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Meanwhile, other contenders have suggested they don’t want to be president. But those intimations don’t always last, Katie notes: “When Barack Obama selected Biden as his running mate, he was not seen as likely to pursue the presidency himself.”

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The emergency funds Trump directed to extend unemployment benefits will most likely run dry quickly. His order on evictions, on its own, won’t help renters on the brink of losing their housing. And Democrats, who dismissed Trump’s actions as unconstitutional, could go to court to challenge his order to defer payroll taxes, among others.

The fourth measure, to extend relief for student loan borrowers, seems likely to be the easiest to carry out.

Here’s some advice — both pandemic-specific and evergreen — to help you find happiness in a difficult time.

  • Seek short-term happiness. Self-control can help us achieve long-term goals that make us happy, like getting in shape. But it’s just as important to indulge short-term pleasures like relaxing on the couch, new psychological research suggests. The trick is to avoid imagining that the two are in conflict, says Katharina Bernecker of the University of Zurich.

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