Bigg Boss 14: December 1 Written Update: Jasmin Bhasin & Aly Goni under the risk of EVICTION post losing task

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Bigg Boss 14 housemates will go all out against each other and target their rivals as the ‘first shocking elimination’ of the finale week is all set to take place tonight. Read on to know all that happened in the BB 14 house on December 1, 2020.

After a heavy and emotional day, the Bigg Boss 14 contestants will receive a ‘big shock’ tonight as one contestant will exit the house. Yes, the first elimination of finale week will happen today, leaving some surprised and some emotional. To survive in the house and make their place in the top four, inmates will leave no stones unturned as they will go all out against each other in a given task. So, without further ado, let’s dive into what all is happening in the BB 14 house on December 1, 2020. 

10: 30 PM: The episode begins with housemates waking up to the title song of ‘Race.’ Eijaz teases Abhinav and asks him to sit with the finalist (him). He advises him to play on the front foot now. The two get into a conversation about Aly and Rahul. Kavita talks to Eijaz about her dark secret, and how she is hurt by her mother not believing her.  She sheds tears as she expresses that she does not want anyone to point fingers at her mother, as she is alone. Eijaz pulls Nikki’s leg asking if she will go into the top four. Nikki and Eijaz also talk about Shehzad and his eviction. Jasmin felt that Eijaz purposely tried to poke Nikki, and he was doing drama in the past weeks. Nikki asks Eijaz if he intentionally poked Jaan to get him out of her and make his game stronger. Eijaz admits that he did provoke Jaan so that he took a stand for himself. Aly asks Jasmin if he spoke something about Eijaz, as he seems annoyed. Rahul, Abhinav, Jasmin, and Nikki discuss Eijaz’s fluctuating behaviour. Eijaz and Jasmin get into an argument, over her conversation with Nikki regarding Jaan. Eijaz gets irritated with Nikki and Jasmin’s unnecessary chats. Rahul taunts Eijaz for saying Shehzad ‘kahan hai aur main kahan hu,’ mocking at his early elimination. Eijaz and Rahul get into a heated debate about the same. 

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10: 45 PM: Bigg Boss informs the housemates about the first elimination task of the finale week. He asks inmates to pair up in two. Jasmin-Aly, Nikk-Kavita, Abhinav-Rubina, and Eijaz-Rahul join hands for the task. Abhinav boosts Rubina’s morale and asks her to play the game in full spirit. Two contestants have to become the speaker’s soul and count the battery’s life, which is 37 minutes. In simple words, they have to keep a track of the time, as they sit on the two chairs on the speaker. While two inmates perform, the others will try to distract them with some ‘theeke’ questions. The pair which fails to guess the time near to 37 minutes, will be in danger. The housemates start planning and strategizing to win the task. During discussions, Kavita and Nikki, and Rubina and Abhinav get into a debate. Abhinav gets annoyed with Rubina’s behaviour. 

11: 00 PM: The first jodi to take their place on the speaker is Kavita and Nikki. Rahul asks the two if they think Eijaz was deserving for the immunity stone. Next, Jasmin asks Kavita why she called her ‘gandi and ghatiya aurat.’ Rubina asks Nikki if she purposely made a bond with Jaan. Aly tries to irritate Nikki, as Abhinav asks Kavita why she gets into people’s personal space always. Nikki reveals that she was hurt by Jaan’s eviction, and Aly is not important to her. Eijaz asks Kavita if she is apologetic for her nasty comments to others. The two then press the buzzer and leave the task. Next, Aly and Jasmin take on the podium. Kavita targets Aly for his outburst, and calling her ‘neech aurat.’ Nikki asks Jasmin about her equation with Rubina and Abhinav. Rubina asks Aly why he keeps nominating her always. Kavita asks Jasmin which side of her is real – the sweet one or the bold one. Kavita questions Aly and Jasmin’s friendship, as she asks ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.’ Nikki and Kavita bombard Jasmin and Aly with numerous questions. Rubina asks Jasmin about what secret she wanted to reveal during the ‘batwara task.’ Jasmin and Rubina talk about their ugly fallout. Abhinav asks Jasmin about her sudden change in personality, as she did not try to sort out her differences with Rubina. Aly and Jasmin press the buzzer and give each other a warm hug. 

11: 15 PM: Aly and Jasmin get in a conversation. Rubina and Abhinav take the stage, and Kavita asks the latter about their dark secret aka the marriage issues. Nikki asks Abhinav the reason for their separation and calls their relationship fake. Jasmin asks Rubina about her complaints with her last show’s male co-actor (hinting towards Shakti co-star Vivian Dsena). Jasmin also highlights that Rubina dominates and insults Abhinav on national TV. Kavita questions Rubina and Abhinav’s ‘divorce story’ and calls it fake. She also asks Abhinav if he is Rubina’s ‘joru and ghulaam.’ Kavita alleges that RubiNav revealed their dark secret to benefit in the game. Aly teases Abhinav about the ‘friends with benefits’ comment. Jasmin asks Abhinav if he feels bad when Rubina shouts at him and if his wife dominates him. RubiNav press the buzzer and complete the task. Nikki calls the couple boring. Rubina and Abhinav get into a war of words with Nikki. Abhinav slams Nikki for her personal attacks on them. 

11: 30 PM: Rahul and Eijaz sit on the chairs for the task. Nikki asks Rahul about his opinions on Abhinav and Rubina. Jasmin points out Eijaz’s changing personality every week, and calls him fake. She also calls him manipulative and nakli. Jasmin mocks Eijaz, leaving him in splits. Eijaz reveals that Shehzad was the worst personality in BB 14. Aly asks Eijaz if he used Pavitra for the game, but he reveals that he really liked her. Abhinav asks Eijaz if he had to pick a winner, who would it be? Eijaz takes Rubina’s name, calling her classy and bold. Nikki asks Rahul why he sent her voice notes and tried to flirt with her. Kavita asks Eijaz about his ‘touch issues’ which are selective. Aly teases Eijaz with Pavitra’s name. Jasmin taunts Eijaz for being ‘khokla (empty) from within.’ Rahul presses the buzzer, leaving Eijaz irritated. While Rahul was sure about his decision, Eijaz seems confused. Eijaz and Rubina talk about Jasmin venting out her vengeance during the task. The housemates talk about their timings, and who is closer to the 37 minutes target. Bigg Boss announces that the task ‘tap a time’ is over and reveals everyone’s score. Kavita and Nikki pressed the buzzer 5 mins before the given target, and Aly and Jasmin pressed the buzzer 20 mins above the target, leaving everyone shocked. Abhinav-Rubina pressed the buzzer around 4 mins above the target. 

11: 45 PM: Rahul and Eijaz had the best timing and they were the closest as they were only a minute and some seconds below the target. Since Jasmin and Aly couldn’t fulfill the target, they lose the task and get in the danger zone. Bigg Boss asks the duo to mutually decide who will leave the BB 14 house today. 

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