Bigg Boss 14: November 5 Written Update: Jasmin becomes the captain; Rubina Dilaik gets saved from nominations

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With unpredictable moves by the contestants, situations in the Bigg Boss 14 house are changing every minute, and the show is finally picking pace. The Salman Khan hosted show is offering a complete package of drama, action, and romance to the viewers.

The initial episodes of Bigg Boss 14 were termed ‘boring’ by many viewers. However, as time is passing by, things in the BB 14 house are getting spicer and better. A lot has happened and ‘changed’ in the past few days in the Salman Khan hosted show. Some bonds were formed, while some brewing relationships suddenly turned sour. Kavita Kaushik and Nishant Singh Malkhani got evicted in ‘double eviction,’ while Aly Goni entered the BB 14 house as the new wild card. Well, it looks like it’s only the beginning as situations are changing every minute in Bigg Boss season 14. 

November 5, 2020 (Written Update):

11: 45 PM: Abhinav and Rubina celebrate Karwa Chauth with all rituals, as the former breaks her fast after the puja. RubiNav’s loving bond leaves Nikki, Jasmin, and Eijaz awestruck. Nikki and Eijaz talk about Jasmin’s carelessness about leaving the red zone keys here and there. Eijaz vents out his anger against Jasmin in front of Shardul. He gets emotional about the words used against him by Jasmin.

11: 30 PM: Pavitra applies force, but Jasmin asks the trio to not get aggressive. Shardul, Rubina, and Naina reveal why they feel they’re worthy to be saved. However, Eijaz feels Shardul is not as desperate as Pavitra for the show, and the housemates hit back at him. Eijaz later talks to Aly about how the trio is not entertaining. Aly advises them to show some action in the game, and others motivate the trio. Later, Naina informs Nikki that if she is hurting, she can leave the task. Bigg Boss interrupts and taunts the trio to not lock their elbows on the triangle, but merely hold it. The trio then goes all out, and Nikki is the first one to leave the triangle. Later, after a lot of fighting, Pavitra is out of the game. Abhinav holds the triangle frame till the last and wins the task for Rubina. Bigg Boss announces that Rubina is saved from the nominations for the week, and allows her to be back in the green zone. Abhinav lauds Pavitra for her strength, Eijaz is also impressed. 

11: 15 PM: As per the task, the three green zone contestants have to hold on to a ‘triangle frame’. The one who holds it until the last moment will win. Pavitra, Nikki, and Abhinav hold the frame and the task begins. Jasmin becomes the sanchalak of the task. The trio reveals why they are helping the particular red zone contestant. Amidst this, Rubina receives some important items to celebrate Karwa Chauth and do the puja. Eijaz talks to Aly about how Jasmin is not allowing them to play the task properly as she fears things turning violent. On the other hand, Rubina dresses up in traditional for the Karwa Chauth celebration. Pavitra and Nikki then drag Abhinav to the washroom, as Pavitra gets a ‘nature’s call.’ However, Abhinav puts all efforts to stop them as he is uncomfortable.

11:00 PM:  Pavitra talks to Aly about Shardul’s stance in the captaincy task through the telecom. She expresses her disappointment with Shardul. Jasmin interferes in the conversation, and they get into an argument. Jasmin disagrees with Pavitra’s point of view, and the latter gets annoyed. Jasmin does not like Pavitra talking to Aly, and they get into a spat. Pavitra asks Jasmin to get possessive about Aly, and she walks off. Next, Pavitra tries to clear out her differences and misunderstandings with Shardul. Jasmin asks Aly to not believe everything Pavitra says because she does things purposely. However, Aly asks Jasmin to not interfere as he is smart enough. Later, Bigg Boss announces a task for three red-zone contestants, one of which gets saved post winning the task. Jasmin debars Rahul from participating in the task. However, Rubina, Shardul, and Naina will have representatives to play the task on their behalf. Jasmin apologizes to Rahul for her decision and clears her stance. Rubina chooses Abhinav, Shardul convinces and Naina requests Nikki for being their representatives in the task, as it is their only opportunity to get saved. Rahul regrets helping Jasmin over Pavitra as she is not being fair; Aly explains to Jasmin that she is not wrong. Rahul and Jasmin talk about the decision again. Jasmin says ‘sorry’ to Rahul again as he reveals that he is ‘deeply hurt.’

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10: 45 PM: In the late night, Pavitra talks to Shardul about his decision to play ‘fair’ during the captaincy task for Eijaz, despite knowing about their recent fallout. The two get into a spat due to difference of opinions. The next morning, Jasmin and Aly get into a conversation. Jaan and Nikki talk about Eijaz’s behaviour. Next, captain Jasmin divides duties between the housemates. While Jasmin asks Jaan to clean the living room, but he refuses, and they get into an argument. Aly and Jasmin talk about how Eijaz has become alone. Jasmin calls Nikki and Jaan, Eijaz’s ‘chamchas.’ Jasmin also expresses her disappointment with Jaan in front of Aly, and how he is refusing duties. She calls Jaan ‘gone case.’ Later, Jaan talks about Aly’s comment on his ‘personality’ as he gets chatty with Rahul. Rahul tells Jaan ‘you try very hard to make friends, don’t do that.’ Later, Abhinav asks Rubina if she is fasting for Karwa Chauth, and they get into a cute conversation. 

10: 30 PM: The episode begins with Aly advising Jasmin about the captaincy task. Jasmin and Abhinav try to convince Pavitra to give up the captaincy, but Pavitra is adamant to be the captain to teach Eijaz a lesson. The red zone members argue about who will go as the sanchalak (moderator) in the last round. Abhinav, Jasmin, and Pavitra discuss the past happenings in the task. The buzzer rings and the last round begins with Jasmin and Pavitra fighting for the captaincy. Naina becomes the sanchalak. Jasmin plays smart, and pushes Pavitra out of the orbit, winning the task. Bigg Boss announces Jasmin as the ‘new captain.’ Later, Pavitra talks to Aly about the red zone. Rubina and Abhinav debate about how Jasmin played a game and betrayed him in the task. Rubina questions Jasmin about getting Abhinav out of the task. Rubina doubts Jasmin’s loyalty. The trio discusses the misunderstandings that happened in the task. Captain Jasmin requests Rubina to not swap with Pavitra, as she has given her assurance. Later, Abhinav gives suggestions to Jasmin about taking full advantage of her captaincy. In the night, Jasmin, Jaan, and Nikki talk to Aly talk about their stints in the game, and how the viewers are perceiving them. 

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