Dental Care: Dr Karishma Jaradi shares tips to take care of your oral health to get a perfect smile

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Want to have a perfect toothy smile? Dr. Karishma Jaradi, Aesthetic Dentist, Dentzz Dental has listed 20 tips and hacks for you.

Want to have a perfect smile? Not confident to have a toothy smile in front of cameras? Then instead of avoiding your oral health make some simple changes in your routine and soon you will see a better set of teeth. Yes,lifestyle changes such as including high-fiber foods, quitting cigarettes and tobacco, avoiding aerated drinks and flossing among others, will help you to get better teeth and overall oral health. 

Good oral hygiene has several health benefits such as lower chances of tooth decay, gum health and cavities, lower risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes,  Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke. Yes, many health issues have direct relations with our dental health. We asked Dr. Karishma Jaradi, Aesthetic Dentist, Dentzz Dental to give us some points on how to get pearly whites. She listed out not one or two but 20 super-easy to follow tips and tricks for our readers.

1) Brightening up

One must opt for a toothpaste that comprises of baking soda for their daily use. It not only helps in keeping your teeth sparkling white, but it also boosts your confidence in always upholding a bright and flawless smile. 

2) Strive for healthy gums

It is really important to keep your gums healthy and pink. One can achieve it by flossing it and by gargling as a part of their daily routine. Remember that your gums are the key highlight every time you show your pearly whites and smile. 

3) Indulge in high-fiber foods

Including fibrous foods like oranges, apples, legumes, soups, etc in your meals is important to clean the surface stains of the teeth as they have an exfoliating effect. This in turn, keeps the shine and whiteness intact and also embraces your beautiful smile. 

4) Get your cracks checked

One of the major reasons for cracked teeth is grinding teeth. It is advisable to check with your dentist in order to know if you are gritting or grinding your teeth and if a protective thin nightguard would safeguard you in any way. 

5) Fill in the gaps

We often witness people with space between the edges of their teeth. They are extremely unappealing and have the ability to hamper your oh-so-perfect smile. For some, those gaps can also be very disturbing to the eye. Hence, it is vital that one must consider going for a cosmetic dental bonding to work on that unwanted space between their teeth and achieve a beautiful smile.

6) Safeguard your pearly whites and gums

A perfect camera-ready smile is something that everyone desires for. However, it is critical that one takes good care of their teeth and gums on an everyday basis to foresee this vision. A lot of behind-the-scenes preparation goes behind it like getting the cracked, missing or broken teeth fixed, consulting your dentist on regular intervals and having a disciplined oral health care routine. 

7) Getting the missing teeth replaced

Having a missing tooth is worse than a nightmare as it confines one from smiling or laughing with all their heart. It is recommended that one gets it replaced as soon as possible as it is the most obvious thing that would instantly grab somebody’s attention to your mouth. 

8) Teeth Whitening

There are various factors that lead to your teeth getting tainted like consumption of tobacco on a daily basis, turning old or sometimes it may also be hereditary. From time to time, your pearly whites may also get discoloured due to habits like smoking, drinking alcohol or even consuming a lot of tea and coffee. These habits can make your radiant smile look very dull. Opting for laser treatments or whitening strips help in whitening your teeth and also makes one more confident about their smile. 

9) Consumption of fresh fruits & green leafy vegetables

Consumption of fruits and vegetables have proved to lessen tooth decay issues in an individual and have also managed to promote a good oral health system. Many such fruits and veggies are good sources of Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, and they don’t contain added sugars. Indulging in it on an everyday basis also helps to provide a moist environment as it contains a lot of water, in turn reducing the bacterial growth.  

10) Protect your Mouth

Dental care is directly associated with the overall well-being of an individual so it is of utmost importance that one does not neglect their dental issues. If you are undergoing sensitivity, tooth decay or pain in the gums, it is important that you consult your dentist on an immediate basis and get it checked. Regularly brushing your teeth and maintaining good oral hygiene also helps in preventing tooth decay.

11) Flossing

Building up of plaque in the mouth can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Proper flossing is essential as it removes the food particles and plaque from under the gum line and between your teeth, where a toothbrush cannot easily reach. 

12) Eat healthily

Consumption of high-calorie food and food with high sugar content can lead to tooth decay. Brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth with water is vital in maintaining the structure of your teeth and furthermore your smile.

13) Avoid Aerated Drinks

Consumption of aerated drinks and diet drinks can cause loss of tooth over a period of time. It makes the enamel weal and more acceptable to decay due to the presence of acids in it, thus leading to an imperfect smile. 

14) Say No to Cigarettes and Tobacco

Smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco lead to a higher risk of oral cancers. It can also have adverse effects such as discolouring of teeth and bad breath. 

15) Chew sugar-free gum

Chewing sugar-free gums aid in removing bacteria and germs from your teeth.  They are helpful in the prevention of decay which in turn helps in upholding a perfect smile. 

16) Avoid eating between meals

Brushing is very important post every meal. If you do not brush your teeth at regular intervals, it can be harmful for your teeth and will directly affect your smile. 

17) Brush Your Tongue

Bad breath can be a major problem sometimes as your tongue usually forms a layer of its own bacteria that must be checked and taken care of. Brushing does a great deal in aiding to reduce the overall bacteria and in turn maintain your oral hygiene. 

18) Avoid Oral Piercing

Oral Piercing often causes pain, swelling, infection, increased flow of saliva, and injury to the gums and hence plunders your smile.

19) Check Your Diabetes

You have a high risk of developing oral health issues if you have diabetes. Keeping control of your blood sugar levels reduces the risk of these and helps in maintaining the perfect smile. 

20) Sleep Well

Sleep enhances beauty inside-out. When we sleep adequately, we also wake up energized with a relaxed body and mind. It makes you feel good and hence naturally boosts your smile

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