Bigg Boss 14, October 6, Day 3 written update: Gauahar, Sidharth get into a fight; Abhinav earns 1st immunity

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From Sidharth Shukla and Gauahar Khan’s ugly spat to Eijaz Khan losing his patience, here’s what all happened in Bigg Boss 14’s Day 3 (October 6, 2020). Read on to know the scoops.

After fights, drama, and bonding in the previous episode, Day 3 (October 6, 2020) in the Bigg Boss 14 house will see a lot of action. The episode begins with continues at 1.15 pm with housemates chatting in the kitchen area during lunch. Sara and Abhinav are doing. Jasmin calls Nikki immature and innocent due to her age, but Pavitra jumps in saying no one in the house is immature. 

At 2 pm, Hina, Sidharth, and Hina are seen chatting, as Eijaz comes to complain about his dishwashing responsibility. He says that it is unfair for him to wash utensils two times (for 6 hours), so he requests Gauahar to change his duty. He agrees to wash utensils one time with someone helping him and asks her to allocate him another duty as well to be fair with others. Sidharth jumps into the conversation, explaining Eijaz that people will take advantage if he works 24*7 and is too sweet to them. 

At 2.15 pm, Rahul and Shehzad get into personal topics and discuss their ages. Gauahar calls contestants in the living area to discuss Eijaz’s request. She commands everyone to wash their plates and cups after usage, without fail, so that one person is not burdened. Later, Hina and Sidharth feel that Gauahar is being righteous and not letting the contestants be independent, in doing and dividing duties.

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At 2.45 pm,  Pavitra asks Rahul to help people in the kitchen department, in cooking or cleaning, as she feels his bathroom is not much of a hectic duty. Rahul readily agrees to learn cooking from Pavitra, and they get into a flirty banter. At 3.15 pm, Gauahar requests Eijaz to take back the dishwashing duty as Shehzad is naive in it, and wouldn’t be comfortable. After some discussion and brainstorming, Eijaz agrees to Gauahar. But a seemingly angry Eijaz warms housemates to clean their dishes on their own, and if they don’t oblige, he will break the utensils. 

At 3.30, Hina, Sidharth, and Gauahar discuss their strategies to help contestants understand the game, figure out their strategies, take a stand, and play accordingly. Sidharth asks Gauahar to not intervene in the housemate’s problems related to their duties, and let solve issues independently. 

At 4.30 pm, Bigg Boss informs contestants about their first nomination of the season. He also adds that all of them are nominated, but everyone will get a fair chance to get immunity. They will be given various tasks throughout the week, which will help them to get their TBC (To be confirmed) tag converted to ‘confirmed.’ Pavitra is called in the confession room.  The task is called ‘Jewel Theif.’ Hina and Gauhar will play queens who finding are their suitable groom, and the fresher boys will try to impress them. Sidharth will play the leader of the thief gang aka Sardar comprising of the fresher girls aka chornis. In the end, whichever fresher (either boy or girl) has the most amount of jewelry, will win the task, and become the first immune contestant. 

At 4.45 pm, Sidharth and Jasmin are seen strategizing for the task. At 5.15 pm, Hina and Jasmin get into an adorable flirty banter, leaving the female contestants smiling. Later, Sidharth explains the task and strategy to the girl and teaches them tricks to successfully compete (steal the jewelry) with the boys. On the other hand, Hina gives tips to the boys. She tells them not only to go against the girls but against each other as well. 

At 5.30, the buzzer rings, and the task begins. Sidharth informs the girls to go get into action, and steal the jewelry. However, Bigg Boss intervenes and stops them, as the Queens (Hina and Gauahar) had not taken their positions yet. Sidharth argues with the queens the kick-star the task ASAP and asks them to stop wasting time reading the rules again and again unnecessarily. As soon as, the queens enter their chambers, the chronis prep up to attack and rob the jewelry. Seeing this, Gauahar gets infuriated and asks team Sidharth to play the game fairly, not attack, but steal wisely and not use force. While Gauahar and Sidharth point out their opinion differences, Hina enjoys their spat.

Both Gauahar and Sidharth raise their voices, as they play the blame game. Gauahar blames Sidharth for ‘finishing the game’ before letting it begin peacefully and walks off from the garden area. Amidst this, Hina and Sidharth again get into a fun-loving banter, as Gauahar continues to be upset. 

At 6.15 pm, Gauahar and Sidharth again talk about the task’s format, but the actress points out that her POV about the entire BB game is different from him. AT 6.30 pm, Hina plans with Abhinav about winning the task. Later, Gauahar asks Sidharth to again read the rule book for the task to fathom the game, and understand where he went wrong. Both accuse each other of living in the past, that is their seasons. 

Eijaz jumps in and gets into a heated war of words with Sidharth. ‘Aapne apna kaam kiya, maine apna kaam kiya,’ Sidharth told Eijaz. He snaps back and said, ‘Aapne jo kaam kiya, hume toh apna kaam karne hi nahi diya na. Task ka basic premise yeh hai ki aap chori karenge, beech mein hum jaake impress karenge.’ Eijaz accuses Sidharth of botching up the task.

At 7.30 pm, Eijaz asks the boys to team up, and save one fresher from them. Similarly, the girls’ team also decides to join hands, and let one girl win the task. While the boys want to group up, Rahul backs out and wants to give his share of jewelry to Pavitra (from the other team). But, Rahul plans to not give anyone as he thinks that the ‘task was completely unfair.

Eijaz and Abhinav try to manipulate Jasmin to give them the jewelry that she has, in return for an assurance. However, Sidharth advises Jasmin to not fall into the trap. Nishant shares with Abhinav that for the first time in three days, he felt that Rahul showed his true colour, and took off the ‘fake mask.’ Hina and Sidharth tell the girls and boys to help each other and come to a conclusion. Gauahar takes away the jewelry from Rahul and hands it over to Abhinav. 

At 9 pm, Bigg Boss announces that the task has come to an end, and asks the contestants to gather in the living room, except the rejected contender Rubina. He asks the contestants to put the jewelry that they have on the table, and announce how many pieces of ornaments they have. While Rubina has five pieces of jewels, Abinav has the maximum jewels are. He becomes ‘immune’ to the nomination. 

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