BTS’ Suga under fire for using Jim Jones’ sermon In Agust D2 mixtape; Big Hit apologises on behalf Yoongi

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BTS singer Suga released his new mixtape, Agust D2, last week. While the songs are climbing up the music charts, a few online users pointed out that the singer used cult leader Jim Jones’ sermon for his song “What Do You Think?” and they are not happy about it. ARMY came forward to defend Yoongi.

It has been a great couple of weeks for BTS singer Suga. The international rapper not only worked with K-Pop artist IU on Eight but Yoongi also released his new mixtape under his alter ego, Agust D. The songs have been ruling the music charts across global markets, however, the Bangtan Boys has come under fire for one of his songs in the mixtape. A few online users pointed out that Suga has used cult leader Jim Jones‘ sermon to introduce his song “What Do You Think?” from the mixtape. 

The introduction has put the singer in the spotlight for Jones has been associated with a mass murder-suicide of 909 people. According to Koreaboo, 304 of these deaths were children. The cult leader was also close to North Korea. He was reportedly influencing his followers with North Korean propaganda. He also made the headlines for his stand on the United States’ stance against North Korea’s Kim Il Sung.

The controversial pick by the BTS member has Twitter users calling out the band member. International music lovers have put Suga in the spotlight, asking him why he chose the particular song and question the ARMY for turning a blind eye towards his decision. “His fandom already knew it and let it slide apparently,” pointed out a Twitter user. “arm*ys knew that suga was gonna sample jim jones since 2019 and they did absolutely nothing to call out their faves. that’s absolutely sick,” added another user. 

However, ARMY members came together to show the singer support and explain the decision behind choosing the song. “If you don’t know why he used it then shut up pls, literally causing unnecessary hate to bring good people down That way of sampling speech to mock someone was used by hip-hop artists many times before,” an ARMY member pointed out. 

“J*m jon*s was anti korean, he hated south korea with a passion, going so far as adopting south korean children & wives to “save & purify” them. Yoongi was dissing him. He was fighting against his sermons & beliefs basically stating “I, a korean, your enemy, wont take your shit”,” another fan pointed out. 

Check out tweets from both sides below: 

However, Big Hit Entertainment has issued an apology on behalf of Suga. Newsen shared the statement. In the statement, Big Hit has said Yoongi is “embarrassed” and “has a deep sense of responsibility for the problem”. Read the whole statement below: 

Good morning.

Big Hit Entertainment.

BTS member Sugar introduces his position on the mix tape.

Among the songs of BTS member Sugar’s mix tape ‘D-2’, ‘What do you think?’, The introductory speech vocal sample is a song in which the producer who worked on the track of the song did not know the speaker without special intention. It was selected considering the overall atmosphere.

After selecting the speech vocal sample, the company proceeded to check the adequacy of the content according to the internal process. However, in the selection and review process, there was an error that was included in the song without recognizing that it was an inappropriate sample.

BigHit identifies social, cultural, and historically problematic contents through its own process of inspecting various contents targeting the world, but it has limitations in understanding all situations and responding accordingly. I am experiencing it. In this case, we did not recognize it in advance, and we also lacked understanding of the historical and social situation related to it. We apologize to those who were hurt or uncomfortable because of this.

After confirming the problem, Big Hit immediately deleted the part and re-released it.

The artist himself is embarrassed and has a deep sense of responsibility for the problem that has occurred in areas he could not think of.

Big Hit will take a closer look at all the production processes using this example as a lesson.

What do you think of the controversy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.   

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