Bigg Boss 14, October 14, Day 11 written update: Nishant, Eijaz Khan, Rahul Vaidya and Pavitra earn immunity

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From contestants putting their best foot forward during the second day of the immunity to Jasmin Bhasin and Shehzad Deol locking horns with sanchalak Nikki Tamboli; here’s all that happened in Bigg Boss 14’s Day 11 (October 14, 2020) episode. Read on to know the scoops of BB 14.

The episode begins with the contestants waking up to the song ‘DJ Wale Babu’ at 8 in the morning. Nikki, Jaan, Rahul, and Nishant poke fun at Rubina for using the word ‘babu’ so sweetly. Later, Eijaz talks to Hina about how contestants try to pick on him. She asks him about her equation with Pavitra, and if their differences are solved. However, Eijaz clarifies that he is ‘hurt’ by Pavitra’s nomination against him, and does not understand her logic. 

On the other hand, Rahul is seen getting flirtatious with Nikki, and also pull Jaan’s leg over Nikki ‘bro-zoning’ him. It is 10.30 am, Pavitra and Eijaz talk about their strategies to win the immunity task. Next, Rahul is seen mimicking the contestants in front of Eijaz, leaving him in splits with his antic entertainment. Eijaz later advises Rahul to impress the seniors with his entertainment skills. Later, in the bedroom area Sidharth, Jasmin, Jaan, and others talk about the way the task took place yesterday. 

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Both the teams later are seen planning, plotting, and strategizing to try to win the immunity task. At 3.30 pm, Bigg Boss announces the second day of the immunity task ‘farmland’ and lauds their efforts for the previous day, but demands not to get into a fight The inmates then prep up to fight against each other in the task. Within a few minutes, Eijaz and Shehzad get into loggerheads as they try to destroy each other’s farm. 

While most of the inmates try to destroy the competitors’ farms, Rahul impresses Gauahar with his singing skills. Later, both the teams get violent, and ruin everything. Amidst this, Nikki and Shehzad get into an ugly verbal spat and use cuss words. Shehzad and Nishant also lose their cools, as they lock horns, get into an abusive and physical fight.

At 4 pm, Bigg Boss intervenes and stops the task as all the contestants got violent. Nikki and Jasmin get into a spat, as the former uses foul language for the actress. Jasmin gets upset and sheds tears as Nikki abuses her on national TV. She also complains to Bigg Boss that the sanchalak is using bad words for inmates. Jaan, Shehzad, and others accuse Nikki of being biased and partial towards the other team. Rubina gets enraged as Shehzad uses the wrong word against the LGBTQ community, and the Punjabi munda apologizes for using the term in anger. 

Eijaz and Abhinav talk about senior Gauahar’s sensibility, while Eijaz calls Gauahar ‘hot.’ Hina suggests Jasmin, to be strong and not show her weakness in the house to others, while Gauahar asks Shehzad to control his anger. At 5 pm, the task begins again, and Bigg Boss orders Hina to finally open her flower shop. Later, Rahul goes the Sawariya way to impress Hina, as she sings and dances while wearing a towel. Eijaz also joins Rahul and the two handsome hunks do a fun-loving close dance, leaving Hina impressed. 

Later, Hina asks both the teams to decorate their farmlands with flowers. Nishant and Rahul go all out as they crazily groove to convince Hina for giving them more flowers. Not once, but twice Rahul leaves Gauahar wowed with his romantic shayaris. Next, Hina is left is splits as Nishant and Rahul do the Naagin dance. 

The contestants again lose their control, and destroy the farms, completing ruining everything. Rubina also throws garbage on the opponent team’s farmland. After the farms are totally devastated, the buzzer rings and the task ends. At 7 pm, Bigg Boss asks Nikki to announce the winner of the task. She announces ‘Team B’ (Nishant, Eijaz, Rahul, and Pavitra) as the winner as their farm is prettier than the other. However, the opposite team opposes the decision. But, Bigg Boss declares that Nikki’s decision is the last. 

As such, Nishant, Eijaz, Rahul, and Pavitra earn the immunity, and the other team members – Abhinav, Shehzad, Abhinav, Jaan, and Jasmin get nominated for the week. Later, Pavitra discusses about Eijaz’s rude behaviour with her during the task. On the other hand, the seniors talk about the nominated contestants. Sidharth Shukla says that Jaan Sanu and Shehzad Deol will be stressed due to their nominations.

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