Doctors claim Sushant Singh Rajput stopped medicine for bipolar disorder; Say ‘actor felt family will suffer’

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A news report by NDTV states how the actor was suffering from severe depression, anxiety, an existential crisis and bipolar disorder. The news report also adds that two doctors gave their respective statements to Mumbai police.

In a latest development in the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case, it has been reported that two psychiatrists who consulted with the late actor reveal some shocking revelations about the actor’s mental health. A news report by NDTV states how the actor was suffering from severe depression, anxiety, an existential crisis and bipolar disorder. The news reports state that the two doctors gave their respective statements to Mumbai police. One of the doctors who consulted with Sushant Singh Rajput states that the actor’s mental health condition worsened after he stopped his medication. The doctor further adds that Sushant felt like ‘one minute was like many days.’ He further goes on to add that Sushant felt like his family would suffer a lot and that he would never be able to beat his bipolar disorder. The statements made by the doctor are reportedly a part of the CBI investigation in the late actor’s death case. The news report by NDTV further mentions that Rhea Chakraborty was in touch with the doctors for Sushant’s mental health issues, his medications and the psychiatric consultations he took. 

The late actor’s family had previously claimed that Sushant was doing well till 2019, and that his health suffered after Rhea came into his life. The late star’s mental health has come under the scanner of the CBI as various angles into the actor’s death are being probed currently. The news reports also stated how Sushant’s sisters stated to the police about the actor feeling low and that in 2013 he also consulted a psychiatrist. Another psychiatrist who consulted with Sushant Singh Rajput reportedly states that he spoke to the actor on June 8, which was the day Rhea left the house and the actor’s sister Meetu Singh came to stay. The psychiatrist reveals that Rhea sent a message to him on WhatsApp that the actor was depressed again. He further said that Rhea wanted to know if the medications can be started again which reportedly the late actor had stopped taking. The psychiatrist goes on to add that he spoke to the late actor on a video call on Rhea’s phone, and also sent him a prescription on WhatsApp. 

Sushant was questioned by the psychiatrist as to why he stopped his medicine, to which the actor reportedly said nothing and just laughed. He further told the late actor to take his medications on time and also consoled him. The psychiatrist further requested Rhea to make sure the actor takes his medications on time. He further reveals Rhea said to him how Sushant does not listen to her and she could not do anything about it. Later on, the psychiatrist asked about his fees to which Rhea reportedly replied by saying that Sushant’s sister will be taking decisions about him from now on, as she is leaving his home. He further says, the news of the actor’s death six days later came to his notice from TV news. The psychiatrist goes on to state that many factors are responsible for a person to commit suicide who has suffered from severe anxiety, severe depression, and existential crisis. Further, these reasons come from the negative thought process of such a person and how a major loss in the past which he feels cannot be filled adds to the reasons. The psychiatrist claims such persons can take to suicide as per medical psychiatry if they stop treatment as the disease gets complicated. 

Doctor states that in November 2019 he diagnosed Sushant with depression and anxiety when they met for the first time at the hospital. The doctor further adds the actor spoke about his loss of sleep and appetite along with not liking any aspect of life, being scared most of the time and not wanting to live further. The doctor states it was depression and anxiety, and the actor had said that he experienced these symptoms for the last 10 days. The doctor also claims that outer reasons were not visible, and the actor was having negative thoughts as nothing in his life was going as per his wish and was insecure. The doctor states that thyroid deficiencies and Serotonin imbalance could lead to depression. He also reveals that he asked Sushant about getting suicidal thoughts. As per the report, the late actor denied having any suicidal thoughts. Doctor states that Rhea always came along with Sushant and looked like she was concerned about the late actor’s health. A second psychiatrist states that she got a message that Sushant wanted a consultation with her in October 2019. She further adds that she got to know that the actor’s had anxiety ever since he was 20 years old. The psychiatrist says that when Sushant met with her his disease had gone to an extensive level. She also adds that Sushant suffered from the symptoms of anxiety in 2013-2014 and how his condition kept getting severe. She also state that Sushant would stop his medicines after feeling better. 

The psychiatrist states that the actor had symptoms of bipolar disorder. She also adds chemical imbalance, spending money in huge amounts, not sleeping for four to five days, feeling a desire of losing and doing everything very quickly are symptoms of bipolar disorder. The psychiatrist mentions that she saw the symptoms of speaking and thinking at a rapid pace and extreme restlessness in the late actor and how he was fearful and restless and felt like a minute’s time was like many days. She says that Rhea took an appointment with the psychiatrist as she felt frightened about Sushant’s health as she felt like he needed help urgently. The psychiatrist also reportedly asked Sushant if he had suicidal thoughts to which the actor said yes. The psychiatrist also says November 15, 2019 Sushant and Rhea met with her, and she told the actor about his bipolar disorder and how with proper medication he will get better. She says, Sushant wanted quick results which was not possible. Again on November 18 the late actor met with the psychiatrist who revealed that Sushant had read a lot about the bipolar disorder which she feels the actor was not ready to accept and also cried while talking to her as he was having negative thoughts about himself. The psychiatrist states this could be a result of deficiency of the chemical serotonin in Sushant’s brain, but said that it could be treated. She also mentions that a person who is sad, could feel like ending life. 

The psychiatrist wanted to meet Sushant on November 24, but the actor never came. She further adds that Rhea messaged her that Sushant’s sister will be coming and that the actor could go with his sister. The news reports quotes the doctor stating that on June 7 the Rhea took an appointment for herself for next day also revealed that the late actor had stopped his medicines and his health had deteriorated and also that Sushant’s family would be coming home. The psychiatrist states that the actor felt his condition would not get better and that it would affect his family. She further adds that from what Rhea spoke to her, it looked like the actress took good care of the late actor, but Rhea also mentioned that Sushant had stopped his medication which resulted in his bipolar disorder becoming severe.

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