EXCLUSIVE: Kirti Kulhari on Four More Shots Please season 3, dealing with pressure, key takeaways and more

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Kirti Kulhari is back as Anjana Menon in the second season of Four More Shots Please! The actress got into an exclusive chat with us on how has she been keeping up with the lockdown, about the show, and some more. Read her EXCLUSIVE chat here.

If you have liked the first season of Four More Shots Please! then you are definitely in for a treat with season 2 for more reasons than just 4. The web series features Bani J, Sayani Gupta, Maanvi Gagroo and Kirti Kulhari in the lead roles, and this season, they will together take you on another interesting journey. Kirti, who has taken on the role of Anjana Menon and plays a lawyer on-screen, got talking about all things Four More Shots Please in an exclusive chat, and it definitely turned out to be quite a bit of a conversation. (P.s: No spoilers ahead, don’t worry!)

We started off with the ever so mandatory question of how has she been doing amid the quarantine, the actress says, “Quarantine is going okay, everyone is disappointed about the extension for different reasons. Initially, I was also like oh shit ya, but this is not about what you and I want ya, so this is for the best in order to keep things in control. I am doing my regular work, been busy promoting my shot, so now that it is finally here, I am looking to get some time for myself and just to really really chill.”

But then, I did get into the interview mode and made it all things about the show.

Ask her about how they did not get a chance to promote the show the traditional way and she says, “We did initially got disappointed because we knew we wouldn’t be able to go out and do what has to be done to make people aware but I think when we started promoting it, people started adapting to this whole lockdown thing. We also realized that people just need to know that the show is coming because we already have a great fan base so everybody who is looking forward to watching the show, they will be watching it. That’s how our job kind of got easier and I think this is what it is ya, we are in a situation like this but we have tried out best to reach out to everybody. But also because this is OTT, and people are anyway consuming so much of OTT stuff, we have 15 days for the people to really catch on the show post its release with the ongoing lockdown.”

People are at home and are looking at fresh content every day, so ask her if she thinks this will bring about the much-needed push for the show in a certain manner, she says, “As I said, we do have a fanbase already, but because of the lockdown, the consumption is huge, and that is surely going to be work in our favour this time and the show is going to reach many more people.” When quizzed if there was any kind of pressure to keep up with the popularity and do better, she says, “I have not seen the show but what I know is there was a genuine attempt to make it better in every department. Whatever we felt was not working, all of us, everything was worked on. We have done our best to make it better than the previous one. I personally, do not like to give in to that pressure because I think as an actor, as a creative person, you just have to do your job very very well. You have to just learn and grow and that is your job. It is not to satisfy people or make them happy. You do your best and then you see how it goes.”

All four characters have a different essence to it, and the movie celebrates womanhood and narrates how the four girls are just about enough for each other. Ask her what does she have to say about it, and she quips, “I wouldn’t know the creative but, but since we cannot do the same thing every season, and with so many new things that have happened with all the characters this seasons, and just to show that we are together, and stronger than ever, and that we have each other, it is what is the flow of the show and that is how it works. Given the who graph of the story, the way we parted, this time, it is left on a different note instead.” (You’ll know if you have seen it, not giving spoilers)

This season breaks many stereotypes and Anajana’s character has two extremes to it. Talking about if at any point she could relate to the character, she says, “The thing is, it is the emotions that all of us relate to. As an actor, I am not judging that character and simply doing what is written for me. I just have to find the right emotion inside of me from my experience to kind of bring it on screen, so for me, Anjana could be one sort of person in one moment, and a different person in the next moment, and for me, that is believable because all of us do that. It is that easy for me to relate to anything I am doing, just this one thing about human nature and I think that is what I try and apply. Although I don’t have to had experienced something first hand to bring it out on-screen but it is just an added advantage if I have one.”

Ask her about her key takeaways from the show this season, and she says, “From my character, there is the misogyny of course, and I think another theme is an extra-marital affair. I am just understanding that misogyny exiting is a fact and people facing it in very different ways. I think the generation that is coming up right now is a generation that is well informed and is capable of voicing what they feel and I think that is a great way to go about it. Another aspect of that I look at is that of an extra-marital affair, and while it is a fact that people do have them and people get attracted to other people, but for me, it just makes me not judge people for doing so. For me, it is the first thing that the show does to me in terms of things it is trying to say. People could have a thousand reasons for doing the same thing and you will never be able to be in their shoes and see things from their perspective. It makes me see different people in different situations from their perspective.

Out of curiosity, I also asked her if a season 3 is underway, and she said, “I would be glad if there had to be and I am hoping there is, but I am in no position to talk about it right now.”

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