Bigg Boss 14, October 11, Day 8 written update: Sidharth, Gauahar ‘upset’ with inmates; No eviction happens

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From Salman Khan schooling the contestants to no contestant being evicted, here’s all that happened in Bigg Boss 14’s Weekend Ka Vaar, Day 8 (October 11, 2020) episode. Read on to know the scoops of BB 14.

The Weekend Ka Vaar episode begins with Salman Khan entering the stage grooving to the peppy song ‘440 Volt’ as he greets everyone. As Nikki Tamboli has been chosen as the ‘confirmed’ contestant, and Eijaz and Nikki get into a verbal war over Sara. Pavitra and Hina talk about their senior’s decision. Sara is seen shedding tears, as Jasmin tries to console her. 

Eijaz and Sidharth get into an argument over Nikki, as the Bigg Boss 13 winner for showing her real personality. Gauahar also seconds Sidharth’s opinion and lauds Nikki for giving her cent percent during the task. Eijaz highlights that Nikki is not the right choice to hold power and be a senior. Salman then states that the ‘weakest fresher’ will be shown the outside door. Later, he welcomes the first guests of the season 11 from the Mumbai Indians team through a video call – Krunal Panday, Hardik Pandya, and Ishaan Kishan. 

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The trio and host have a conversation about resuming work after a long sabbatical due to COVID-19. Salman congratulates Hardik for welcoming a baby. Salman then plays the BBQ quiz with the cricketer trio and leaves everyone in splits. Hardik, Krunal, and Ishaan then meet the BB 14 contestants. Salman then introduces some contenders to the cricketer trio savagely and sarcastically. 

The host then informs the contestants about a quiz game led by the cricketer trio. Salman then pulls Rubina’s leg as she does not understand the tricky question by the cricketer trio. After asking Pavitra the last question, and the cricketer trio bid adieu to the housemates. Salman Khan lauds the housemates for entertaining the viewers since day 1. 

Salman then plays a game with Hina, Gauahar, and Sidharth, wherein he mouths statements by the freshers that they have said about the seniors, and the trio has to guess it. Simply the quiz is ‘Guess which fresher said this statement about the senior.’ 

Later, Salman introduces another game wherein the seniors have to guess which statement suits which fresher, and Abinav is sent to bring a ‘report card’ from the storeroom. Hina, Sidharth, and Gauahar tag Pavitra as the ‘perfect’ contestant for Bigg Boss.’ On the other hand, Sidharth and Hina call Rubina as a ‘disappointment,’ and Gauahar gives this tag to Abhinav. 

Salman then gives a task to the confirmed fresher, Nikki, and they play the ‘Galatfehim ke gubare’ task. Later, the task is passed on the freshers, where they can target only two others. The game ends with Rubina and Pavitra’s debate. Next, Salman informs the contestants that two more special guests are waiting for them in the activity area. He then meets Choti Sarrdaarni’s lead pair, Meher (Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia) and Sarabjit (Avinesh Rekhi). The inmates then meet the reel-life duo. Meher and Sarab then give a fun-loving task to the seniors and freshers, to strengthen their bond. 

As per the task, one senior has to treat two freshers as products and sell them stating their features. Sidharth brings forward the ‘good qualities of Sara and Jasmin, the duo chose Jasmin as the winner, and Sara has to go through the punishment. Next up is Gauahar with Nishant and Jaan, and the Guddan actor wins the task. Last but not least is Hina with her products Eijaz and Rahul, and Rahul wins the round. Meher compliments Rubinas as she takes the leave with Sarab. 

Later, Salman informs the viewers that Bigg Boss gave the contestants a task, where they have to judge each other, on the basis of their personalities. They have to stand in barricades of – Good, Average, Below Average, Poor, and Excellent. While the housemates complete the given task, but the seniors are utterly disappointed with their performance. Hina, Gauahar, and Sidharth lash out at the freshers for not taking a stand for themselves. 

Following this, Salman comes in and points out their faults. He taunts the freshers for doing the task for namesake, and not fighting for their rights. Salman schools Nishant and Jaan for taking the ‘poor’ tag without battling for it. Then, Salman loses his cool and asks the ten (10), unconfirmed contestants, to pack their bags and leave the house, as he walks off the stage. 

Hina, Gauahar, and Sidharth taunt the contestants for putting up a goodie mask, and not being active in the game. At last, Salman informs the viewers that the has planted his ‘big bomb’ on the contestants, and is now waiting for them to learn on the same. 

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