Bigg Boss 14: November 30 Written Update: Eijaz Khan wins immunity stone & becomes FIRST finalist of the show

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After almost two months of arguments, fights, and high-octane drama, the atmosphere of the Bigg Boss 14 house will get all emotional today. Contestants will reveal some shocking secrets about their lives during a task. Here’s all that is happened on BB14 on November 30 (2020).

A wave of emotions will take over the Bigg Boss 14 house tonight as housemates will open up about the ‘darkest secrets’ of their lives. From Rubina Dilaik to Eijaz Khan to Jasmin Bhasin, every contestant will gather strength and courage to reveal something that they had kept hidden from the public eye for the longest time. They will share some soul-stirring moments that will not only leave them in tears but will also get others emotional. The BB 14 contenders will ‘spill their secrets’ for the immunity stone at this crucial stage of the game. So, without further ado, let’s look at what happened on Bigg Boss 14 tonight, i.e. November 30 (2020). 

10: 30 PM: The episode begins with Jasmin talking to Aly about her spat with Rubina. She reveals that she is hurt by Rubina’s ‘fake friendship.’ Abhinav and Rubina get into a small argument over the former cooking parathas for the housemates. Kavita discusses with Nikki how the panelists proved Aly wrong. Jasmin and Abhinav talk about Kavita’s behavior towards Aly. Jasmin, Eijaz, and Nikki debate about the captaincy task. Abhinav and Rubina mock Nikki for discussing ‘leadership qualities.’ Late in the night, Abhinav and Jasmin try to scare Nikki. The next morning, housemates wake up to the peppy song ‘Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai.’ The contestants get a reminder of the ‘race to finale’ in a week, with only four contenders reaching the stage. Nikki complains to Rubina about Abhinav’s ‘masti’ and as she calls him ‘ashleel.’ Rubina scolds Abhinav about the same.

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10: 45 PM: Bigg Boss reminds the contestants that this is the ‘finale week’ of BB 14, and only four inmates will reach the final destination through tasks, and audience voting. BB then gives the housemates an immunity task, wherein they get a chance to snatch away Rubina’s immunity stone. But, for that, they will have to reveal some ‘deep, dark, and unimaginable’ secrets of their life that are not out in the public domain. The housemate who wins the task will enter the finale directly. Since Rubina holds the immunity stone, she begins the task. Housemates have to reveal a secret, that is not only shocking but also something that not many are aware. The housemates will decide whose secret is more shocking and deserves the immunity stone. There will be only five rounds of the task. Rubina takes the stages and reveals that she and Abhinav participated in BB 14 as they were on the brink of divorce. Rubina breaks down into tears as she reveals the rift in her and Abhinav’s relationship. Bigg Boss lauds Rubina for bringing out such a big truth of her life in front of everyone, and the actress continues to shed tears. Bigg Boss also showers love on Rubina and Abhinav for a bright future ahead. 

11: 00 PM: Abhinav gives Rubina a warm hug as she gets back after the revelation, she thanks him for giving her a ‘second chance.’ The two get into an emotional conversation. Kavita and Jasmin talk about RubiNav going on a trip together just before entering BB 14. They also question why RubiNav stepped into a controversial show like BB 14 to give their relationship a second chance. Rubina and Abhinav are tensed about their parents’ reaction on the same, and they get emotional. Aly advises Jasmin to reveal her secret only if she is ready for it. Kavita and Rahul don’t seem to be convinced with Rubina and Abhinav’s divorce secret. Aly and Jasmin talk to RubiNav and try to console them. On the other hand, Nikki cries her heart out, as she decides to take the task. Rubina and Abhinav continue talking about their separation, and the latter reveals that he feels ‘bad.’ But, Rubina tries to make him understand that they will grow stronger together. The buzzer rings and Eijaz goes to the theater area to reveal his ‘big secret.’ Eijaz reveals that during his childhood he was molested, and thus he has a problem with ‘touch.’ He shares that he had forgotten the incident, but it was triggered again when he started therapy for his anger issues. Eijaz can’t control his tears as he apologizes for not telling his father before. Bigg Boss lauds Eijaz for gathering the courage to speak about it.  

11: 15 PM: Rubina and Eijaz read on their secrets in front of the housemates, and Bigg Boss asks them to chose whose secret was bigger. Eijaz breaks down in uncontrollable tears, and Kavita gives him a warm hug and consoles him. Rahul, Nikki, Kavita, Aly, and Jasmin share that Eijaz’s secret ‘affected’ them the most. Abhinav and Rubina also tell that Eijaz deserves it. So, the housemates give the immunity stone to Eijaz. Kavita shares some sweet words with Eijaz. On the other hand, Rahul sheds tears thinking about how parents will react to their secrets. Rubina calls Eijaz ‘brave’ and Kavita wishes that Eijaz should heal soon. Next, Abhinav reveals that his first film was a major flop, and he went into depression for two years and was completely bankrupt. Bigg Boss lauds Abhinav’s strength, and he sheds tears. Jasmin takes the initiative to apologizes to Eijaz and Rahul for misbehaving with them anytime. Abhinav reads out his secret to the housemates. Kavita shares her story of depression but chooses to stick with Eijaz. Jasmin, Aly, Nikki, and Rahul also back Eijaz. Later, Jasmin shares her ‘deep secret’ which she feels is the biggest mistake of her life. She reveals that she was continually rejected during auditions, and that broke her completely. Jasmin reveals that she tried to end her life after multiple rejections. But, she later realized that losing faith in life and oneself is not the way out. Tears keep rolling out of Jasmin’s eyes, as Bigg Boss praises her for speaking out about this. Jasmin cries inconsolably as she reads out her secret. Aly, Rahul, Kavita wishes to keep the stone with Eijaz. However, Nikki relates to Jasmin’s secret and wants to give it to her, but the majority sticks with Jasmin. 

11: 30 PM: Aly and Jasmin console an emotional Jasmin. Next, Nikki goes on to tell her secret. She reveals that she was kidnapped when she was 19-year-old, by a fake CBI team for money. Nikki reads out her secret to the housemates. Aly, Jasmin support Eijaz once again as they are affected by his mental trauma. However, Kavita shifts her vote to Nikki, but Nikki also backs Eijaz. The majority supports Eijaz, and he wins the immunity stone. Rubina talks to Eijaz and tries to console him, Aly also asks Eijaz to not think about it anymore. Eijaz seems hurt by Kavita pointing fingers at him, but Jasmin comes to his rescue. Later Kavita shares her secret, as it is an important one. She reveals that when she was 11, her 50-year-old math tutor tried to molest her at her own house. When she told her mother about the same, she did not believe her thinking she was making excuses to not study math. She also reveals that after the incident she hated older people for a long time until she healed completely. 

11: 45 PM: Nikki apologizes to Eijaz for her bad behavior towards her. Eijaz tells Aly that he is done with Kavita and does not want to talk to her anymore. Nikki and Jasmin feel that Kavita should be given the immunity stone as her secret is more shocking than Eijaz. Aly, Abhinav, Rubina, Rahul, and Jasmin back Eijaz for revealing his ‘darkest secret,’ and say that he was deeply affected after her mom’s demise. The majority supports Eijaz, and he wins the immunity stone. Eijaz becomes the first finalist of Bigg Boss 14, amid the tense and emotional atmosphere of the house. The remaining contestants get nominated, i.e. Rubina, Abhiva, Jasmin, Aly, Kavita, Rahul, and Nikki. 

12: 00 PM: Jasmin talks to Abhinav about their messed up relationship because of Rubina. Eijaz talks to Rahul about his parents’ separation. Aly and Abhinav try to convince Jasmin to sort out her differences with Rubina. Eijaz apologizes to Rubina for taking away her immunity stone.  

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