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You’ve likely heard of the wonders of black rice, the protein- and antioxidant-rich alternative to white and brown rice. Long touted as a superfood, black rice is known to boost blood circulation and improve heart health, amongst other benefits. Rising Korean brand Haruharu WONDER (Haruharu means “everyday” in Korean) has harnessed this powerful ingredient into an anti-aging skin care line that promises to rejuvenate tired complexions, one day at a time. Potently paired with hyaluronic acid, the coveted staple ingredient of hydrating products, this sounds like exactly what my lackluster winter skin needs.

For those who like their skin care backed by science and free of unnecessary chemicals, Haruharu WONDER is an alluring choice. Not only are the brand’s products clean, vegan-friendly and largely made of naturally derived ingredients, but its production process is also supported by extensive skin care research. Unique fermentation techniques harness the best of black rice extracts, while the brand’s patented Ultra Deep Technology ensures active ingredients penetrate deep inside the dermal layer. What’s more, Haruharu WONDER’s skin care comes in exquisite packaging with a post-modern touch. When the opportunity came along to try key products from the brand’s black rice line, including the toner, serum, cream and facial oil, how could I resist?

Read on to find out if there were significant changes to my skin after three weeks of dedicated usage!

The Product: This hydrating and firming toner is formulated with major moisturizer hyaluronic acid, proven skin-smoother beta-glucan and 2,000ppm of antioxidant-rich black rice extract to hit the brakes on aging.

Thoughts after usage: Although I’ve never been entirely sold on the purpose of toners, this formula surprisingly convinced me otherwise. Immediately upon application, my skin felt more hydrated and plumped-up than usual, and the effects lasted throughout the day. However, I’m not sure about its anti-aging properties, which would take prolonged use to be properly revealed. The lavender scent was a bit cloying for my taste, but the hydrating capabilities of this toner means I’ll probably return to it whenever my skin feels parched.

The Product: Packed with polyphenols and flavonoids to fight free radicals, humectants such as glycerin, beta-glucan and hyaluronic acid for intensive moisturization, and aloe vera for a calming touch, this essence-like serum is perfect for a nourishing boost.

Thoughts after usage: A few drops of this lightweight product go a long way. It takes time, though, for the benefits to materialize. For the first week, I wasn’t sure if the serum was working its magic, as there was no noticeable difference to my easily aggravated combination skin. By the second week, however, there were visible improvements. My cheeks looked less droopy and my skin appeared firmer, while redness was down a notch. The serum didn’t bring about a transformative glow-up, but I experienced subtle changes as the ingredients worked to rescue my fatigued skin. If restorative boosts rather than quick fixes are what you’re looking for, then the Black Rice Serum is worth a try!

The Product: A rich, do-it-all cream charged with 10,000ppm of black rice extract, hyaluronic acid and evening primrose oil, this formula aims to firm sagging skin, promote skin cell regeneration and provide sustained bursts of hydration. Packaged in a distinctive egg-shaped container, it caught my eye right from the beginning!

Thoughts after usage: As I discovered immediately after slathering it on my face, this is an exceedingly rich cream. On the plus side, the formulation packed a punch when it comes to intensive moisturization. On the downside, it left a slightly greasy residue, and proved too oily for my sensitive combination skin. It may even have led to a slight breakout, which only stabilized after I reluctantly dropped this cream from my routine and returned to using make p:rem’s Hydrate. Me. Micro Tension Cream, a powerful yet lightweight gel cream more suited to my skin type. I imagine this is an ideal wintertime product for complexions drier than mine, especially ones less prone to aggravation.

The Product: Formulated as a potent boost and final step to your skin care routine, this facial oil contains 45% Korean rice bran oil, which boasts antioxidant and skin-firming benefits. Sunflower, jojoba, sweet almond and lavender oils are also in the mix to fortify the skin barrier and offer a healing touch.

Thoughts after usage: I love how lightweight, non-greasy and quick-absorbent this is, in contrast to other facial oils I’ve sampled before. I’ve always been apprehensive about adding oils to my routine because of the dreaded grease factor, and because of my minimalist skin care philosophy. But this was a true winter skin-saver that delivered hydration where needed, restoring suppleness to my aging skin and bringing back a hint of that elusive glow. Plus, it felt therapeutic to massage a few nourishing drops into my face and décolletage at the end of a long day!

My Final Verdict:

Having trialed the Haruharu WONDER black rice line for three weeks, I can safely attest to its hydrating and firming properties. Right now, it’s hard to assess its anti-aging benefits, but I believe prolonged use would bring positive changes to my skin.

On the whole, this is a high-performance line with a light and refreshing touch, which suits my skin care needs admirably. Though I found the toner solid but not game-changing and the cream unsuitable for my skin type, I was immediately sold on the serum, which worked its magic slowly but steadily, and the facial oil, which added an extra kick to my skin care routine. I’m not the biggest fan of the strong lavender scent permeating most of the products, but given the efficaciousness of this range, I’m not complaining about it either!

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