Bigg Boss 14: February 3 Written Update: Rakhi shares her story with Rahul; Arshi’s fight with him continues

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Bigg Boss 14’s latest episode witnessed the continuation of the previous task. Meanwhile, read on to know what happens next in the same.

4.30 pm: Rahul, Arshi, and Rakhi discuss the game. Meanwhile, Abhinav tells Rakhi that he wants Aly to win the game. He asks Rakhi to sell her shares to him. The buzzer rings again and the housemates gather outside to look at the screen.

4.45 pm: Devoleena and Rahul discuss the game. Aly asks Devoleena if she is angry with him which she denies. He then says that Arshi said so. Rahul asks if she wants coffee post which she replies in the affirmative. Meanwhile, she goes and talks to Rakhi and says that they will play neither from Abhinav nor Rahul’s team. On the other hand, Rubina and Abhinav dance Bihu with Devoleena.

5.15 pm: Devoleena poses as Abhinav and Rakhi speak her heart out in front of the former.

5.30 pm: The buzzer rings again and the housemates gather around. They watch the screen and discuss the market being down.

6.30 pm: Rahul and Rakhi have a discussion about the latter’s relationships. She initially talks about her first relationship and says that both their moms had a problem with the same. Rakhi alleges how she went to work while her boyfriend went clubbing with friends and cheated on her. She also states how he reached her home suddenly with all the media around them. She also admits to slapping the guy during that time.  

6.45 pm: Arshi asks about cloth and Devoleena says that it is hers. She then throws it away post which Nikki picks it up. This later leads to an argument between Arshi and Devoleena. Abhinav and Aly interrupt in between and this results in fun banter among them. Meanwhile, the buzzer rings, and the housemates watch the screen for the results.

7.15 pm: Rahul and Rakhi’s conversation continues. She tells him that her mom had a heart attack when she was a child. Rakhi continues and says that she asked a friend of hers for money who agreed to help her. She states that she went there the next day when that person locked the car and asked her for favors. Rakhi breaks down in front of Rahul while talking about the same. She says that she hasn’t informed her family about the same.

Rahul tells her that she should have taken action against that person. He prays for her to have a good family and be a perfect mom. She breaks down further and says that nothing of that sort would happen. Rakhi makes the biggest revelation stating that her husband is already married and that he never told her about that prior to their marriage. Rahul tries to console her and asks her about the series of events. She also states that Ritesh has a child and that he has threatened her with a divorce five times. Meanwhile, Arshi asks Abhinav to take advantage of the situation and asks Rakhi to sell him her shares. Rubina says that Rahul’s eyes will be on Rakhi as of now.

On the other hand, Rahul asks Rakhi to normalize and freshen up without breaking down.

7.45 pm: Aly asks Devoleena about her gestures post which she says that everyone does the same inside the house. Rakhi talks to Rubina and Abhinav while stating that she hasn’t broken down like this earlier. Meanwhile, once again the buzzer rings.

8.00 pm: Rahul and Arshi indulge in an indirect war of words.

8.30 pm: Rakhi tells Devoleena and Nikki that she broke down a lot. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss informs them that none of the items will be sold as of now. They are reminded not to act and behave in a real way. On the other hand, Rahul and Rakhi are called to the confession room. Prior to that, he gets into a tiff with Arshi. Bigg Boss asks Rakhi not to mention the series of events to anyone inside the house while Rahul is also warned about the same.

8.45 pm: Rahul and Arshi’s arguments continue.

9.15 pm: Rahul talks about sacrificing Sheru (Arshi’s toy) but Aly advises him not to do so. The latter asks him to hide it instead so that she goes crazy about the same.

9.30 pm: Rakhi talks about Abhinav in front of Aly. She takes a jibe at him for not paying heed to the times when she gave him immunity. She also adds that she has a liking towards Abhinav as a friend. Rakhi then states that she is loyal towards the show while adding that she prays for Rubina and Abhinav to be together always. The latter comes and tries clearing things out. He states that whatever happened between him and Julie offended Rakhi.

She then states that she earlier penned the tattoo just for entertainment. Rakhi adds that she is married and that whatever she did was for the show.

10.30 pm: Devoleena breaks down and talks to Rakhi about her parents’ love. She tells Rakhi how her father moved away when she was just 11 years old. Devoleena states how her mother had an attack but continued to go to the office and looked after their needs. The actress remembers when her younger brother was falsely accused of pushing someone from a cycle. She recalled how her grandmother revolted against that boy’s mom slapping her brother but was treated badly thereafter.

Later on, Rahul hides Sheru nearby the bathroom as Aly looks on.

12.15 am: Arshi tries to find Sheru but fails to find it. She asks Aly about the same while he denies hiding.

12.30 am: Arshi asks Rahul about Sheru but he refuses to tell its whereabouts. She breaks down stating that Rahul threw away the toy.

1.15 am: Rahul and Arshi’s fight continues. She says that she has started hating him. Arshi alleges that he uses people as digits. Meanwhile, Rakhi and Devoleena have a good laugh about washing utensils in the bathroom area. On the other hand, Arshi asks Rahul the reason behind throwing away Sheru post which he says that she broke his heart. 

8.00 am: The housemates wake up and dance to the tunes of a peppy number.

8.30 am: Rubina asks Rahul if he had thrown away Arshi’s Sheru to which he replies in the affirmative. Meanwhile, Rakhi talks to Arshi about the same. Rubina reprimands Rahul about his actions.

8.45 am: Nikki tells Rubina that Rakhi and Devoleena have washed the utensils in the bathroom sink. She goes and confronts them about the same. Rakhi takes a jibe at Rubina over talking about content amid the task. Meanwhile, Devoleena tries clearing things with Rubina. When being asked to re-wash them, Devo states that she won’t do everything alone. Rubina tries clearing things out with Devoleena and Rakhi about the utensils.

9.00 am: Rahul and Rakhi have a discussion about Arshi’s Sheru and about the utensil issue. Meanwhile, Devoleena, Rakhi, and Rahul have a good laugh about Rubina re-washing the utensils again.

9.30 am: Rubina asks Rakhi to concentrate on her game instead of washing the utensils during the night as she doesn’t want them to compromise anyone’s health. Rahul and Devoleena have a discussion about Rubina’s behavior. Meanwhile, Rakhi also takes a jibe at her. Both of them confront each other over doing stuff just for content.

9.45 am: Rakhi tells Devoleena how Rubina and others think she was faking stories with Rahul. She breaks down in front of her post which the latter consoles her.

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