Bigg Boss 14, October 10, Day 7 written update: Nikki Tamboli become first confirmed contestant of the house

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After a high on drama week inside the BB house, Bigg Boss 14 witnessed its first Weekend Ka Vaar episode of the season with host Salman Khan and host has some suggestions for the contestants.

Today’s episode of Bigg Boss 14 was quite special. After all, it was the first Weekend Ka Vaar of the season with host Salman Khan. The episode begins with Salman Khan enjoying the newly inaugurated BB theatre and takes a look the first week journey of the show especially the immunity task. The housemates are irked as Rubina Dilaik has been splashed water on Abhinav Shukla to ease his pain during the immunity task. Eventually, Abhinav gets disqualified from the ongoing round of the task.

Sara takes Abhinav’s place along with Pavitra and Nishant and Nikki starts torturing them to get down from the bulldozer in the task. Soon other contestants join them while the seniors Hina, Gauahar and Sidharth watch over the task. Rubina loses calm to watch Abhinav’s pain. Meanwhile, Nikki continues to torture Sara and the latter gives her place to Shehzaad. On the other hand, Eijaz tries to scare Pavitra of shaving her head. The task continues as Rahul and Nikki torture Shehzaad and Pavitra to make them leave the bulldozer and soon he gets down.

Eventually, Nikki manages to be on the bulldozer with Pavitra and Sara gets her chance to torture her. The Punjabi singer destroys Nikki’s makeup kit while Eijaaz continues to torture Pavitra. At the end of the task, Pavitra and Nikki wins the task and win the immunity. Salman Khan lauds their performance. While Rubina and Abhinav are discussing the task, the former calls Eijaz a person with double personality for trimming Nikki’s hair and then cheering for her. Rubina seems quite upset with seniors for being partial towards Nikki and not helping Abhinav when needed.

Salman takes over the stage for the first Weekend Ka Vaar of the season and drops hints about meeting the 14 contestants of the show. He congratulates Nikki and Pavitra for winning the immunity task and warns contestants about elimination. Salman takes a witty jibe about Jasmin’s washing clothes episode and teases her for the same. Then Pavitra gets on Salman’s radar for talking about Eijaz and his rumoured aggression.

Salman talks about inhouse audience and names Nishant, Abhinav and Sara for the same and takes a dig at them for not being much active in the house. He then moves to Jaan for being absent in the house. Salman appreciates Nikki for being active in every aspect of the show. The superstar host announces the opening of BB shopping mall and Nikki Tamboli alone gets a chance to take things from the mall who takes full advantage of the opportunity.

Salman takes his next jibe on Rubina and Abhinav for talking about non-clarity in rules of BB task. He also tells that while Rubina has the potential to compete with Nikki, he feels Abhinav affects her battle. Sidharth puts forward his point about how Rubina had missed an opportunity to outshine while she was still out of the BB house. Salman moves further and asks contestants to be a little clearer about their bonds. The seniors also expressed their disappointment about the contestants’ laid-back attitude and performing mechanically.

The Dabangg star shows a glimpse of Eijaz’s life secret wherein he was seen talking about his life with Sidharth. He recalls about his live-in relationship which went sour and landed him in serious trouble. He admitted that the incident changed him totally. However, Sidharth advises him to put forward his point and stay strong. Salman talks about the same with Eijaz and asks him to always put forward his point but in the right way.

Jasmin and Eijaz get into an argument after the latter spoke about what bothered him about her. Salman also asks Jasmin not to be over-emotional in the house and Sidharth seconds the superstar and feels that she is being pulled back. However, the Dil Se Dil Tak actress justifies herself. Later, it was time for the caller of the week and a fan quizzes Nishant about being absent from the scene. However, the handsome hunk assures he will bring out his personality.

Seniors were asked to decide unanimously about which contestant among Nikki and Pavitra will get confirmed. After a lot of discussions, it was Nikki Tamboli who became the first confirmed contestant of Bigg Boss 14 and she got all the powers enjoyed by the seniors. Hina, Sidharth and Gauahar were all praises for standing out in the first week. The show ends with Nikki’s excitement and with Salman dropping hints about the elimination in the next episode.

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