EXCLUSIVE: Here’s what astro numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani has to say for people born on 5th, 14th, 23rd

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Due to its mercurial properties, No. 5 (Mercury) facilitates constant movement & travel. On account of its lack of stagnancy, people bearing this number are often inclined to travelling. Speaking of travel, the first man to step on Moon was a No. 5, Neil Armstrong, an aviator born on 5th August.

Number 5 {Ruling Planet: Mercury}- In simpler terms, Paanch Ka Punchnama! 

[People born on the 5th, 14th, 23rd in any month are termed as Number 5 people, ruled by the planet Mercury. Geminis and Virgos are also ruled by number 5 to a great extent.]

Numerologically, Mercury (Buddh) is the fastest of all planets; known to be the planet of speed, communication, versatility and knowledge (Buddhi). 

Under the influence of Mercury, like the five fingers in a fist, you can be super versatile. While ‘versatility’ is your superpower, don’t let it make you a ‘person of no land’. Some times over-versatility can lead to lack of concreteness. 

Due to its mercurial properties, No. 5 (Mercury) facilitates constant movement & travel. On account of its lack of stagnancy, people bearing this number are often inclined to travelling. Speaking of travel, the first man to step on Moon was a No. 5, Neil Armstrong, an aviator born on 5th August! 

Mercury, as we all know is quite multi-faceted in its characteristics. And by the virtue of its Mercurial influence, you are not only adaptable to almost everyone; and get along with most people, but you also have wonderful elasticity of character. 

You recover from the best of blows and nothing seems to affect you for very long; Like Mercury, found in a thermometer, when disintegrated, has the ability to join back. The best part is that it does not appear to have been hit, as you wont see a mark on it! 

On the other hand, Mercury lends you powers of communication & immense knowledge, and so you often have your way with words; inferring that most No. 5’s are expressive, and they articulate their feelings affluently. To your advantage, you are quite persuasive too. 

People of your calibre (read number) can do really well as teachers, writers, orators, public speakers & preachers. No prizes for guessing, Teachers’ Day is celebrated on the 5th of September! 

However, you hate any one-tracked/monotonous {Run of the mill} type of work and naturally flow towards ‘get-quick-rich schemes’. You want to make money the ‘fast’ way, even if it implies speculating in stocks, gambling or taking risks. Indeed, you are a born speculator! 

The predominance of impulsiveness is well sighted in you, often compelling you to take risks in order to achieve your unending desires. Many a time you make hasty thoughtless decisions without any regard. It is needless to say that you crave for excitement, and love to tickle your adrenaline. Note that getting bored with people & things is a part of your disequilibrium too. So try to gather focus, and make the most of what you have in hand, be it your career or your folks! 

As you know by now, Mercury is known for its speed, which often makes you restless and overactive, as a result of which, you find the urge to reach the finish line prematurely. No wonder your motto in life is ‘Hush-Hush-Hurrah’! 

Not surprisingly enough, your thoughts also run in tandem with your actions, speedily, at large making you overthink till the point of nervous breakdowns. 

Which now brings us to your greatest drawback- Nervous breakdowns of the worst kind, due to exhaustion of your nervous system through over
functionality of the brain. Sometimes under mental tension, you even become irritable and short-tempered. 

If you are good, you remain so; but if you are bad, all the preaching in the world cannot reform you. After all, it is you who has the best command over yourself. 


Lines suitable for you are travel, transport, and communication of every kind, marketing, sales, liaison work, writing, media, advanced inventions, computers, television, advertising, investments, public speaking, teaching and all things that concern the young. 

Your class of brain is of a very clever order but so quick and versatile that you would fit in easily in almost any line of work you set your mind on. If you develop your will-power, you can rise in life to higher positions. The weaker side of your nature could make you vulnerable to being involved with social lavishness, drinking, gambling, etc. and lead a self-indulgent life. 

Some notable examples: 

Who better than Virat Kohli (5 November 1988) to represent this number? Even his name adds to 5 by default. No wonder he’s one of our most agile & fastest run scorers in all formats of the game. Renowned Director, Rohit Shetty, our client, who also shares his DOB with Aamir Khan [14th (5) March] has done quite well as a number 5! 

Ayushmann Khurrana [14th (5) September] is a believer in numerology, as his father is an Astrologer himself. Versatility is clearly seen in him. He has donned multiple hats, those of a video jockey, singer, lyricist, poet, and most importantly actor, as he has forayed an array of characters! Not to forget another versatile No. 5 governed Akshay Kumar & Rajkummar Rao (Virgo, ruler 5) who have charmed us with their variety. 

Himesh Reshammiya [23rd (5) July], is yet another #5 who has rocketed due to his versatility. Such people are highly strung, who live on ‘nerves’ and appear to crave for ‘excitement’ and ‘dare devilry’. Gautam Gambhir, a #5 [14th (5) October] donned Jersey #23 on our suggestion, and did better in the shortest version of the sport (T20) picking up IPL soon after the jersey change. 

Football Legend, Pele is a No 5 too [23rd (5) October] whose game included speed and dare-devilry too! Aamir Khan is a classic example of a Number 5 who craves for versatility, which is evident from the fact that he likes to accept a different kind of roles, and plays a different ‘avtaar’ in every film. His remarriage happened in his 41st [41= 5] year, as well as Abhishek who married in his 32nd [32= 5] year, as predicted, in both cases. 

Aamir Khan gave his and Bollywood’s biggest blockbuster, PK {no dots in between as per our suggestion} in his 50th {5} year. In fact, 5 played a very important role in Aamir Khan’s career; his Debut, ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ added to 41 {5}, Oscar Nominee, Blockbuster ‘Lagaan’ added to 14, Bollywood’s highest grosser, ‘3 Idiots’ added to 5 and proved path-breaking even for producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra [5th September] who is also a No. 5! 

Then ‘Delhi Belly’ & ‘Dhobi Ghat’ also added to No. 32 {5}. #5’s do well in writing, journalism and any form of communication too. Noted Author, Anita Desai 
{24+6+1937=5} was nominated thrice for the Booker Prize, but her daughter, a Virgo ruled by 5 did win the coveted title. 

As they are very active, quick-witted, and fast in thought and action a number 5 person would hate slow and dull work. Hence would find it difficult to work with the same set of people for a long time. They can expect a few changes in their life or career. 


You should try to wear light colours as much as possible, especially that of green or blue. Although try and avoid black. 


The most important numbers and dates in your life for doing anything important are the series of ‘five’, i.e. the dates of the 5th, 14th and 23rd. Next Lucky are the Numbers and series of 1, 3 and 6 and Dates such as the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 10th, 12th, 15th, 19th, 21st, 24th and 28th. 

Number 5’s are usually adaptable to almost all the Numbers, but sometimes with the exception to number 9 or those born on the 9th, 18th or 27th in any month. 
All said and done, looks like you’re a 5-Star human! 

“Success is a blend of good fortune and hard work”! 

Disclaimer- While these properties are generic, all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you; your zodiacal qualities may supersede some of your primary numbers’ attributes too. 

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