Bigg Boss 14 Live Updates: October 22 Episode Latest News and Update: Nishant becomes 1st captain; Nikki cries

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From Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia digging old graves while moderating a task to bonds being put at risk for becoming the first captain of Bigg Boss 14; here’s all that happened in Bigg Boss 14’s Day 19 (October 22, 2020) episode. Read on to know the scoops of BB 14.

Bigg Boss 14 took an unexpected ‘U-turn’ yesterday as the seniors Hina Khan, Sidharth Shukla, and Gauahar Khan exited the house. As Sidharth’s team lost, Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia were also asked to pack their bags and leave. But later, in another shocking twist, Eijaz, and Pavitra returned as ‘red zone’ contestants. Situations certainly changed as Bigg Boss introduced the first captaincy task, leaving contestants going all out against each other. Eijaz and Pavitra are the sanchalaks of the captaincy task. 

10:30 pm: The episode begins with Pavitra and Eijaz continuing their verbal spat. The two dig old graves, as they talk about their past differences. The situation gets heated as they raise their voices, get abusive. While Eijaz claims that Rubina was the last one to come out of the house, Pavitra is adamant that Abhinav was the last one. Eijaz and Pavitra fight, Nishant and Jaan plot to go against Nikki as they feel she does not deserve to take the captain’s seat. Later, Nishant, Abhinav, and Rubina plan to not let Rahul and Nikki win the task in any circumstances. 

10: 45 pm: Nikki tells Pavitra that if she does not come to conclusion with Eijaz, then the task will get radh ‘cancelled’ by Bigg Boss. While Nikki tries to put her point, Eijaz and Pavitra pay no heed. On the other hand, Jaan and Nishant continue to plot against others for their benefits. Later, in the kitchen area, Abhinav and Rubina are seen talking about Eijaz and Pavitra’s unfair sanchalan. Rahul then tells Nishant that he is ‘okay’ to see him as a captain if he is not the one to take the seat. Later, Jasmin approaches to Pavitra to decide with Eijaz, if not, it may so happen that they may have to face the consequences. 

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10:50 pm: Bigg Boss then intervenes to taunts Eijaz and Pavitra for coming to a conclusion and then exclude both Jasmin and Abhinav from the race of captaincy. Jasmin seems unhappy with Bigg Boss’ decision to debar her and Abhinav. Abhinav and Rubina also blame Eijaz for their exclusion from the captaincy task. Eijaz and Pavitra put Jasmin and Abhinav’s dolls in the fire station, and the second round of the task begins. Though Rubina comes out last, she does not have any doll with her, so Rahul becomes Eijaz and Pavitra’s target. While the sanchalaks’ say that Rahul has come out last, he opposes their decision. Nikki also calls out Eijaz and Pavitra for not helping her as Rahul had her doll. 

11:00 pm: Pavitra changes her mind after Rahul’s explanation, and says Rubina, whose doll was still in the dollhouse, should be disqualified. Amidst this, Nikki talks to Jaan and Rahul that she ‘wants’ to become the captain, and if they are not ready to help her, then she is ready to give up in this round only. Eijaz and Pavitra discuss, and they go on to tell Rubina that she has to disqualified, and her doll will have to be put in the fire station. Rubina, Abhinav, and Jasmin oppose Eijaz and Pavitra’s call. Nikki tells Pavitra and Eijaz that even if they save her now, her team is not standing by her, and their efforts will go in vain. The South Indian actress further states that since she has seen their ‘true colours’ but Pavitra explains situations to her. 

11:10 pm: Nikki tells Rubina that she is opting out of the game as her ‘friends are fake.’ Nishant, Jaan, and Rahul lose their cool as Nikki calls them ‘fake.’ Jaan is ‘hurt’ by Nikki’s behaviour, and expresses his anger. Eijaz and Pavitra give the final call and tell Rubina that she is in the game, but Abhinav and Rubina are pissed by their ‘confusions.’ As the third round begins, Jaan says that he does not want to win the captaincy, as he disheartened by Nikki calling them ‘fake friends.’ While Nikki sheds tears, Pavitra consoles her. Jaan loudly opines that he now does not want to clear differences with Nikki anymore. Round 3 begins, Rahul and Rubina are left with each other’s dolls, but refuse to step out of the house. Nishant and Rahul get into a war of words, as the latter feels betrayed. While Jasmin tells Jaan to keep his cool, Nikki continues to shed tears. Amidst all this, Rubina and Rahul stay in the dollhouse, as they don’t want to lose their golden chance. 

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11:20 pm: Rubina and Rahul are still in the dollhouse, other contestants talk about the changing dynamics. Nikki opens her heart out to Pavitra, and how bad she is feeling about Jaan and Nishant’s betrayal. After a long time, Rahul comes out of the dollhouse, and Pavirta embraces him. However, Nikki seems unhappy with Rahul’s decision to give up. In the fourth round Rubina’s doll is out and she is disqualified. The final round is between Jaan and Nishant,  and the former willfully give Nishant the opportunity to become the first captain of the task. Bigg Boss announces Nishant as the first captain of Bigg Boss 14. Later, Nikki goes to Jaan to sort out their differences. 

11.30 pm: The first captain Nishant gets new luxuries from Bigg Boss including a bedroom, VIP bathroom. Along with this, he has to control the house and the red zone. Only Nishant will be able to use the BB Mall and Spa. Later, Jaan is seen missing his father Kumar Sanu and talks about Nikki’s turnaround in front of Nishant. Next, Nikki and Rahul again talk about their bonds and team. Nikki again gets emotional, as Rahul tries to console her, but she keeps on crying. Later, while shedding tears, Nikki goes to meet Pavitra in the red zone. Jaan enters the red zone for Nikki and hugs her as he tries to convince her. Nikki shares that she is ‘hurt’ by Nishant, Jaan, and Rahul, and does not want to listen to them. On the other hand, Nishant is not liking Jaan again getting manipulative by Nikki. 

11: 40 pm: Jasmin and Rubina suggest Nishant to keep a decent equation with Nikki, as if she does not work (perform), it will affect his captaincy. Nikki keeps crying and asks Jaan to leave the red zone, but he does not listen. Later, captain Nishant tries to get both Jaan and Nikki out of the red zone, as it is against the rules. Bigg Boss intervenes ordering Nishant to let Jaan and Nikki out of the red zone. However, Nikki shows her childish side and does not listen to Nishant. On the other hand, Rubina tells Jasmin that Nikki is playing a smart game, and using her emotional card to influence others.

11:45 pm: The episode ends with Nishant and Nikki discussing the task. Nikki says that she was wrong to keep expectations from them, but he defends himself that it was a ‘team decision.’ 

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