Bigg Boss 14: November 8 Written Update: Salman takes Nikki, Pavitra & Jaan’s class; Naina gets ‘eliminated’

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Bigg Boss 14 housemates will have, particularly, Nikki Tamboli, Pavitra Punia, and Jaan Kumar Sanu will be schooled by host Salman Khan in tonight’s Weekend Ka Vaar special. Read on to know all that happened in the BB 14 house on November 8 (2020).

In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan is going to give housemates a reality check and bash them for their ‘unacceptable’ doings during the week. Nikki Tamboli, Pavitra Punia, and Jaan Kumar Sanu will be at the receiving end of Salman’s anger. While Kavita Kaushik re-entered the house yesterday, one red zone contestant will have to walk out tonight. It would be interesting to see who will get eliminated, Shardul Pandit, Rahul Pandit or Naina Singh, after a one week stay. 

November 8, 2020 (Written Update) 

10: 30 PM: Jasmin interrupts Jaan and Eijaz’s talk, as she tells Eijaz to complete her duty tomorrow. However, Eijaz and Jasmin get into an argument, as the former says that he does not feel she is ‘genuine.’ In the night, Shardul and Pavitra get into a conversation as they decide strategies for their game. Salman bids goodbye to the viewers. 

10: 15 PM: Salman then grills Jaan for abusing Eijaz, and says that this is affecting his mom. The host says that a sweet boy has become totally badtameez. Salman says that Jaan is digging his own grave by hurling a barrage of abuses, and he is pointing fingers at his upbringing. The actor says that it is ‘shocking’ to hear such words from Jaan’s mouth. Salman then talks about the ‘imteehaan hi gadhi,’ which is eliminations. Jasmin says that her instincts say Shardul will be out. Salman reveals that Naina has been evicted due to low votes, and Shardul has got a ‘second golden chance.’ Rahul and Shardul sent back to the green zone. Everyone bids adieu to Naina, as she gets emotional. Later, Jaan and Eijaz talk about their fight. 

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10: 00 PM: Salman comes back with a  never-before-seen game in the ‘history of Bigg Boss,’ called the ‘bharosa task.’ The housemates have to reveal who they would not trust ever between – Abhinav and Pavitra. Rubina, Jasmin, Nikki, Kavita, Eijaz, Naina, Rahul, and Aly say that they cannot ‘trust’ Pavitra. Only Jaan and Shardul go against Abhinav saying they cannot trust him. Next, the caller of the week asks Jaan that why he sidelines his friends when they need him. Jaan clarifies that he has trust issues, but he is trying to change and be a good friend. The caller shares that he is not able to understand where Jaan’s loyalties lie and talks about his ‘ugly fight’ with Eijaz. Jaan clears his stance. 

9: 45 PM: The talk continues, as Salman asks Rubina to share her point of view regarding Pavitra and Eijaz’s ugly spat. Rubina says that people should respect each other, and Salman agrees with her 100%. Later, Nikki comes on Salman’s radar, as he bashes her for putting the mask in her pants during the immunity task. He lauds Rahul for keeping his cool. Salman asks Nikki if her decision was impulsive or planned. She says that she did it suddenly out of fear. Nikki agrees that she was wrong. Salman asks Rubina why she did not tell Nikki that she went totally wrong in her tactic, and she clarifies. Salman reveals that if Rahul would have done what Nikki did, everyone would have gone against him. The host says that the housemates are not taking ‘moral responsibility,’ but Abhinav says that backfires eventually. Salman says that they did not take action because it was Rahul, but if it would be Abhinav, they would have created havoc. Lastly, Salman advises Nikki for not stooping low and praises Rahul for playing the game with decency. He also reveals that Rahul has been saved from the nominations. Nikki apologises to Rahul and hugs it out. 

9: 30 PM: Salman also bashes housemates for not stopping Pavitra. He particularly picks Abhinav for being so mature, and not taking a stand. He then slams him for backing Jasmin during her spat with Rahul, but not getting involved in Pavitra and Eijaz’s fight. Salman tells Abhinav that he turned a blind eye during Pavitra and Eijaz’s brawl. Salman asks Nikki why she did not explain to Pavitra that she is going wrong. The host asks Jaan, Nikki, and Pavitra if they had planned to trouble Eijaz during his captaincy. Jasmin also clears out why she did not get into Eijaz and Pavitra’s spat. Salman says that he is ‘shocked’ that Eijaz did not create a ruckus about it. Eijaz opens his heart out to Salman. Rahul puts his point of view saying that he does not understand Eijaz and Pavitra’s ‘changing’ chemistry. Salman lightens up the mood a little, by joking around. 

9: 15 PM: Salman tells viewers that housemates point out flaws in others. He then shows how Pavitra did the same thing she once stood against, as he played clips from Kavita and Eijaz’s fight. Later, he talks to Pavitra about her liking towards Kavita. He then confronts Pavitra for doing the mistakes Kavita did. Pavitra tries to defend herself, but Salman does not buy her excuses. Salman says that the problem is she disagreed with Kavita’s behaviour against Eijaz, but she also did the same thing. As Salman asks Pavitra to throw light on her behavior, she stays mum. Pavitra then realizes her mistake and apologizes for the same. However, Salman tells her she is now apologizing only because he is now bashing her. Eijaz then clears why he gave the immunity to Jasmin. Pavitra apologises for abusing and getting aggressive, but not for her emotions. Salman also slams Pavitra for physical violence, and he asks her not to keep ‘expectations’ from others. 

9: 00 PM: Salman Khan enters the stage, and talks about Kavita’s re-entry into the house. He then meets housemates and requests Kavita to stay longer in the house. He informs that she has re-entered on public demand. Salman later tells contestants that today he will ‘tackle all the important topics aka muddas.’ He asks inmates to be ‘real’ not wear a ‘fake’ mask. He then gives the contestants to expose their co-inmate who they think have ‘multiple faces.’ Rahul begins the game and targets Eijaz exposing his ‘fake face.’ He then calls out Nikki for having a ‘dual personality.’ Naina also points out at Eijaz, and Shardul calls Jaan ‘mastermind.’ Eijaz calls Jasmin ‘unfair,’ he also targets Pavitra ‘over act’ and lastly slams Abhinav for ‘fake brotherhood.’ Jaan says Rubina has ‘fake aggression’ during tasks, Kavita targets Rahul. Nikki calls Eijaz ‘liar and dhokebaaz.’ Jasmin says Pavitra plays safe and sweet, but she is using everyone. Abhinav targets Eijaz and Jaan. Rubina also calls out Jaan for ‘fake innocence,’ and Pavitra for ‘false aggression.’ Pavitra gives it back to Rubina tagging her a ‘vamp,’ she also targets Eijaz and Naina. Eijaz, Jaan and Pavitra receive the most tags against them. 

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