Best Chinese Food Delivery in Toronto to Try Now

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There’s never been a better time to support Chinese restaurants. As Chinese communities worldwide face increased racism and discrimination due to ignorance about COVID-19, and restaurants generally are dealing with a big hit to their business, we can rally behind them and show love. Toronto has a large Chinese population, so Toronto Chinese food is plentiful and yummy AF.

Really, the beauty of Chinese food is in its variation. Because the country is large, there are tons of different regional dishes and flavours that range from ridiculously spicy to mild as milk. While North American ideas of Chinese food are dominated by the inexpensive buffet-style version created for American tastes, the cuisine is so much more diverse and delicious than chicken balls.

Here’s some of the best Toronto Chinese food you can get delivered now and continue to support when restaurants reopen. Note that if you read Chinese, most of them are also available on delivery apps like Fantuan, F.O.D. and Food Hwy!


Find it: 4188 Finch Ave. E. Units 14–15, 254 Spadina Ave., 102–650 Highway 7 E.;, @liuyishouhotpot.toronto

Delivery options: Offering discounts for house-run delivery (order by phone) and takeout. For delivery app options, see here for Scarborough, here for Chinatown, and here for Richmond Hill. They’re all available on UberEats.

The lowdown: Liuyishou is a popular franchise straight from Chongqing, which is renowned for its hotpot. You can normally choose the meat and veggies you want, all-you-can-eat style, but now delivery for two or four people is offered with pre-set ingredient combos. Soup base and sauce ingredients are still up to you, though!

Must-order: The House Special Soup Base is great, but opt for the Wild Mixed Mushroom if you’re not into spice. My picks for the sauce ingredients would be sesame paste, green onion, peanuts and chili sauce.

Price: $79 for two people, $140 for four people

Bone Soup Malatang

Find it: 5320 Yonge St., 522 Yonge St.;; @bonesoupmalatang5320

Delivery options: Open for takeout and delivering on UberEats, DoorDash and SkiptheDishes.

The lowdown: Malatang is kind of like hotpot but for just one person, and this place does it well. It’s extremely customizable—you choose your soup base, spice level, meats, veggies and even noodle type. For delivery, Bone Soup Malatang lets you choose each ingredient individually.

Must-order: Some of my favourite ingredients to add include bean skin, black fungus, lotus roots and beef tripe. The buckwheat noodles are good, but get udon if you want it extra hunger-satisfying and chewy.

Price: Depends entirely on which ingredients you choose and how many! Each ingredient costs about $1–3 per serving.

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Magic Noodle in Toronto. (Photo: @magic.noodle on Instagram)

Magic Noodle

Find it: 2190 McNicoll Ave., 93 Harbord St., 5453 Yonge St., 1383 16th Ave. Unit D, 7700 Markham Rd. Unit 3A;; @magic.noodle

Delivery options: Open for takeout and delivering on UberEats, DoorDash and SkiptheDishes.

The lowdown: Specializing in well-priced handmade Lanzhou la mian, Magic Noodle is a franchise with five locations in the GTA. You can choose from as many as seven different types of noodles, dry or served in broth. They also do appetizers.

Must-order: The Signature Friar can be ordered with lamb, beef, chicken or just vegetables. It comes with onions, cabbage, bok choy and carrots but you can add or take away ingredients. As for choosing your noodle type, the mid-flat ones have a nice thickness.

Price: $4–14

Papa Spicy

Find it: 339 Spadina Ave.

Delivery options: Open for takeout and delivering on UberEats and DoorDash.

The lowdown: You’ll find lots of delicious meat, hot pot and rice or noodle dishes here, along with other soups and appetizers. Many of the dishes are Szechuanese and lean spicy if you couldn’t tell from the name, but there are milder options as well—the kelp noodles are a solid option for sensitive palates.

Must-order: The spicy popcorn chicken, which you can order with or without rice, is a must—just remember not to eat the dried peppers mixed in! Pro tip: Papa Spicy is partnered with Shuyi Tealicious on UberEats only, so you can also satisfy your milk tea cravings when you order dinner.

Price: $4.95–29.95

Artisan Noodle in Toronto. (Photo: @artisannoodleplus on Instagram)

Artisan Noodle and Artisan Plus

Find it: 5421 Yonge St., 122 Dundas St. W.;; @artisannoodleplus

Delivery options: Open for takeout and delivering on UberEats and DoorDash.

The lowdown: Located in North York, Artisan Noodle makes food from Shaanxi province, including famous regional street dishes. Artisan Plus is basically a smaller version located downtown, though the menu is similar. Prices are good, and the food’s even better.

Must-order: For Artisan Noodle, the Xi’An Combo comes with two classic street foods (jia mo and liang pi) in one go while the Artisan Ma-La Tang is a must for spice-lovers. At Artisan Plus, you can still order jia mo—your choice of meat between toasted bread—on its own, and the biang biang mian gives you hand-pulled ribbon noodles with lots of veggies.

Price: $4–11

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Ten Miles BBQ

Find it: 359 Spadina Ave.;; @tenmilesbbqtoronto

Delivery options: Open for takeout and delivering on UberEats and SkiptheDishes.

The lowdown: Even non-meat-eaters will find something to love at Ten Miles. Though the meat skewers are undoubtedly delicious, you’ll also find lots of barbecued vegetables ranging from eggplant to enoki mushrooms. You’ll also find some noodle and rice dishes if eating just meat or veggies isn’t filling enough.

Must-order: The Lean and Fat Beef skewer is a classic, while the roasted eggplant and garlic is recommended for vegetarians.

Price: $3.95–19.95

98 Aroma in Toronto. (Photo: @98aroma on Instagram)

98 Aroma

Find it: 440 Spadina Ave.

Delivery options: Open for takeout and delivering on UberEats and DoorDash.

The lowdown: This Northern Chinese restaurant serves up classics like Northern-style dumplings and noodles, as well as cool stuff like ginger and scallion lobster. Be sure to hit it up in person when restaurants reopen, since the interior is lovely.

Must-order: Try the Peking Duck, though a guaranteed hit for vegetarians is the 98 Signature Fried Noodle, which you can order without meat.

Price: $4–24

Yin Ji Chang Fen

Find it: 7010 Warden Ave. Units 17–18, 369 Spadina Ave., 4981 Highwayy 7 Unit 13; @yinjichangfen

Delivery options: Open for takeout and delivering on UberEats and DoorDash.

The lowdown: Chang fen, a mild Cantonese rice noodle roll, is the specialty here and comes with different kinds of meat and vegetable fillings. The congee (rice porridge) is great, and you can also get various Cantonese snacks.

Must-order: The Marinated Pork and Beef with Chives chang fen is supreme, but it comes in a vegetarian version as well. And you’ve got to try the deep-fried buns that come with condensed milk.

Price: $3.25–13

Green Tea in Toronto. (Photo: @greenteacanada on Instagram)

Green Tea

Find it: 3235 Highway 7 E. Unit 18, 261 Spadina Ave.; @greenteacanada

The lowdown: Green Tea is another popular franchise from China, and the locations in Markham and downtown are the only ones in Canada. They make absolutely scrumptious Southern Chinese food, particularly Hangzhou-style cuisine. Bonus points for using free range meat! A little pricier, but totally worth it.

Must-order: There are so many good options, but try the Nanking Salted Duck if you’re feeling fancy. Willing to indulge even more? The Bread Temptation is a really thick piece of sweet toasted bread with condensed milk inside, topped with ice cream.

Price: $7–53

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Rol San

Find it: 339 Spadina Ave.

Delivery options: Open for takeout and delivering on UberEats.

The lowdown: Rol San is one of the most famous dim sum restaurants in Toronto (Serge Ibaka is a known fan), and it’s been around since 1994. Besides dim sum, they also have full-size meat, vegetable and noodle dishes. Since their building is being turned into a 13-storey residence, Rol San’s future is uncertain. Get it while you can!

Must-order: Dim sum faves include the Steamed BBQ Pork Bun, Beef Tripe with Ginger and Scallion and the Pan-Fried Pork Dumplings.

Price: $5.35–28.75

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