EXCLUSIVE: Here’s what astro numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani has to say for people born on 7th, 16th and 25th

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People born on number 7 are extremely independent, original and have a marked individuality. Find out more

People born on the 7th, 16th and 25th in any month are termed as Number 7 people, ruled by the planet Neptune; and such persons are also governed by Moon, as both, Neptune & Moon are intertwined galactically. Thus there is a substantial influence of the interchangeable number 2 of Moon as well. Additionally, Cancerians are also ruled by number 7 (and 2) to a great extent. 

Particularly, you have an upper-hand over other numbers on account of your psychic receptivity; which is basically an extrasensory capability that sets you apart from the rest. This makes you more intuitive, inventive & super conscious about things happening in your surrounding. 

Most Number 7’s like you are colossally gifted with exceptional mental faculties. Basically your imaginative superiority is one of your major advantages. However, on manifold occasions, your out-of-the-box thinking can lead you into becoming delusional about things you deeply desire. In order to curb those delusions, focus on manifesting your strong aspirations and get going… 

One can easily spot a Number 7 with a dominant spiritual persona in a crowd full of material chasers! While you don’t spare a second thought when it comes to splurging, you don’t fancy things in particular either. Although you’re not exactly materialistic, you find it difficult to save for the future. As a matter of fact, you eventually become rich by your original ideas in business and even tend to become charitable. 

In most cases, being similar to Number 2 (Moon), ‘Neptuners’ (Number 7’s) like you have a lust-to-travel, running in your blood. You love any sort of ‘change’ or versatility, as you possess a rather uncontrollable urge to explore & scatter yourself through the expanse of seas, and in a moment’s notice, can be ready to pack your bags for opportunities to travel. 

You are extremely independent, original and have a marked individuality. Furthermore, your ruling planet, Neptune plays an instrumental role in bestowing upon you, traits of creativity & unconventionality, which may not always sway in your favour; as a consequence of which, you’re often misconstrued as being eccentric. Also because you are strongly opinionated, others may perceive you with ‘complex’ issues, and have difficulty 

in apprehending your intentions; however, in reality you don’t mean to wreak any harm. 

Creativity is undoubtedly a spicy boon to your otherwise tranquil life. It brings colour to your existence, then activates & accelerates your mental chakra. As a matter of fact, you often resort to creatively therapeutic methods of healing, with the likes of painting, knitting, culinary arts, dancing, singing and many alike. Isn’t it simply rejuvenating? 

On the contrary, you’re always on the path of seeking liberation from ‘mental oppression’, which at times may be self inflicted. This would in turn make you distance yourself from the capitalist world, as a result of which you may even feel lonely or isolated. Unknowingly you tend to victimize yourself in most situations, due to undetermined conflicts within yourself. Hence alternate remedies like Yoga & Pranayam remain to be your best bet, in order for you to stabilize your mental equilibrium. 

You are often religious too, and have an undyingly strong spiritual connect. No wonder you’re inclined to Occult Sciences, such as Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Feng Shui, Palmistry, Yoga, Reiki, and Meditation, etc. In deed, your fascination towards mystical arts is superlative! 

As you know by now, Neptune is a mental planet, therefore, Number 7’s are considered to be exceedingly moody & whimsical. Thankfully you are not majorly daunted with physical concerns, as much as mental. Though you must try & channelize your mind by keeping depression at bay, which could be your primary cause of disturbance in matters of health. 

Being emotionally laden, you are bitten by the romantic bug, and are often living in the world of fantasies. No doubt that love can drive you a long way through, but be mindful of your love interest, and don’t let them burden your rather sensitive heart. Neither should you burden others with your burdened self. 

Line of Work: You can do better in a ‘service’ related field rather than a ‘product’ related one. 

You may do well in spiritual experiences, occult or mystic science, music, art, advertising, media, and fitness parlors, Yoga, Gymnasium, sea travel, imports or exports, divination of all kind, direction, art, as a T.V host, or in lines of creativity, where the mental aspect comes into play. 

You could also succeed as a painter, interior or dress designer, writer, musician or composer, eloquent speaker or preacher, or any line of work where there is flow of solid or liquid cash, like banking, or where there is predominance of ‘young’ people. 

More often than not, you are likely to succeed by gifts of the imagination more than by any hard and fast business methods. More especially when your mental intellect comes into play. 

Some Notable Examples: The reigning Queen of Television Industry, Ekta Kapoor, [07th June] and the King of Silver Screen melodrama, Karan Johar [25th (7) May], both are classic examples of creatively successful #7’s! 

Super-talented, Shahid Kapoor [25th (7) February] delivered his biggest ever hit, Kabir Singh, which added to his supremely lucky number 7! 

Nawab of Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan is a number 7 too [16th (7) August], and after an unpopular stint of noncommercial-unsuccessful films, he came back stronger & resurged with ‘Sacred Games’ that revived him. Any guesses what that adds to? Yes, 7. 

From the current crop of stars, Vicky Kaushal & Katrina Kaif are both Number 7’s who’re doing supremely well. 

In fact, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, [07th July] is governed doubly by 7 as he is born on 7th, and is a Cancerian too; he sports jersey #7, knowing that it is indeed quite lucky for him, with his meteoric era as the Captain of India, clinching the Twenty-20 World Cup to conquering 3 IPL trophies for Chennai Super Kings, he has proved his mettle. Not just that, he has many tournaments like the Asia Cup, etc. also under his name. He in fact also sports a #7 pendant, and has publicly admitted that 7 has been lucky for him. Even his college gifted him with Roll No. 7! 

You often make good Poets, Writers & Painters, and show your imaginative & creative philosophical outlook of Life through your works. Example, Rabindranath Tagore, [07th May] & Shobhaa De [7th January]. 

Ram Gopal Varma gave two hits, and both totaled to 7 {Bhoot, 25 and Phoonkh, 34}. Evidently, both films were based on occult. 

Lucky Numbers: Your lucky Numbers are those of your own numbers- 7, and persons born on the 7th, 16th and 25th; the Moon, 2, as well people born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th; 

and the Sun, 1, and persons born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th, in any month. 

Lucky Colors: Your Lucky colors are shades of gray, green, blue, cream and white. Try to incorporate these in your daily life. Remember to completely avoid black. 

All said and done, looks like you’re in the 7th Heaven! 

“Success is a blend of good fortune and hard work”! 

Disclaimer- While these properties are generic, all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you; your zodiacal qualities may supersede some of your primary numbers’ attributes too. 

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