a lot and that he consumed marijuana too. She admits to knowing Gaurav Arya but denies having any conversation with him about drugs.

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Hard drive, household staff, and Sandip Ssingh

The actress denies the allegations of having destroyed any evidence from Sushant’s residence. She also states that it was the late actor who hired and fired his staff. Rhea also adds that she does not know Sandip Ssingh. According to her, he never came home or called the late actor.

Connection with Disha Salian

Rhea says that she met Disha Salian only once in her life and that too, only for ten minutes. The actress says that the celebrity manager and her team visited Sushant’s Carter Road residence once.

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Reason behind saying ‘Sorry Babu’

The actress, on being asked about the same, quotes, “What else is someone supposed to say to someone who has lost his life? I am sorry you have lost your life. I am sorry that your death has been made a joke. I am sorry that everyone has made a joke of your death. I am sorry that your last memory is not of your intelligence or your charity.” She further adds that she was at the mortuary for 3-4 seconds. According to Rhea, it was her friends who requested somebody to allow her inside post which she reportedly touched the late actor’s feet.

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Bollywood mafia, nepotism, #MeToo allegations

Rhea states that she herself is a struggling actress and that she cannot be a part of some Bollywood gang. She further adds that Sushant was upset about not getting credits for films like Chhichhore and Sonchiriya. The actress also reveals how the #MeToo allegations haunted him. According to her, Sushant reportedly talked about leaving everything.

Political connection

Rhea Chakraborty denies having any political connections. She has also stated that she does not know or has even met Aditya Thackeray. Moreover, the actress adds that the initials ‘AU’ on her phone records denote Anaya Udhas who has already issued a clarification on the same.

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Calls to Bandra DCP

The actress states that she did call Bandra’s DCP as she was constantly receiving death and rape threats. Rhea further adds that she was not an accused but a witness in the case back then. She states that the Mumbai Police was very firm with her during the investigation and that they were probing the case well.

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